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Space Marines. Underdogs of the game.

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Ryo_VG, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I think the time has come for you to look into the possibility of joining a guild or clan or whatever they are called in EC so you can play with a more consistent team.
  2. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    which is why I really don't go to the garrisons anymore after F2P.
    MAN that place is a shithole now.
  3. The average skill level between LSM and other factions usually is pretty high. Between LSM and Eldar is crucial. Emprah's finest cant agree iwth how bad they are and start to find OP things to blame for their constant loses.

    It also caused a lot of nonLSM factions nerfes in past. Last one for eldar made them so squishy that eldar player dont even have room for mistake - he will be dead in few shots. You have to agree if anyone will be continiously in severe conditions he will became better, much better in terms of reaction, aiming, cunning. And will look like OP even having 150HP and 75armor on base classes.

    Im still hear yealling of Eldar Op cries from LSM, which were rolled over by good teamwork and personal skill. Marines usually play pretty bad, except warparties of veternas.
    LSM rarely fight till the end. A lot of leavers every game. Notice please if you play 15v15 game and occasionally lost advantage then if 5 people will leave the game you will stay 10v15 until your team filled. Surely enemies will finish you up even faster.
  4. Genos Brutuz Steam Early Access

    This is goooood.


    I wonder how this will all end.

    With the salt mountain or a locked thread?

  5. Mileena Mileena Subordinate

    at some point a player will increase his competency at shooting fast moving tiny objects with easy like grenades moving in the air.

    at that point eldar hit boxes and moves speed would account for nothing.

    and the ehp/toughness nerf would burden the edlar players.
  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    At some point people would realize common sense, get more compassionate , stop falling for scams and so on sadly as real life has shown that "point" dose not happen for a lot of people. Yea at some point they could but that would involve improving , sticking long enough with the gam eto improve and putting the effort to improve. None of which will be done by the average gamer these days. Easier to leave. Cry nerf, leave bad reviews of salt and decry the opposing faction/game then try to improve.
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  7. Dice DicersonWH40k Subordinate

    One big issue with the join a guild thing is that not many do. Lots of people on the forums do (as forum-goers tend to either be the occasionally salt vent or an actually passionate and/or dedicated player), but in terms of people in game, its super rare for anyone to deign joining a guild. Like Smurfkun up there said, for most people its just far easier to cry OP and get mad than it is to own up to your own mistakes and and think about the situation any more deeply than "X thing killed me repeatedly, therefore OP", when in reality, its just them taking the same path, using the same cover, the same class, and in all likelihood fighting the same exact person who already knows how to beat them.

    If you don't join a guild, at least try to learn more about good combat practice (Not to imply that you don't, this is just general advice). Think about where you are going, and how you are going there. Is there cover nearby, what positions have line of sight on you, where are you allies, could the enemy be behind you, do they know you are coming and if so, how do they know, etc. The game is just as much about information warfare and good positioning as it is about your twitching and tracking skills.
  8. Ryo_VG Recruit

    So much insight and advice has been given since this thread started. Thanks.

    I have joined a guild since then, being only me and 1 other person at the moment,... lol. The person is a good team mate.
    I hope the guild will grow with more good players over time.

    Plus, like someone said, to make load outs for different situations, I did that ever since I started playing EC. However, it's good advice so I hope everyone does the same.

    What started as a thread made in frustration at the games Factions and play style is now more of a guide to help players understand how to face up to the ugly truth and improve.

    Please feel free to continue adding to this thread. Like always I'll read everyone's comments and see what I can learn from them. Hope it helps others too.
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  9. Ernaddon elDorado Steam Early Access

    i should say that LSM has all toll to fight other factions, more that that they have more tools that anyone else, so its really about players after all, i saw games where on defense there were no AV, neither any stalker bolter dudes to counter sorc or plasma cannons from distance, nor shieldbros to tank or block the passages, oh and no gravcannons too, just tactical boltors and apoths and thats all
    also things like parking rhinos in the middle of nowhere and theres only driver it there who runs and dies and squad has no more rhino, i doubt that such things happens often in other factions, my main faction - CSM, often runs defense and offense with chat and comands and all classes and guarding rhinos, eldars are even better, i admire eldar players for great teamplay and skills, and they do this with the few guns and such fragile characters
    So just try to play other factions and feel the difference
  10. 6 pages. I'm impressed. In other news; it's been awhile since a noob cried about LSM.

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