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Space marines, we seriously need to stop our bullshit... (Xenos and heretics also required here)

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Water_Snake, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    LSM suffer from being both a completly mute community and a too loud one. We complain heavily, but we don't socialize with our own people.
    I play LSM in majority, and I spend times in Chaos, Orks and Eldars as well, I'm a LSM player and at first, I thought we weren't very balanced. As chaos, I won so many matches in a row compared to my time as a LSM, as an ork I did so many kill compared to my time as a LSM, as an eldar I've never been that killy in melee compared to my time as a LSM. So obviously, despite my hundred of hours in the game, I assumed we were not enough powerful compared to the others.
    But during one of my battle, by playing smartly with my tactical I managed a series of 6 kills on the Eldar at the beginning of the game while they were all rushing at me in a very restricted area, and with only a few scratches on me. I was shocked that things have gone that smoothly.
    We are not nerfed, we just have to play differently. Chaos, Orks and Eldars win a lot because their community is strong, they stand together, they adapt together.
    I agree that Eldar are not in their place in that game, if we got an open world, they would be totally awesome to play with and against, but as today, they are fighting for objectives and gamemodes that are totally out of context for them. Why would Eldars defend a fortress at the price of 200 hundreds of them ? Why would they do a frontline war against us on a 3 points map ? They are mawing us down despite having less damage (38 for the bolter, 20 for the catapult. 21 for the shuriken canon, 38 for the heavy bolter) and despite us having their worst nightmare, the grav gun.
    Both those 3 races have what we don't try to have outside of guilds, a community that work together. No wonder we got steamroll that fast on most games.

    That's the opposite of what we are asking, nerf the other factions isn't a thing that will help us, we got shitloads of crazy tools, but yet we cry for too much attention while our enemies receive none from the dev team. LSM need nothing more, other factions everything else. If the team is permamently on us, how can we expect the balancing for eldar to happen without make them completly useless ? How can we expect more to make the other factions more enjoyable if we always monopolize them ?
    Space marine got an arsenal big enough to counter any type of situation and enemy right now, just use your common sense. When playing against Eldar, when you are in an area where falcon can get, just be really careful and look everywhere, don't try to overrun or outsmart them, use long distance weapons against their vehicules instead of grenades.
    Use the devastator ! In any situation the killing potential of a Devastator with an heavy bolter is astonishing, and it's by playing chaos with an heavy bolter that I finally understood that. You can litteraly maw down everything in front of you, and yet we don't use them as much as Chaos does. And no, the killing potential of Havoc and Devastator is the same, I didn't had a damage boost on myself.
    Use the correct weapons to the correct situation. Against some races, some loadout will simply not work, so change it. If you are a melee fighter know that you will never win by charging into a clear fight, you will stay alive much more longer in a messy battlefield, with your enemies occupied with your team mates they will not look behind them.

    Stop all those threads about how much OP the other are while they are not. Stop complaining about what you don't have and appreciate what you already got, and conquer what is already ours. We are clearly not the OP faction compared to what chaos pawns are saying, but we are definitly not left behind, we are as capable with what we have as the others, organized, we can be the ones who does the steamroll, the glorious imperial steamroll like in the good old days.
    That's all we lack, the adaptation and the teamwork our enemies got. It's ironical considering that we are supposed to be the most disciplined, tactical, strategical in the game that no foe should best us in battle.
    It is not that we are not Space marines, it's that we don't act like Space marine.

    Fight with fury, but also with honour. We can do as well as the others races if we do the right choices and adapt ourselves ! We can because we are space marines ! WE ARE BATTLE BROTHERS ETERNAL !
  2. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Hello Spazz-marine's !!
    We heard Heretic's are required here!!
    So we brought muffins!!
    Like you they are delicious !!..But get boring when you eat 30 of them at once.
    So get ur shit together.

    Seriously tho. Orks are 10x more organised than you guys are with their random pugs.
    playing vs Eldar is like playing vs space ninja ghosts you see in the corner of your eye and when you look at it , you get ass raped by a whole group of them screaming witches or them scorpions with their space aids.

    Playing vs you guys is mostly a pubstomp where you can pull out the troll loadouts and play stuff like mark of tzeentch raptor power axe.. and still go 38-5..
    it's not often the Loyal Suck Marines faction seems organised enough and usually when you check the tab screen than you'll find a guild stack thats prob doing its events. its those very few matches that are truly epic ..epic matches still give you loads of rewards even if they end in a loss . so it a win/win for all of us.
    But most of the time it's just going to lala land to smack oblivious marines .
    stick with your squad and try and check the squads classes . make sure you guys have some support and AV in the grp as needed .. play a grav marine they are great supports for your squad . operate from your squad's rhino , you can use the vehicle terminals to deploy into your squad's rhino at the start of the match.
    Defend your rhino's they are not disposable transport.
    Don't be afraid to use chat and ask questions.
    Don't be a dick in chat .
    Use Q to mark objectives for the squad if you are the squad leader it earns you extra points for doing stuff around the objective.
    Or pass squad leadership to another guy if you dont want to do it
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  3. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    I now feel strangely ashamed that an heretic brony fucker replied to my post... But well it's always good to take.
  4. Actually, the lack of "teamwork" can be seen across all factions.
    I have seen Orks who run to a point after being killed again and again by a single Marine. Eldar who ignore a capping point and run clean past it. Chaos Marines that walk past an enemy Truck while holding a melta gun even though the point the CSM is "defending" is getting overrun by the orks coming from said truck.
    Seriously, all the factions are full of idiots.

    LSM is just more evident due to their higher numbers relative to the other factions.

    Its due to the higher numbers that make is so much harder. You can have 5 Vets in a match but then it becomes a 5 vs 30 match with 25 other marines running around like chickens without heads.... Guess who wins?
    Where a match with Orks or CSM would have a higher number of Vets who actually know how to play, coordinate and fight without a the need of a war party or Clan.

    Unfortunately at the same time, many of the others refuse to listen or learn.

    I have no issue with being new to a game. I was there once, you were there once, everyone was new once.

    But then there are those who will REFUSE to learn from mistakes, REFUSE to listen to the experienced players, REFUSE to do what is needed to win a match, REFUSE to DO ANYTHING even.
    And its due to the higher numbers of LSM that more of such people will appear in your match and that can lead to higher loss rate.

    Can anything be done about this? Not really.

    The ones who are willing to learn are often driven off by the rage generated by the sheer frustration the Vets have at the current situation. the "Angry Marines" don't rage for no reason (some do, but even we don't like them). Driven to other factions while we are stuck with the ones who refuse to learn and the cycle begins again. (I am NOT referring to the clan "Angry Marines", It is just a term I use to describe the ones in that that scream at each other in chat)

    The recommendation "find a guild/clan" seems to be the only way, unless those who refuse go away then nothing can go forward and there is no way to get rid of them.

    That is my experience, I have been fighting in the Emperor's name (on Arkona) since beta with SM primary (rank 6) and the other factions up to 4 (orks) 3 (CSM) and 2 (Eldar, I dislike Eldar playstyle greatly, it is least played).

    Also Death to Ponies.
    Purge them all.

    I have found a clan and its a 180. Its not an auto win, but having at least a handful of people that go to the right place, actually know how to play or are willing to listen to advice is unbelievably nice to have instead of trying to convince the deaf masses that we need to cap X point because we won't have enough time or we need to defend X as its the last point with a time boost, etc and be talking to a wall.
  5. NebirosZael NebirosZael Subordinate

    Well, finally someone who says it!

    Personally, I find playing LSM (which was the faction I started and reached lvl5 and veterans before the others) quite annoying these days.
    We got nice toys (Stalker Bolter and more or less all unique type weapons, and the gravs), the most versatile medic in the game (still wondering why devs gave Wolf Priests bolters though, their mace was better than a chainsword), nice wargear (halos are a bit too pricey if compared with chaos' sigils, I'll admit that) BUT out players lack coordination the most out of the four factions.

    Chaos & Eldar got the best players, and that compensates a lot for Chaos being actually penalized with marks and sigils (sure, they give nice bonuses, but they're risky on a non good player) and devotions (there's a knife usable only by Nurgle followers, Khorne ones can't be healed, and Sorcerers can't use powers other than basic or their god's ones), while Eldar having the weakest characters (in terms of health-armor) and paper made vehicles.

    Orks are in the middle, mostly because people play orks only for trolling other races and for da ork talk, so they're generally a funny bunch.

    Loyalists... they should be called not LSM, but SSM: not Loyalist Space Marines, but Salt Space Marines. Really, i think there's more salt in LSM players than in the damn Dead Sea.
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  6. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    That's true, and it wasn't anyway my goal, that would have mean that I was stuck so far up my own ass to think that I would change it with one post. All I wanted to do was to stop the bullshit going on in the forum, and to a lesser extent, ingame where people cry at the end for another faction, it's injustified and unnecessary.
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  7. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    If I could wish for ONE thing for the LSM, it would be the following: LSM staying closer to the objectives. Played some LSM games recently and I can tell that LSM tend to stay away from the objectives further than the other factions. Probably understandable due to the nature of most of their weapons which really shine when you outrange the Eldar and Orks. The result is that many people are too far away to converge on a cap once it goes up. I had situations where I started a cap but no reinforcements came in time to secure the cap. Matches turn into these peek-a-boo trench wars and normally that disadvantages the LSM due to the other factions being on point more often. The end result is LSM feeling like they lack pushing power.
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  8. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Posts like these are ironic.
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  9. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    If it made you laugh at least it was worth for me to make it.
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  10. BaronXIII Arkhona Vanguard

    Well not laugh per se, I can see some thought went into it. It's more an observation of the points being made. Now I say this with no intent to offend but...(and I'll try to keep it short and keep long explanations at bay)

    1.) Our weapons don't do more damage than other factions, we do more damage per round possibly, but our DPS is usually equal to, or lower, than other factions. Of course there are fringe cases and such.

    2.) About LSM whinethreads and posts to focus only on us...I haven't seen much if any of those types of threads. The only whinethreads I see from LSM players are the same vocal minority that don't and haven't reflected the faction since they started. Sidenote, they're mostly about melee anyways, which isn't even only about LSM. Another sidenote, no LSM wants to deny other factions having good/cool things.

    3.) The main theme of "LSM need to work together better", which has so many problems. First, the ones who don't work together aren't the Vets/Guilded LSM, they're the newbies. We can't train newbies, not as fast as they come, and we get so many that it's impossible/silly to think that at any point in this game's lifetime will they stop being cats that need to be herded. The only thing that may help is Voip if it get's a proper UI. Two, for guilds to recruit/train/bring together new players we need the proper tools...which aren't implemented in the slightest. No guild list, no friend list in game, warparty system blows, etc etc. Last, the players who need to read posts like yours the most, don't go on the forums, otherwise they'd know all this. So making a thread about this, is rather futile/useless.

    What I find ironic, is that everyone comes up with this "Oh hey guys, we just need to work together better" plan, which is already common knowledge, they then follow it up with a little bashing on LSM, stick in a few LSM are whiners points, then proceed to not have any solutions at all as to ACTUALLY TRAINING the massive amount of newblood we take in. And yes, you could point to CSM and go "well they get alot of new ppl and they don't suck", but the truth is they do, their newbies suck just as much as ours, the only difference is for every 1 new CSM player, we likely get 2 or 3.

    These threads are pointless at this rate.
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