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Space Marines Missing the basic classes and weapons.

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by BAA, May 20, 2017.

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  1. Karandras Codex33 Drill Abbott

    I've grown incapable of telling the difference between idiots and trolls at this point. Space marines have the most and best wargear, the most and best customization, the best everything. Do you actually think that eldar kill marines faster than marines kill eldar? Like w.t.f. is wrong with you? How disconnected from reality can someone possibly be?
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  2. SissehBoi Yuu-tan Subordinate

    Ah, nostalgia. Having only recently returned to EC, I sure have missed all the childish prattle and toxic crapfest from the EC Community, I'm happy it hasn't changed. LSM Still going on about how they die so quickly, well yea ... everyone does, except orks, because ... I unno orks?

    Autocannon, yep ... OP as fuck, but who gives a fuck? clearly no one! Eldar, still the kings of this game because its ALL about dat RoF, coz diz grottin' game be one dem' quik kill tym games ya' grottin' feelin' me 'ate?!

    LSM - Most an best wargear? sure most ... best? hardly. Customisation? most of the crap EC pumps out at 'customisation' looks subpar at best.

    Orks - ... bein orky wid dem deffguns, dem bleedin' deffguns, they're the combination of LSM, CSM and Eldar! Tough as nails, quick ... dunno how, with the punch of LSM/CSM guns and the RoF of Eldar ... but dey' be orks suh it be coo'

    But lets just sum it allll up into all the feefees of every preferred faction!

    Feefee's hurt cuz mah fav tem isn't objectively superior. Why should you care? as clearly our lovely Devs don't, they're too busy bolting on more unfinished, unbalanced stuff to parade the whole 'content' thing .. instead of just fixing whats broken, that being the game itself!
  3. mew282 mew282 Recruit

    Anything made for LSM would sell better then Xeno stuff I fail to see how the dev team would be better off making xeno stuff.
  4. Karandras Codex33 Drill Abbott

    For the marines:

    Apothecary: Best support hands down.

    Tactical marine: Just as good as chaos marine. Servo skull is amazing. Drum mag and CQC barrel is all you need to top the charts really.

    Devastators: Have grav weaponry. Why people don't use it more is beyond me. Sure chaos has autocannons, but we have Grav on LSM and grav is amazing. LSM holds its own with the heavy support with grav, heavy bolter and plasma cannon.

    Shield Bro: Best ground assault hands down. Because it can actually reach melee to do it's job. Ork shields are wonky, the howling banshee is a joke of a class and chaos melee specialists have to reach you to lifesteal to do shit oh wait they just died 20 feet away from bolter headshots.

    Jump pack assault: Weaker than chaos, stronger than ork. Eldar is only good for harassment and can't assault points.

    The most important part of this game is taking and holding objectives. LSM are the best at that with their ridiculously OP apothecaries and strong ground assault/tactical marines.

    You're generally right about the customization in this game being shit, but my Dark Angel looks awesome. There isn't shit you can do for customizing Eldar.
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  5. SissehBoi Yuu-tan Subordinate

    Well ... Unless we want the lore fanatics to bombard us from orbit, there wont be as much customisation for Eldar, because no matter what craftworld an Avenger comes from, they will always all look the same, minus the pouldrons, guns an I think loin-cloth.

    Hard to do any form of Customisation with Eldar.

    As for Apoths being OP? Please explain, I don't see them being as OP, I see the Sourc being as OP in the regard you might be referring to, all you need is 3-4 sources in a squad of 6-10, and you can effectively lock down a point as NO one can kill you.

    Whut I find even worse is how that damn thing attacks, negating things like ... I unno ... walls? I've sat on the otherside of a wall to a source, who was poisoning me through the wall ... I was fairly confused at this point!

    Now, more customisation, if EC just stayed truly faithful to the various armours and iconography of the LSM and CSM, they'd be making a mint off of customisation. Eldar? Ork? perhaps? with ork I guess they can get really creative since, the whole point of having an Ork army is to kitbash an make your guys look awesome with random bits of junk and crap, and then literally build your own gorg'
  6. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    No offense but...

    You have absolutely no idea how much development work this takes, do you?

    I'd get a feeling you also don't really have a feel for how much development manpower they have at their disposal.

    Scouts don't wear power armor, so completely new organic models would need to be meshed and textured. New voices would likely be needed, and probably new animations to fix the organic models. These things alone cost an enormous amount of money... far more than they have in their budget, right now.

    As with many "why haven't you included this yet"... the answer is because they do not have the money, manpower or time to do so... otherwise they would have done.
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  7. Karandras Codex33 Drill Abbott

    Apothecaries get moddable bolters!!!! That right there is an enormous strength as the bolter is the best weapon in the game.

    So on top of basically being a tactical marine in offensive power, they have ranged aoe healing over time effects and can apply a huge EHP buff with their survival vial to themselves and nearby allies. Regeneration + damage mitigation buff = tanky as hell marine.

    Sorceror is so weak in comparison to the juggernaut of power that the apothecary is. And sorc is the 2nd best support so yea... Sorc has healy beam and lash of slaanesh as the only spells that are any good at all. Healy beam is good, but not as good as a fire and forget aoe regen ability. You can do nothing else as you heal with the beam. Lash of slaanesh is short range (longer after buff, but still well within bolter range) and as a slaaneshi sorceror you are suuuper squishy. Like almost eldar squishy with a bigger hitbox. Nurgle and Slaanesh heal are not very good, and tzeentch is a total shit mark.

    oh and apothecary melee attack poisons by default for some reason, on top of everything else.
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  8. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    The orks are Tau in disguise at the moment because their melee animation absolutely suck balls.
    It is to a point that it's almost unplayable.
    Eldars are missing so much stuff (singing spear, fire pikes for the crunch, every customization for the fluff) it isn't funny. Their customization are also expensive as hell, which is dumb. And now the Rangers' gone they get a "material bank copy pasta" Autarch.
    CSM all good except for the possessed... It's just lazy. Shows how much less they could care really.

    So yes I find adding more LSM stuff necessary.
    IMO they shouldn't have even wasted time on the =I= skins; it's lore breaking, redundant, and they could have been fixing so many other things with their time.
  9. Maybe sometime in the future there will be hero elite Scout Sergeant, but I doubt about fully accessible class
  10. No bolter isn't the best weapon of the game but the more adaptable. Many weapons are far better to do the job, bolter is a jack of all trade not superman gun.

    We have range Healing AoE Healing true, but it is static and can be shot (easy to miss target that's why grenade is good for), apply vial put them in an animation where they can do nothing and frankly is the best moment to kill them, ask vets how many healed and healer they killed at this exact moment (BTW you have to be in the fight and not behind)

    If sorcerer were that weak you wouldn't see as many of them each game. In asymetrical balanced game classes aren't the reflect of the other but the overhaul balance is taken into account. Your heal aren't the same but at least you heal when moving on range for one and in AoE centered on caster for an other but both move with you. But ok spells need some work to get fine.

    As the pain boy melee attack with narthecarium, hard as a knife if you work well it will be broken soon enough.
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