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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

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    @Casavay @Kalle

    Cyrus couldn't help but laugh at the thought of Katarn actually shaving with his lightsaber, one slip up and that would quite possibly be the most embarrassing death in the very long history of the Jedi order. He was rather startled when Sapina yelled and threw potatoes at him but he did as she commanded and thought fast. He ignited the other blade of his saberstaff and spun it in a single hand, getting twice as much cutting per single rotation now. "-Now- we've definitely reached the point Nex would think we were fooling around." He smirked.

    After he'd done his best to slice the spuds thrown at him, he made a beckoning motion towards the offshoot. "Ya, come on you two. Food always tastes better when you help make I'm starting to think I'm actually somewhat familiar with this receipe. I promise it'll be good."
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    The offshoot got up from his spot and crawled over towards the elder Jedi, quirking a brow. "You know, I was trained for survival missions," he said with a wry smile. "I can make a fire. What else do you need a pair of strong hands for, then?" he wondered, as he sat down again, waiting patiently for their benevolent slave driver's instructions.
  3. Kushibah - Waterfall
    @Vulpas | Having propped herself up as Kai entered the water, pouting slightly when he kept his helmet on, Na'tala let herself flop back against the outcrop. Some people, some cultures even, could be so prudish about showing off their bodies. The Twi'lek opened her mouth to speak, pausing for a minute before continuing.
    "What kind of missions do you think we'll be sent on?"
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    Qwella's Home

    The mate chuckled, through slowly drying tears. "Don't be silly, NexNip!" She released him, though clearly with some trouble, and rubbed her paws over her eyes quickly. "You're extremely handsome. Look at you. Such an adventurer. So rugged." She playfully poked his head with a claw. "And even if you weren't, it's not as important as your huge heart!"

    With a swift movement, Qwella slipped past him, out of her home ever so slightly. "Come on! Let's make up for lost time!", the lapine called out to him, and motioned to take a walk.

    NexNip Family Home
    @UnluckyFellow | @Kalle

    The accompanying Chiss cleared her throat. "I'd rather not", not joining the not-Nagai in cooking. She remained to stand near the entrance, playing scarecrow, something the mirthful Jedi woman commented with a somewhat critical look.

    Kass' joining provided her with another serf, however, and that was not an opportunity to be wasted. "Well, that fire is already running, survival-trained agent, so you can help Cyrus with adding the cut ingredients for the stew for now." She noticed that the fellow Jedi's cuts had been getting better, even the surprise ones, and began disassembling some smaller, more delicate herbs with quick claws. "Keep stirring, or it will boil over", she mentioned casually, as if on an afterthought.

    By the time she did, the stew was already proving to be more volatile than thought, violently bubbling upwards and already spewing scalding spurts of soup like a dire dish dragon.
  5. @Casavay

    Nexnip, already quite familiar with the woman's gestures by now, smirked back at her and laughed. He couldn't help but look over her as she motioned toward him. He took the minute just to look at her -not knowing when he'd be able to do so again when he inevitably had to leave- he wanted to take every opportunity he can to keep her in sight. He wiped off his robe that he recently used to dry Qwella's eyes and went to her side.

    "Qwella, even you have to admit you are the better looking of the two of us. As well as the smarter one of us...And the more kindhearted and gentle of us...did I already mention how pretty you are already? Doesn't matter, it's worth bringing up twice. "

    He brushed up against her side, and waited for her move. It's been awhile since he was able to take a leisurely stroll with his mate. And it's been far too long since he's seen his village. A stroll with Qwella -as lovely as it was to just walk by her side- would help him see the home he's been away from. Take in the sights, the sounds, the smells of Kushibah once again. And he couldn't think of anyone else in the Galaxy he'd rather take this walk with. He smiled and looked out across the village. Took in a breath of fresh air before glancing back toward Qwella.

    "Even so, I'm thankful you see me in such a light. And I'd be more then happy to accompany you. It'd be my pleasure. Where to first? Anyplace you had in mind?"
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    Cyrus spent the next few minutes shoving various vegetables into the pot. The Jedi was clearly quite comfortable with preparing a meal and seemed quite relaxed despite the very animated way they were going about the prepwork. "So Sapina, have any good stories from the Clone Wars that you wouldn't mind telling? Even those in the uncensored books honestly leave so much out they feel hollow."
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  7. @UnluckyFellow


    Hearing the term "Clone wars" brought pause to the woman's seemingly endless amount of energy.
    Sapina suddenly stopped in mid action of what she was doing and froze up, as if someone hit pause in the middle of her life. She turned her head to look away. The happiness and warmth she exuded seemed to have subsided. Her face getting pensive for a moment, as she recollected events that occurred during what felt like a second life to her. Her fur darkened a bit as she didn't look toward the Jedi's direction.

    "I...wouldn't call them good...but yes, I do have my stories..." she answered the Jedi, not fully turning to look at him as she spoke.

    However, this feeling was but a mere brief interruption, for her fur returned to its normal state, and that warmness of hers returned once again. Her mood brightened as quickly as it waned. She looked back at the two assisting her in preparing the meal with that cheerful smile once more. She picked up where she left off in the preparations as if she never paused in the middle of it.

    "Such a discussion we can have later young Jedi. Right now, we need to make sure this meal is absolutely perfect. No need for such distractions. Distractions only bring about mistakes, and I won't allow the first meal my husband has since his return to be a lousy one. Don't want him leaving me again afterall" she said with a giggle, already getting herbs for the stew ready to be added.

    As she looked back at Cyrus, she chuckled lightly a bit to herself. "Do a good job at this, and this old woman might just share some stories of hers with you" she said with a grin that could have almost been as sly. She may be old, but that didn't mean Sapina was any less crafty then when she was younger.
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    On a lonely little Asteroid rested what was a old mining station. It is now a den of thieves, pirates, and smugglers. Many use this place as a safe area to hide from authorities or just as a stop for supplies. Deals are made and broke all the time. The only law here is that of a quick trigger finger or a strong sword arm. Here a former rebel Engineer has had the unfortunate pleasure of being stranded. He is force to work for one of the most ruthless gangs that rule this rock. An Arkanian by the name of Alkyl Dramel rules a fleet of pirates and smugglers. These brigands are rumored to have ties to the exchange. Few are safe in the sector from these who will take what they want and kill any they can't use. Unknown to most if not all the blind engineer's workshop which is in the heart of the facility was once part of something more ancient than the mining operations that had once happened here more than a few hundred years before.
  9. (Holy shit Time skip. Into the future! Whoooosh!)

    Asteroid [Insert name here] Landing Pad

    @UnluckyFellow | @Kalle | @Avenging-Angel | @Casavay | @Vulpas | @ me (hurr hurr)

    As the team disembarked from their ship they were greeted to a group of 10 or so mercenaries with blasters drawn on them. The front most merc, a light green rodian with heavy armor and a modified E-11 blaster threateningly brandished his weapon at the group.

    "You have ten seconds to explain just who the hell all of you are!" he openly threatened the group, "one...two.." Before the overly agitated rodian could continue counting, the group of mercs behind him all turned their heads around to address the man walking through their group.

    "Now now Kradd, is that anyway to treat guests of ours?" the new figure scoffed as he calmly walked through the squad of Mercs to look the Rodian in the eye. He was a tall, finely dressed Arkanian male, with short combed white hair. He smiled smugly at the Rodian, who only shot him a dirty look in return before turning his head away in disgust.

    "Ugh! Stand down..." Kradd growled, lowering his blaster, with the rest of the mercenaries following suit. The angered Rodian muttering curses in Rodese as he stood off to the man's side to allow him to pass.

    Allkyl Dramel


    "Ah! So this must be Skywalker's little strikeforce. I've been expecting the lot of you" the Arkanian spoke, "I must say, you all are...not what I expected to be quite honest. I was expecting a group with a lot more Jedi in it..."

    "As well as Jedi who are a bit taller." he scoffed, as he looked at the groups fluffiest member.

    As he looked about the group that smug smile of his seemed to have been a permanent fixture on his face. He lightly chuckled to himself, and continued to look about the group.


    "Well as far as Jedi go...I must say the two of you are not what I had in mind." he said smirking at the Jedi and his apprentice, "I was expecting the likes of Kyle Katarn, or perhaps even that student of his that has made quite a name for himself as of recently recently. Not a man whose clearly gone mad with dressing a pet up like a Jedi. Oh well, you'll have to do I suppose. But consider me...unimpressed. Especially if this is what passes for Jedi these days"

    With that, he brushed past the pair of forcesensitves and to the others in the group.

    @Avenging-Angel | @Vulpas

    "Ah! A Twi'lek. And a pretty one at that." he said, glancing toward the rutian twi'lek in question, his smile growing wide when he addressed her. "Quite a shame to see such a natural beauty like yourself stuck with Jedi business. When you feel like leaving these monks with their illusions of grandeur behind, there's always room here."

    Kradd looked away and rolled his eyes as he shook his head. The Rodian mumbled something incomprehensible under his breath as the Arkanian continued to inspect the group. Upon looking at Kai, he wasn't sure what to think.

    "Not a very good way to start off a business relationship by hiding your face like that. How are we supposed to establish any form of trust if I can't even see your eyes? Still...there's something oddly familiar about you."

    The Arkanian looked at Kai intently for a moment, but simply shrugged and continued on.

    @Casavay | @Kalle

    "And what do we have here? I was definitely not expecting an offshoot of all people" he smirked, as he crossed his arms and looked right at Rondo with a clearly amused smirk, "Now what are you doing so far off of Arkania? Ran away? Looking for freedom? Better life?"

    His expression changed upon looking at the Chiss by the offshoot's side. His eyebrows peaked up in stark surprise.

    "Well, well, I haven't seen one of your kind in a long time. None of which were as lovely as yourself." he gave Zuri a light bow and continued on, "Allkyl Dramel, it is quite a pleasure to meet you..."

    As he straightened himself back up from his bow he turned to better address the crew as a whole.

    "Now, I assume Skywalker filled you all in on why you're here? I know of a place where there is a rather large amount of all that Jedi knowledge and nonsense you came to retrieve. I'm sure Skywalker would love to add them to that collection of his. There's just one issue however. But, that's why you're all here. To fix the issue."
  10. Delibrately Unnamed Asteroid
    @GobMaw_HellSmasha | Na'tala almost blushed at Dramel's comments, ignoring the reaction the Rodian gave when the Arkanian offered her a place in his crew. Glancing over at Cyrus and Nex the Twi'lek slowly shook her head, her lekku swaying with the movement.
    "Not all of them are monks Mr Dramel, despite their appearances." Pausing to stroke a lekku Na'tala winked at one of the mercenaries. "I have found my time working with the Jedi to be quite enjoyable."
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