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Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. From Lady Atia over on Battle Bunnies, from the European Open Day, Bloodbowl and Adeptus Titanicus: The Horus Heresy.

    The Blood Bowl box.


    Sneak Peeks of the Dwarf and Skaven teams.


    Plus concept sketches.

    Adeptus Titanicus News.

  2. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Legio Titanicus seems pretty awesome if im being honest
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  4. GratLurking Recruit

    Question! Is Legio Titanicus basically another form of Epic 40k or something? Not nessisarily heard of it before sans the fluff version.
  5. Adeptus Titanicus is the Epic-like game GW are creating.
    It's a slightly larger scale than Epic was, but they've gone back to the roots of the game with Titan battles of the Horus Heresy just like the original game.

    P.S. there's also another Blood Bowl video, which describes the basic play.

  6. Give me Rat Ogres for the Skaven Blood Bowl team now! :rolleyes: Alot more interested in the New Blood Bowl than I thought I would be.

    @The-Mad-Magos Really a larger scale? That's pretty sweet,

    I had heard that they were going to focus on making it Titans v Titans then expand it down and out but I did not know there was talk that it would be "beyond" Epic in scope but then Titans vs Titans does kind of suggest it.
  7. Did you say Skaven?


    Things like Rat Ogres will probably added later.

    As for Adeptus Titanicus the new scale is 8mm instead of Epic's 6mm scale.
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