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Discussion in 'Orks' started by bossaroo, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Erobar Erobar Subordinate

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  2. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    i'z want a squig wiff a 'uge bomb in it'z teef. And it runz all sneaky like to a big mob o eldar gitz hehaha! And den i'z get ta push a red shiny button! And watch em all go BOOM!
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  3. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Bomb squiggs and attack squiggs all I want from squiggs in this game.
  4. Kappa Kappa Prefectus

    What we need to do with Squiggs are:
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  5. Note that in a series of special articles, it appears a Squig a very rare breed: the Squig-Parrot. He gave a 5 + invulnerable save by alerting the wearer blows him were worn!


    Notons que dans une série d'articles spéciaux, il apparaît un Squig d'une race très rare : le Squig-Perroquet. Il donnait une sauvegarde Invulnérable de 5+ en avertissant son porteur des coups qui lui étaient portés !

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