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Star Wars - Rise of the Sith (Post Episode VI)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Nov 2, 2015.

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    OOC Thread:

    First things first. I do this for the sake of the community wanting a Star Wars RP, and because well. At least two good friends of mine want this somewhat badly: @Avenging-Angel & @Casavay - And I know you both dislike GMing, so I take that duty upon me. I tell you right away though that my priority lies with DW Station & Iron Brotherhood :p I rather do this to get a proper Star Wars RP going and if it sticks, perhaps someone else can take it over full-time like @Donairian did with Band of Exiles back then.

    Inspiration for this RP comes from Jedi Knight I & II however - mostly Jedi Academy because it was one of my favorite Post-Ep6 Game.

    Premise of the RP:
    • Sith are coming, some feel that disturbance in the force, such as Luke Skywalker (of course).
    • Some Jedi Academies are back and running from where you may hail, if you want to play a Semi-Knight (no Sith here! If you want to become a Sith, do it during RP :p)
    • All other sort of chars are welcome, however if you have some fancy species that doesn't talk Basic, then you are forced to have a Universal Translator, or a Translator Droid with you at all times.
    • This is not WH40k, so there won't be super mega death things.
    • Running will be required from time to time, look at Luke, Han and the rest of the crew - they ran from everywhere. Mos Eisley, the Deathstar, Hoth, Bespin. They are always running, you should know by your own judgment, too when it is time to run :p
    • The Imperium is in re-build mode, however they still have a strong presence, probably they are building the Eclipse I as we speak.
    • I have no idea of exact timelines when what happened (i.e. if the Eclipse was built before or after Thrawn) so it might get messy if you are a lore-whore ^^
    • You can't play 'bad guys', if you want an Imperialist, take a deserter or someone who was believed dead. However you still can play smugglers, head hunters, etc. Feel also free to lie to the rest of the party from where you hail. You don't have to play 'Light Side', just stop the Sith (or join them, hue!)
    • How does your group find together? See Prologue!


    (Since Embed in forum didn't work, here also transcript)

    Episode EC

    Rise of the Sith

    It is a period of rebuilding. The Jedi temples rebuilt under Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker have brought forth many new Jedis and with them the hope to defeat the galactic empire.

    During a meditation session, Luke felt a disturbance of the force, ripples in the force that turned waves into tidal waves.

    Immediatley he sent a message to various contacts across the galaxy to form a special unit group consisting of Rebel spies, Imperial deserters, smugglers, droids, nomads and others.

    Their destiny would be to operate against shadows that not even the Empire could see. Travelling enroute to Yavin IV on their CR-90 Corvette, the Blazing Phoenix, an Imperial Scout force attacked them...

    Potential Interests:
    @kanila | @DaKaptin | @Vulpas | @Donairian | @GobMaw_HellSmasha + those tagged on top

    Char Sheet:


    Character Name:
    Personal Motivation:
    Personal Life Goal(s):

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  2. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Character Name: P1 ("Peewan"), P2 ("Peetoo"), P3 ("Peetree"), P4 ("Peefor")
    Class: Repair droids
    Product line: DUM-series
    Personal Motivation: Following their primary programming, obeying their masters
    Personal Life Goal(s): Fulfilling their primary programming

    These DUM-series repair droids come pre-installed with Huttese and Basic, and with the option of installing additional language packs!

    ... I will, of course, come with another suggestion if you don't find the concept acceptable. :p
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  3. I don't dislike GMing. I have never done it before!

    Anyways: Na'tala lives again!

    Character Name: Na'tala
    Class/Job/Profession: Spy
    Race/Species: Twi'lek (Rutian) (female)
    Personal Motivation: Indoctrinated into opposing the Empire.
    Personal Life Goal(s): During the Liberation of Coruscant in 7 ABY Na'tala's handler disappeared. As he was the man who rescued her from slavery she is determined to find and rescue him, returning the favour.

    Homeworld: Ryloth
    Age: 27
    History: Taken from her home, as most young Twi'lek girls were, Na'tala was trained to be a slave. It was during her training that the girl caught the eye of a visiting Imperial. In reality though the Imperial was an undercover agent of the emerging Rebel Alliance and after purchasing and freeing Na'tala instructed her in the arts of spying. Based out of a prominent trading station Na'tala was tasked with using all her training to obtain information from ships passing through, information that had the potential to influence the Civil War. After participating in the Liberation of Coruscant Na'tala was returned to her original assignment, albeit under the command of a new handler, only leaving under special circumstances.

    Say if anything doesn't work!
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    Not those guys. When saying Droids I meant more.... Protocol Droids, Astromechs, etc. not those weirdos. Also only individual chars, unless you have a droid for translating sake. But those are just... Too far on comed side.

    Seems just fine :)
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  5. Alrighty then, here's a character I've been working on since the last RP started dieing down

    Name: Nexnip

    Nickname: Jinx

    Race: Kushiban

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Class: Jedi Consular (technically)

    Nexnip was born on the planet of Kushibah. While growing up on Kushibah, Nexnip was running into strange spots of luck and misfortune, more so then the average Kushiban. Nexnip has noticed some things he wanted to get too but just couldn't reach -be it some food, or a toy of some sort- suddenly moving or gravitating toward him as if it wanted to come near him. Other times things that he wanted ended up moving away from him inexplicably like it wanted nothing to do with him. Nexnip has been unable to find out why.

    Nexnip, being the curious and mischievous sort, would sometimes poke his head in business that had nothing to do with him, or play a practical joke on the wrong person. Which would get him into some trouble. But sometimes Nexnip would be able to talk his way out of problem with some people, without any effort at all. Which is strange considering Kushiban mood fur was a sheer giveaway as to if he was lying or not. His fur would just change in the middle of him speaking and it would be the end of that lie. But sometimes it actually worked, he would say he didn't do it and then they would confirm what he said. Though it only seemed to have worked on some people, and he could never get away with anything with his parents for some reason. But for those who he was able to convince they accepted his fibbing rather strangely, they got all weird and monotone. Nexnip tried to keep himself from getting into trouble so often, just so he didn't have to hear anyone get all weird again. But, he never was able to avoid trouble.

    As he got older, Nexnip discovered that if he concentrated more on something happening, the more likely something would end up in his favor. Like one incident, when he was able to save his friends from a pack of Xinkras, by just staring them down and thinking really hard how much he wanted them to go away and leave his friends alone, the Xinkras let them be. Or the other incident, where he sent an Xinkra flying away by intensely wishing for the predator to back off. Nexnip could have swore he heard the village Eldar's mention something about "force" or something, but he never got a real explanation on what that meant.

    Around the age of thirteen, a ship landed on Kushiban. Spaceships are a rather uncommon sight on Kishiban, and being intently curious about the ship, Nexnip found himself aboard the vessel as its occupants departed to check their surroundings. But as Nexnip was exploring the vessel, the ship started to take off with him on board. Nexnip, being unsure about the people aboard the ship, utilized his fur as camouflage to blend in with the ships surroundings, as any other Kushiban would have done. However, the longer he was aboard the ship, the more he began to feel that he wasn't in any danger with these people. Almost as if he was able to sense their motives or intentions, as odd as that seemed. Despite this strange sense he felt, Nexnip's instincts kept him hiding away, stealthily getting at all the snacks and food they had on the ship.

    As the ship landed, and the people piloting it left, Nexnip ran off the ship, hoping that he found himself on the lush non industrialized planet he grew up on. Where he found himself however, was anything but natural and green. Nexnip would later find out the planet was named Coruscant. After a few days of wandering the planet alone, being mistaken as vermin or a strange per and left alone he was discovered by a small human child, that seemed to have taken an interest in him. After a short while of being found by the boy Nexnip found himself adopted by the boy's family as a pet. It was at this point in his life that he came across the word "Jinx". He heard the boy's father call him a jinx on this house or a curse, since the moment he showed up, he would find smashed plates or cookie jars, or find something missing, be it a sock, a tie or his datapad. The boy, finding this name appropriate decided to name Nexnip, Jinx. As much as Nexnip enjoyed his time with his new family, he really did miss his old home. By the age of sixteen, Nexnip has been able to teach himself basic, with the help of his boy "owner" in order to better communicate with his new family, since whenever he tried to speak with his native tongue, no one understood him or just figured he was just making noises.

    By the age of twenty he was able to convince his new family that he needed to return to his old family. With a tearful goodbye, and a few credits to help him, Nexnip has been trying to get back to Kushibah since and has continued to run into spots of trouble keeping him from returning home.

    Personal Motivation: home sick, fear of being alone, protecting his loved ones the best he can

    Personal Goals: get back to Kushibah. Try not to die, Try not to get anyone else killed in the process

    (Just in case no one knows what a Kushiban is)

    If that doesn't work/ people prefer the other guy, then I'll just stick with Fritzz and give him a "fancy" miniature translation droid

    Also holy shit that opening crawl app is awesome
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    And while I am not sure how to personally feel about it and wonder why you cannot just make a Kel Dor (Plo Koon species) or something, I will roll with it if other peeps have no issue with it, lol. Though I wonder how it's technically a Jedi Consular if there was no Jedi training at all? I mean... What is the actual class here / what is your char capable of? ^^
  7. ...I just like Kushiban.That and Kushibah is usually ignored for the most part as far as galactic traveling, trading, and commerce goes, it's basically just jungle and Kushiban villages all over the place. Because of that he has very little knowledge of what the force actually is, believing whatever force related thing he does on accident to be coincidence or just how the universe works. Sort of tieing in the name Jinx that's visible on his collar (that he just really can't get off).

    Well I say Jedi consular as more like a future aspirations sort of thing

    That and he has no lightsaber and more of his actual combat abilities would be force related, much like Consulars

    If it bothers you too much I could stick with Fritzz

    Or I could think of something else tomorrow

    Your call
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Untrained force skills - I can dig that. So basic telekinetic powers are established then? (Grab, Pull, Lift, etc.) but nothing fancy such as force speed, heal, lightning, force persuasion and all that harder stuff?

    For weapon I recommend then a blaster or two, or simple short-blades. And some sort of armor wouldn't hurt, a leather vest or even perhaps light armor, at least some sort of jump suit (Rocket Raccoon says hi).
  9. Exactly, he hasn't specialized yet. Though if he was too, he would go down the more supportive/defensive powers to bolster his buddies and keep them alive.

    Not sure how well a blaster might work

    Kushiban do have the ability to use tools, but their relativity small so as far as a blaster goes. It would have to be really small or it would end up being his whole size or bigger. Might have to go with tiny daggers and pounce on people in that regard.

    As far as armor I would have to say a jump suit or something light if I need armor, I would prefer he didn't though. The mood fur Kushiban have doubles as a means of camouflage (however scaring the hell out of camouflaged Kushiban would cause his fur to change color due to the shock). Staying out of sight and dealing with problems indirectly would be more his primary means of dealing with combat scenarios.

    Also I plan on bumming rides off of my teammates shoulders. If no one minds the cute little bunny squirrel hitching a ride of course
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  10. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Just personal suggestion, but if you wanna go full camo, that's cool with me ^^

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