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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

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    "Indeed we are not, We were the ones sent to look for Jedi artifacts and not to go after Dramels operations, Though is there any way we could help aid you in possibly finding that strike team? Were they suppose to arrive around this date or is it possible Dramel found out?" Kai asked as he looked to the rodian.
  2. Secluded Corner
    @Vulpas | Na'tala smirked as 'Kradd' revealed himself, stepping back as far as possible and crossing her arms. This was the second time she'd stumbled across New Republic Intelligence, the Twi'lek from Ord Mantell flashing through her mind, and she regarded Blec Ruc with a wary eye.
    "Trust me, we don't want NRI interfering with whatever Dramel wants us to do."
  3. Blec Ruc (the Rodian formally known as Kradd)

    @Vulpas @Avenging-Angel

    "No. I wasn't given an exact date in case I got compromised, or my cover was blown." he answered Kai, his attention focused more on the glass in his hand then anyone in particular. "I was just told to holdout here, and keep up the charade until the strike force arrived with a plan of action. Already been stuck here for three years, what's a little more time I thought. Apparently excruciating, as Allkyl has been kriffin unbearable to deal with already, and I'm losing patience."

    "Wow, you have my sympathies" Nexnip chimed in, giving the Rodian a short bow "Three years, kriff I can barely stand that guy for three minutes."

    "I can't do much with sympathy unfortunately. But, thanks anyways." Blec sighed loudly bringing his drink back up to sip at it again. Only to lower it back down and look at the Twi'lek quizzically. What she said really didn't sit right in his head. "What do you mean interfering? We're on the same side here!" He started shaking his head, incoherently mumbling a bit to himself as he did so, "so you're telling me that wasn't just a cover story? You're actually here to help Dramel open the temple. You actually want him to get his hands on whatever artifact he's looking for?" Blec looked at the Twi'lek as if she just sprouted seven heads , something that would have been unsurprising to him at this point.

    "Believe me" Nexnip interjected, sitting upright and crossing his arms, "if it was up to me, the man wouldn't have use of his hands. He'd be shipped off to a prison colony so fast he wouldn't even have time to pronounce his stupid name." Nex's statement only seemed to further confuse the Rodian greatly.

    "Then what are you all actually here for then?" he asked the group, exasperated and dejected.
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    At this point, Cyrus was just glad to be out of that man's presence. The stink of too much cologne had been highly unpleasant to say the very least. Now here they were, having inadvertently blowing the cover of a Republic agent...although that was more his fault than theirs. He smiled at the Rodian and just shook his head. "Please, don't take us for fools. That man isn't going to defile any old temple with his stench. He's going to get nothing and like it."

    "I can't promise that we can damage his operation in any significant way but we'll certainly keep our eyes open for opportunities to strike."
  5. Blec Ruc


    "Alright, that's something I want to here." Blec replied in a more happier tone, "I'm not sure what exactly is in that old temple -or even what Dramel believes is in there- but it was important enough to him to try to work out a deal with a scary looking bunch of force-users." Blec shrugged, and took a sip of his drink once more before continuing, "long story short, it didn't work out. And now there's three less Sith wannabes in the galaxy. Dramel was really hoping to avoid getting the Jedi involved. And if what you say is true about your intentions I can tell why the Arkanian was so adamant about that." He chuckled, but then his expression quickly changed to a more serious expression.

    "Don't underestimate Dramel, master jedi." he said, "The man is not just a ruthless a tyrant without a backbone. There's a reason the man's in charge of the facility, mainly because he was able to murder the last guy in charge and his body guards himself. The man told me he trained with Echani, and by told me I mean to say he bragged about it in the most obnoxious way possible. But, there is truth behind those words though. I witnessed him break a Wookie with his bare hands."

    "Alright, so don't get into a fist fight with the man. Noted. Had no recent plans on doing so anyway" Nexnip interrupted, waving his hands dismissively, "I don't know what these Echknees are but as long as long as they didn't train him to punch through lightsabers, or deflect blasters with his fists I really don't see cause for concern."

    "Thats not why you should be cautious when dealing with him." the Rodian piped back up, glancing toward the hairball on Cyrus's shoulder before focusing on the group as a whole. "The man likes to get what he wants. And he'd go to any length necessary in order to do so. He will not take you crossing him like this lightly. And he's not going to stop until he gets retribution."


    "I have no fear of this pirate, Bluck." Nexnip interjected, the Rodian was about to correct him but stopped when the kushiban continued, "I have traveled the Galaxy helping bring scum like him to justice. And I did so without even knowing what the force was at the time. I held Bossk at my mercy and made him do what I asked of him. I have gotten into arguments with the infamous Boba Fett because I refused to accept him nonsensically endangering my friends. I have stared down a Sith Lord and did not back down. If this pirate lord wants to come after us for revenge."

    "I'd like to see him try."

    Blec scratched the bottom of his chin as he looked at the Kushiban, his face contorting in confusion. He didn't look very convinced by the lapine's words, but he casually shrugged and took a sip of his drink. This caught the eye of Nex who looked at the colorful drink. The memory of the brightly colored fruit drink back on Ithor from a year ago came to his mind. He was parched, having little to quench his thirst upon leaving Kushibah. "Uhh...can I try some of that?" Nexnip asked pointing at the drink in Blec's hand, only getting a light chortle and an amused look from the Rodian for his troubles.
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    @GobMaw_HellSmasha & @UnluckyFellow | "I meant what I said. Stopping Dramel can happen anytime but retrieving the contents of the temple has to happen now. A NRI strike team will just be too focused on Dramel to be any use to our mission." Na'tala scowled upon hearing that the crime lord had worked with Sith, a bit amazed that he had Echani training, and glanced at Cyrus. "We can also use Urian to hack Dramel's droids if we have to."
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    Kirluth's Workshop

    Dakar was beginning to become frustrated waiting for Kirluth to return. He threw a wrench he had been trying to kill the time with back into its box, causing a cascade of tools further cluttering the workshop. He cursed under his breath as he grabbed a cigarro from his jacket, atleast this would settle his nerves somewhat. He puffed on the cigarro while sitting on a pile of scrap, he blew lazy smoke rings as he tried to think of where the engineer could be off to.

    Finally getting fed up with waiting he snuffed the remainder of the cigarro in a piece of scrap he was using as an ashetray and jumped off the pile. "Guess I gotta go find him myself!" He huffed as he began heading down one of the winding paths deeper into the asteroid. He would either find him or someone who knew where he was!
  8. Blec Ruc

    @Avenging-Angel @UnluckyFellow @Vulpas

    Blec raised his hands up in mock surrender, catching himself halfway when he almost spilt the remainder of his drink. "Alright, alright...if you're all really intent on opening that temple then fine. I'll lead you to the temple entrance, and then you can do what you want from there." He looked over the group and saw Nex still eyeing his drink. He looked down at his drink and back at the Kushiban, who was now giving him a big puppy eyed stare. After a half minute of just looking at the wide eyed Kushiban, he felt the inkling of letting him try it. He closed his eyes and grumbled before holding the drink out reluctantly toward the little guy. "Be careful, it's got a really sweet taste to it, but it's still alcoholic. And I'm not sure how it'd affec-" was all he was able to say as Nex finished the quarter of the drink he had left. He looked down toward the glass in his hand and sighed.

    "Thank you" the little half-Jedi perched on Cyrus's shoulder spoke up after downing the remainder of the Rodians drink. Nex continued to look at Blec innocently and gave the man a short bow. Blec on the other hand, only raised an eyebrow in response.

    "Riiight...guess we should...get going now. If it's really this important." He turned to face the group and motioned them to follow.

    Enroute to Temple (because why not get introductions out of the way already)

    @kanila @Avenging-Angel @Vulpas @UnluckyFellow

    Along the way to the temple the group ran into a Dug that seemed to be heading down a similar path to them. He looked as if he was on a mission of his own. Blec, upon seeing him went back to his "angry mercenary captain" routine. "Dakar, what the HELL are you doing down here?" Blec half shouted at the Dug he recognized, "Dramel is expecting a shipment today. You're supposed to be by the hangar bay to help unload and take stock of the cargo, not waddling about the lower levels. I don't think you want Dramel finding out you're skipping out on the job."
  9. kanila kanila Subordinate

    "Haha shouldn't you be at your master's feet! If you fail to remember my ship got wrecked! YOU may enjoy being one of Dramel's dogs but I want out!" Dugs weren't known for their peaceful nature and after the last few days Dakar had, he wasn't in any mood for his threats!

    Eyeing the rest of the group peaked his interest, they didn't look like the typical mercs that were commonly found here. "Ha looks like you've been downgraded to a lowly tour guide Kradd. So mister tour guide where is Kirluth? I need him to appraise some parts. Like I said I need off this rock and away from your 'darling' master!" He completely blew off the idle threat of reporting him missing for work, what could Darmel do that Teemo wouldn't!
  10. Blec Ruc
    Blec- now in his angry Rodian mercenary Kradd act- wasn't about to take this sort of nonsense from some two bit smuggler. "Listen, crate pusher, I'm here on orders from the boss and I'd rather not be on the man's bad side, unlike you it seems. You remember what happened to the last guy who did that? He took a walk outside the asteroid without a spacesuit. Do you want that? Cause you're really making it seem you want that. I'll even put in a good word for you afterwards since you really want to have such an experience so badly."

    He rolled his eyes at the Dugs continued use of the term "tour guide" in reference to him. Scoffing loudly as he heard the Dug was looking for a Kirluth. "The Miraluka is supposed to be finding a way to open the temple. But now he's gone missing, which is why this lot is here." he growled, crossing his arms and motioning with his head toward the group behind him. "They're here to do the job Kirluth couldn't. And if I were you, I'd move along and get back to work, before someone else less forgiving then I comes along and spaces you along with the rest of the trash!"


    Nex just looked upon the conversation/argument with a slight spark of interest. It was just like one of those holovids he saw back with his adoptive family on Coruscant. He knew it was an act on Blec's part, but that anger he felt from the Rodian was real. Blec was actually mad with this Dug. He felt kind of bad that he already finished Blec's drink beforehand. It seemed like the guy really could have used a drink about now. In an attempt to hopefully diffuse the situation he rose up a hand. "Excuse me, hi. Can we get going, please? We have some work to do, and as much as it might seem that we have all day to stand around and do nothing, we actually don't. We really should start to get to it right now. Or else we may end up being stuck here longer then the both of you."

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