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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 2, 2015.

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    The nervous looking human behind the bar only seemed to tense up further upon having Na'tala walk over and try to start casual conversation with him. As if startled by having someone at his bar he shot up standing as straight as can be. This man looked less like a man and more like an 18 year old kid. He had slightly long blond hair that reached his shoulders that he kept obsessively fixing to be behind his ears. Scrawny, scared, and most likely way over his head the bartender looked at the Twi'lek, starting to shake a bit. "Uhh, umm, uhh, I-I wasn't expecting a-a-anyone to actually come over to talk to me...right now..." he was barely able to muster up saying, stuttering the whole way, "sorry...uhh, t-the the last guy who worked here, who uh, well, spoke to much, to uhh, strangers. He, well, uhh, ummm..." though never finishing with his sentence he silently pointed a finger to the Droideka positioned nearest his corner of the room.

    "Yeeeeaaah it...wasn't pretty, I-I-I had to err clean up afterwards, heh...heh...ehhhh" he said, groaning and looking down at the bar table as he silently gulped. He was able to get himself to look back at Nat and continue, "s-sorry th-that that wasn't what you...asked me...huh. Uhh...well, I-I don't know how long Mr. Dramel has uhh been here. I mean, I've only recently been uhh few months ago. But...he acts like he's been here forever. Umm, well, as far as what I've seen." At this point in time the bartender clammed up a bit and started looking away, only keeping eye contact with her half of the time.

    "You, you're uhh, you don't look like a new dancer." after saying this he panicked a bit as if just realizing what he said and went wide eyed, raising his hands up preemtively, "n-not not that you're not p-pretty enough to be a dancer of course, you uhh certainly are quite beautiful. You just don't...Oh kriff I never know when to stop talking..."
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    @GobMaw_HellSmasha | "I was almost just like these dancers. So very close to being just like them." Na'tala was giggling inside at how nervous the human was around her but glanced at him as he described the fate of the previous bartender, now aware of much danger she was potentially putting him in. "We won't talk about Dramel then. Let's talk about what else you know. How did someone like you end up here?"
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    At this point, the young man started sweating a bit. His face blushing slightly as he was screaming internally. "W-why why would someone like you...want, want want to talk to me? I-if if it's to get free d-dr-drinks then forget it" he said all jittery, his eyes focused on the bar table. After awhile of intently looking at the bar table, he slowly raised his head back up to see the Twi'lek still looking at him. He looked away and loudly sighed before looking back at her.

    He took out a bottle Devaroian ale and poured two shots. He took one of them and downed it one gulp. "Mmhm, It's still good, go ahead" he poured himself a second drink and downed it just as fast as the first one. "Well...would you happen to believe I ended up here on accident?" he said, two drinks in him seemed to have calmed his nerves a bit, he was less jittery, but no less awkward then he has been. "So I-I looked for a bartending job. And a friend of mine told me about a place. Said it was in a safe remote location, good security, beautiful women, and he said they had a recent opening position for a bartender."

    "Y-you know...when he said the job had good security...I thought he meant job security, not..." he trailed off pointing back at the Droideka he pointed out earlier, "theese, scary lookin' things. So I just thought it was going to be some dance club or at worse a strip joint out in the outer rim or something..." he leaned over the bar table, using his arm to support his head as the other hand rubbed his forehead, "and so, here I am, catering to pirates...trying not to think that I'm surrounded by a bunch of poor slave girls...I'm glad you didn't end up like that..."
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    The Ancient sections were much larger than he suspected. He decended deeper into the tunnels with only his arm for light, not that he needed it. He lived in darkness but this place had an odd glow to him. The menance of this place out stripped that of the pirates that captured him and forced him here in the first place.
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    The Miraluka continued to travel his way through the darkened tunnels. As he traversed he heard voices, voices that sounded odd, others that sounded familiar to him. Whispers, suggestions, yelling, begging, screaming, sounds more akin to beasts then that of man, and other far more alien and terrifying to his ears. All of which coalescing into a cacophony of madness, deafening the man as he traversed further within. The noise only growing louder with each step taken. As the white noise began growing in intensity, the Miraluka's blind eyes were able to see the sources of the noises as twisted manifestations of shadow, their forms shifting and twisting unnaturally in and out of one another as they moved. They continued to swarm all around him. With each step he took they gained ground and drew closer to his form. Their shadowy forms, threatening to swallow the light of his arm and plunge him into darkness. Whether this was all happening or merely a trick of the mind became unclear. He was alone, and yet...

    He had company.

    What, was I gonna have you walk through a spooky dark ancient place without something spoopy happening?

    No, that'd have been boring.
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    The Miraluka grunted at the twisted forms. His face grew pinched as he walked through these shadow forms. His arm started to crackle with electricity. " You want to fighten me try harder. The theatre of war is a more frightening place than any shadow. I am the light of knowledge. " Still he took the caution to draw his blade. Blind he may be, helpless he was not. He drew back his hood more for visual effect rather than any other purpose. He was dressed in some old fatigues of his. His background in discipline and honor was apparent.
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    The shadows reacted to the Miraluka pulling his blade out to nee them by moving back an inch. There was silence. But then, the uproarious racket was replace by laughter. A laugh out of mockery, a laugh to belittle, a laugh to weaken. It was a devious, hateful, spiteful laugh. And they continued to laugh at the man, they continued to laugh until their laughter filled the tunnel with their ruckus. They continued to laugh, until their voices grew together as one.

    "What do YOU know of WAR?" was what they uttered, simultaneously, a thousand voices speaking in unison. "What do YOU know of FEAR?" A mad cackling filled the room, all voices laughing at the Miraluka as the shadows drew even closer to him, surrounding him at all sides. Some of the shadows reached out to his arms, the light that surrounded him. With each one grabbing onto it, it seemed to have dampened it effect, the light dying down with each hand grasping at his arms. "You are their INSTRUMENT, their TOOL, not their MASTER."

    "You.Know.NOTHING" they spoke up in unison once again, as they began to grab at the light of his arms, "With LIGHT comes SHADOW." they began to mutter as more and more of the shadowy manifestations began to reach at him.
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    Kirluth laughed back. " Your taunts fail to reach its mark. I am Kirluth, a Miraluka. I see even your shadows. For in light their are shadows but you need light to exsist. I know War for I have fought and have known the fear of the battlefield. An true I know nothing because I know what it is to learn amd grow. Go back amd send a real threat to test me not some child's words." He was unfazed at the taunts due to being blind and hearing them since he left his homeworld.
  9. Office Harem
    @GobMaw_HellSmasha | "Sounds like you knew some interesting people."
    Na'tala glanced over to where Nex and the others were, shivering as she then looked at Dramel and his 'bodyguards'. With any luck they wouldn't have to face Dramel in combat before leaving his asteroid.

    Turning her attention to Kradd Na'tala paused. The Rodian was an enigma so far but there was no doubt that he had a master besides Dramel.
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    Cyrus sat on the couch listening to their pirate captain patron telling them of his problem. The name of the engineer's species made things fairly clear as to why a man like Allkyl would have one working for him, no doubt under previously horrible conditions if he fled into the old temple. Cyrus had been content to let his fluffy apprentice and the pirate snark back and forth, he was selfishly enjoying it for the moment.

    "Mm, we've probably been held like that more than we really should be..but life eh?" The Jedi just shrugged, not showing any worry over the droidekas that flanked them. "It's only natural, there will always be people unhappy with the guy in charge. Sounds like a simple enough arrangement....not sure we really have any thing to add to it. We'll get the temple open, get what we came for and be out of your hair as quick as can be."

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