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Space Wolves Lore Vs Gameplay

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by IMallusI, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Wanted to know your thoughts about space wolves :

    1) Thunderwolf cavalry => Fenris wolves as mount to choose instead Bikes possiblity?

    2) If you can ride bikes and suppose you can fire with mounted bolters , would then be possible to see Fenris wolves attack as well with claws etc?

    3) Bloodclaws nephites are supposed to be assault troops ? as far as i know space wolves dont use Jet packs.

    How you suppose to match the lore of this particular chapter with the rest of the game?
  2. Mandulis Mandulis Active Member

    Good question.. Considering that even the Grey Hunters are tactical melee units that "Evolves" from blood claws ( also melee units). I think developers cant ignore that.. Otherwise its killing the lore (and fun aswell)
  3. Joram Joram Well-Known Member


    The thing about wolf cavalry is that bikes just stop when you get off them, wolves should be able to move around and attack and for now (WIP) we are not gonna have any npcs on the open world.
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  4. Mandulis Mandulis Active Member

    The image you posted are blood claws equipped with jetpacks, but still they arent truly assaulters squad like other chapters. Its a rarity to see them with it, and also, when they got promoted and becames Grey Hunters(the equivalent of a tactical squad), they are also equipped with melee weapons for the majority
  5. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

  6. Mandulis Mandulis Active Member

    You just confirm what i said. Skyclaws are only a subset of the bloodclaws. The rest of them have no jetpacks (Including Grey Hunters that are the equivalent of the tacticals marine in the other chapters ) and are mostly melee combat oriented.
  7. The Image you posted is about Skyclaws , skyclaws from Codex 7th :

    "The most headstrong troublemakers from each Blood Claw pack are often ‘rewarded’ by
    reassignment to a Skyclaw Assault Pack. There they are entrusted with a jump pack so that
    they might better indulge their desire to plunge headlong into battle. The promotion to
    Skyclaw is seen as a dubious honour at best by more mature brethren, yet such disapproval
    only serves to make the Skyclaws more determined to prove themselves in the eyes of their
    elders. The Skyclaws soar fearlessly through the skies in great leaps, landing with stonesplintering
    force in the foe’s midst. With their fangs gnashing, chainswords roaring and
    their bolt pistols slaying those beyond the reach of their blades, the Skyclaws rejoice in
    seeing the enemy crumble under the reckless fury of their assault"

    I want to indicate you, to look the photo you posted, behind the skyclaw embracing a plasma rifle... that doesnt suggest you anything?

    Now About GREYHUNTERS :

    The Grey Hunters form the fighting heart of each Great Company, and it is from amongst
    their number that future heroes will rise. Though they are as hungry for honour as their
    younger brethren, their raw aggression has been tempered by hard-won experience. Every
    Space Wolf knows that finely honed cunning is a better weapon than the keenest blade, and
    the Grey Hunters exemplify this trait. Only when a Blood Claw pack has emerged victorious
    from the fiercest of battles do the company’s Wolf Guard consider them worthy. Even then,
    each warrior must prove himself as a fully-fledged Grey Hunter by tracking one of the grey
    wolves of Fenris and killing it with his bare hands.

    Infantry. Wolf Guard Pack Leader is Infantry (Character).
    5 Grey Hunters
    • Power armour
    • Boltgun (Grey Hunter only)
    • Bolt pistol
    • Chainsword (Wolf Guard Pack Leader only)
    • Frag grenades
    • Krak grenades
    • Acute Senses
    • And They Shall Know No Fear
    • Counter-attack
    • May include up to five additional Grey Hunters…14 pts/model
    • Any model may take a close combat weapon…2 pts/model
    • One Grey Hunter may replace his boltgun and/or bolt pistol with one of the following:
    - Power weapon…15 pts
    - Power fist…25 pts

    "Each Grey Hunter miniature is furnished with an abundance of fur, skulls, wolf tail talismans, knives and icons that give them a feral appearance. Within this kit are a selection of weapon options including: plasma pistols, chainswords and boltguns. It also includes two: power swords, thunder hammers and storm shields, wolf claws, plasma guns, storm bolters and power fists."

    In short words, in the codex the greyhunters RESEMBLE tactical squad BUT they are not, they can include 5 members greyhunters and can use POWER WEAPONS, such frost sword etcetera and they doesnt use jet packs.
    And they dont use JETPACKS no there are not they are not even mentioned in the wargear selection

    This must be clear to all so that we can understand what is in mind on DEVS because if they decide to put Tactical squad for space wolves that uses only ranged weapons , well.. it would be totally wrong and not respecting the lore.
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  8. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    My bad I thought wolves could go to grey hunters, long fangs or skyclaws after being blood claws.

    I know grey hunters are pretty much a tactical marine +1 but IMO they should be toned down for the sake of balance, you cannot just have regular tactical marines and then grey hunters that are better at everything, why would anyone play other marine chapter if you can have a bolter and a power sword with your grey hunter? It's a game, the lore must be respected but balance >>>> lore.
  9. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    assault class in the game are not forced to use jump pack.
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  10. Crypto Crypto Preacher

    I am no specialist when it comes to space wolves but aren't they avid melee users? by the way, there are no wolves on Fenris.
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