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Space marines, we seriously need to stop our bullshit... (Xenos and heretics also required here)

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Water_Snake, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Brosephelon Recruit

    Not even just working together. I mean thats great and all, but just fucking use the OP LSM shit more. I realize most of it isn't default gear, but come on :\

    The moment you even think about complaining about getting sniped by an autocannon, just grab a stalker bolter and kill the person using the autocannon. You should be able to beat them every time unless you are just shit. You have comparable TTK at range, comparable accuracy, but the Stalker Bolter doesn't need to brace so you can move around come from different directions while the AC is stuck facing whatever direction his bracing allows. This gives the AC an exploitable weakness that Stalker Bolters don't have.
    Also you can press B to disable the scope on the Stalker Bolter (or any weapon with a scope for that matter) which can make using the weapon at close ranges much easier.
    Also use the Stalker Bolter to kill/harass dipshits braced up with heavy bolters, or whatever else. You can keep peak headshotting them and unless they are getting constant heals you will force them to duck/move which allows people to move up. Don't just peak the same corner every time, eventually they will just spray that shit, move around find other corners, find other vantage points, EC maps are big and Stalker Bolters have infinity billion range to work with.

    USE SERVO SKULLS! Whenever I play LSM I'm either playing the most powerful support in the game or I'm playing a tactical with a servo skull (well I guess shieldbro once a blue moon too). If you are fighting at or near a cap point and there is not a servo skull in the room YOU are fucking up, not your team, not the noobs, not the baddies, not the pros, not the clan stacking sons of motherless whores, YOU! You can bring a tactical with a servo skull and completely change the fight at that cap point on your own. Even if every other mother fucker on your team doesn't even know what a servo skull is or does YOU DO, and YOU can change that shit.
    30% increased damage to all enemies in a room is INSANE, even the most scrubbiest scrubs will gun down Bolter Jesus himself with that sort of advantage.
    Is there already a servo skull in the room? THROW ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING SERVO SKULL IN THERE. Maybe the enemies destroy the other servo skull, maybe it runs out of time, maybe there is absolutely ZERO DOWNSIDE TO HAVING 20 SERVO SKULLS IN A ROOM!
    You want to win? ABUSE THIS SHIT! Well atleast until it gets nerfed or other factions have their debuff abilities get comparable AoE's and the playing field is evened back up some.

    You MUST have a meltabomb setup on your character, failing to do so is your own failure to properly prepare for the game. Unless you are in a premade stack and you know you wouln't need to bomb shit personally because a few other people will be dedicated to doing so you will need a meltagun+meltabomb setup or at the very least the meltabomb.
    Killing transports is vital to winning games, and the best way to do that is to put meltabombs on their asses. Meltabomb+2 meltagun overheats will basically destroy any vehicle, on your own, with zero outside support. Flank/sneak up on the transports and roast their asses. Yeah Eldar are OP as fuck at this, there is no disputing that though even if you are strictly worse at it than Eldar its still a job that needs doing. You can't just go "well we arn't as good as Eldar at it, so might aswell not even bother" thats just fucking retarded (btw I've heard that excuse multiple times ingame on my brief forays into LSM and it made a rage alittle inside each time).

    Yeah yeah teamwork is all well and good, and an organized team will beat an unorganized team every time. Though we don't have the luxury of choosing to solo queue or otherwise have fair games of pugs vs pugs or stacks vs stacks, you will get mixed and matched games of all sorts.
    You gotta make the best of it. The best way to do that is to abuse your factions strengths and ram them right up your enemies asses.

    So for LSM that means being "solid" at everything, having the insanely strong servo skull making most cap point fights arguably in your favor, dominating all long range engagements with the Stalker Bolter, and having the most powerful healers in the game for defensive situations. Abuse that shit, make the best of your strong points and win. LSM can do it, they have arguably the best tools in the game to make it happen people are just focused on doing dumbshit or having fun instead of winning and half the mother fuckers don't even know what a Servo Skull is.
  2. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    What bothered me was not the threads posted about it, because you are right there's not much of them. But it's general attitude we can see in other threads that is a bit overboard when people are adding suggestions, there is always some complaining about the balance, and their feeling that our Space marines are not space marines.

    Also, I totally agree about the new players, it's not a post that will change things, it was more something I wanted to post after seeing so much threads with unrelated discussion in it about balance while at the base it was just some cosmetics required. It looks like nobody can get their head straight when it comes to talking on balance.
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  3. I play a lot in LSM, but now, I'm fucking tired of it... nobody listen the order, I repeat them, and nobody give a fuck about it. all these kids think it's call of duty and rush agaisnt the enemy just for killing it, they don't defend at all and when I said "attack this position" I'm the only one who attack it... this faction is full of retard kids now
  4. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    When I began, it was the same, one thing that get on my nerves even more than the stupidity I can witness ingame sometimes, it's seing all the new players trying and see in the end of the game "OMG FUCKING NOOB TEAM !" (not saying you are on of those), especially when I saw some trying to actually do good thing and follow orders. Everyone must learn, we didn't understood the principles and tactics behind the games directly after passing rank 2 as well.
    For this problem in game, it's more a matter of time, the ones that doesn't follow order and teamplay will most likely finnaly quit, the ones that got tired of losing will try to work together. Also the kill run is probably motivated by the motivation to climb higher and to acces better gear as well.
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  5. XavierLight XavierLight Well-Known Member

    If I was to make only one complaint about LSM, it's the lack of players willing to go AV and deal with park transports outside an objective.
  6. Mandulis Mandulis Active Member

    The problem is, imo, that most of the people plays for kill counts instead for teamwork
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  7. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Speak for yourself, we've been doing our best to train our newbloods constantly. There's some internal dissonance between some of the guilds(Some of them, for example, would rather just drive the F2Ps away rather then deal with them, others are apathetic and would rather just enjoy the games on their own terms which I think is valid.) but I generally try to talk to people over text(And coms now, thank god.) along with a few other people. The Eye of Terror is generally more welcoming to new players, or at the very least people in EoT might direct them to guilds they want to go to. Is the smaller number of CSM, relatively speaking, a factor? Yes definitely, it actually makes the training process easier because there's usually one or two Vets in there who can help command the newbloods, but it's not exclusively because the Veterans are carrying the team skill wise. Generally speaking the new CSM players are also very receptive to this, I get more then a few responses if I speak over Vox, not all of them postive but many relaying valuable information or expressing a desire to get help on doing their jobs better. LSM, by contrast, by and large either don't respond or actively insult you for the attempt.

    Chaos is not always better at teamwork then LSM, and i'm aware i'm biased to Chaos by default, but after 3000 hours playing I think I can say in spite of any factional blinkers it's an exception rather then a rule.

    Does that mean that the 'culture' of the factions is wholly responsible? No, but it doesn't mean it's without impact. I don't really have a good solution to how to fix that though, as changing a factions culture and community is a much more complex task then just telling newbies what to do.

    Go fuck yourself team Jacob, i'v seen the Digganobz the filthy corpse worshipers harbor.
  8. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    1o hrs in the campain left and i still need 7 wins on this fucking faction
    y'all din't learn a thing.
    by Slaanesh left nipple ring ya all need to stop running around like dorks so i can actually support you properly
    A Bolter is a mid range weapon , why you sods running off the objective ?
  9. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    99% of the LSM population would not see this.
    They don't read or watch anything and just log on for some bolter porn.
    I did my share and gave up. I did videos, in-depth analysis posts, garrison sessions, LSM worst than ever as it stands.
    Nathan wants to mix vets and noobs together for vets to hold their hands, but I disagree.
    We need a proper tutorial, and have noobs figure out the game playing against other noobs to a decent level first. That's what most other lobby PVP games do. Or else they will just run around headlessly and win/lose without understanding why they won or lost.
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  10. actually, serv with only noob on it (like until rank 3) is a good idea. even if the vet try to help the noob, most of time, they don't want to listen, and run like chicken in the battlefield

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