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Specialist Games Studio News, Rumours, & Products.

Discussion in 'Table Top' started by The-Mad-Magos, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Well I thought I'd start a new thread for the Specialist Games Design Studio news, rumours, and products.

    And the first bit of news is that there is currently two different rumours on what the first release will be.

    One rumour states it will be a boardgame, like Betrayal At Calth, but based around 40K Aircraft.
    Well considering that the last foray into Specialist Gaming from FW was Aeronautica Imperialis, that ruleset would be the easiest to put into a game, plus they have all the recent models.

    The other is Blood Bowl!
    We've actually seen something for this, namely prototype models. Plus there is a demand for this game, I personally know of at least one League for it.
    Also there's been similar game-types from rival manufacturers.

    It is possible we will get one, then the other at a later date.

    What do you think?
    Feel free to post news, rumours, and reviews on Specialist Games here.
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  2. I'm mostly waiting on news for Necromunda and Battlefleet Gothic.

    Necromunda would be great if only so I have more options for my renegade troops, of course the game itself seems like it would be fun, hope they publish a proper Underhive map and some new lore. Heard recently that its probably going to be at least a year before they actually start getting products out though.

    Is this Aeronautica business a new name for Battlefleet Gothic or something?
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  3. Aeronautica Imperialis was a spin-off from Epic.
  4. Apparently Warhammer World will be featuring Blood Bowl in an upcoming event.

    The Bugman's XXXXXX League Cup will run for the weekend, but using a 2006 ruleset with some modifications.

    The event is set for May the 21st and 22nd.
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  6. More on Blood Bowl from their FW page.

    Plus, from The First Expedition......
  7. More on Adeptus Titanicus, from here:

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  8. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    wow look really cool.

    gw is going back to the old day at full speed.
  9. Well the guys at Forge World have built their own Orruk themed board for Blood Bowl.

    But there is a rumour that GW may do themed pitches for the teams, double-sided for two different teams like Dwarves and Skaven.
    This rumour also go on to say that GW are even looking at Neoprene pitches.

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