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Space Marine Quotes

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by DecisiveRaindrop, Oct 22, 2013.

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    I already posted before but I really like this one quote

    "For eleven hundred years, I have fought and I have seen the darkness in our galaxy. I have seen the vileness of the alien and the heresy of the mutant. I have witnessed the sin of possession. I have seen all the evil that the galaxy harbours, and I have slain all whose presence defiles the Emperor. I have seen what you will see. I have fought what you must fight, and I have slain what you must slay... so fear not and be proud, for we are the sons of Sanguinius, the protectors of Mankind. Aye, we are indeed the Angels of Death."
    - Dante, Lord of the Sanguinary Host
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  3. "There's no purity in pride" - Solomon Demeter (if my memory serves me right), Captain of the 2nd Company of Emperor's Children. Before the fall of Emperor's Children into corruption.
  4. This is one of the most badass quotes ever. That guy has been alive for more than a thousand years, you can be sure he has seen almost everything there is to see in the galaxy, and slain most of what he's seen. The only way this could be more badass is if Bjorn were the one to say it.
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  5. "What does not kill not trying hard enough"
    -Roboute Guilliman
  6. ....then.....
    he meets angron.
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  8. "The enemy shall die! and we shall die! make sure its them first!"

    ~Self conscious guardsmen Sargent.
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