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Soul Of The Infinite Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Banshee, Jun 16, 2014.

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    Liriasol shrugged a little; he wasn't being ungracious, just indicating that he felt it was his job. "Merishel? I've done what I can to keep her stable." he said. "I learned what I know in situations like this, far from anywhere civilised. She should be all right, though she must see the Healers when we get back and she should not be involved in any more fighting until she has recovered."

    The Ranger finished cleaning the punctures and began to dress them. Best to keep the dust and dirt out, and who knew what else so close to a settlement.

    "Since they were gifted to you, it seems only fitting that you should pass them on now that you're done with them," he indicated the spears, "though I recall that our ancestors would offer weapons of the enemy taken in battle to Khaine. You captured them, in your own fashion." He placed the first dressing.

    "You speak their language. They ... have a culture, the Kroot, and I can't work out if it is simple or extremely complicated." It was partly to keep his patient distracted, and partly due to the curiosity years of being a Ranger still hadn't worn out of him. "I could make out the odd word, that's about all, but I haven't, ah, worked alongside them as much as you. Can they be trusted?"

    Liriasol was undecided. And if Cair knew more of the Kroot ways, he would be the best one to help him make that decision.
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  2. <Cair>
    "I am glad to hear she will make a full recovery."
    The Reaper thought about the Kroot for a second, some were trustworthy and others weren't, there was no easy way to answer that, but from what he had seen so far, he believed he could make a judgement call.
    "Their culture is based around a very important facet of their existence, their ability to assimilate DNA and take on advantageous traits of their prey. For instance, if you were to eat something they declared inedible, that would be akin to what the Mon-keigh call 'Heresy'. There are typically two different tribe types found amongst the Kroot, spiritualistic ones led by Shamans, and more martial ones led by Shapers. This particular tribe seems to be a combination of the two, which is typical for Kroot who work with the Tau, but not as much for feral tribes. However, a test of skill is very important to the Kroot, and as the Shaper was correct to point out, they could have continued fighting and possibly won through sheer attrition. They can be trusted to do what is in the best interest for their tribe. To me it would seem like helping us take out the Imperials is in the best interest for their tribe, so they can be trusted to help us with that."
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    The Kroot shaman arrived late at the Host's low-ceiled hut, seeing that Liriasol had already taken care of the first-hand attention. He moved, then, to the critically wounded - Merishel, and asked the Avenger to take leave. The shaman began to apply ointments on her, with a strange and macabre ceremony, and then sewing the wound once the ointment had anesthetised the area... As much as it would do.
    The Guardian gritted her teeth.

    Visethianne, with his rifle still at the ready, watched from the entrance of the hut - fist clenched upon the arched frame. He was wounded, yes, but he was still operational and someone needed to keep an eye open. Desek had instructed them to retreat from the enemy camp at first - before the Shaper had offered his healers, but the Avenger still knew the Warlock wanted to be away as soon as viable.
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  4. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    (OOC: My eh... "Patient" fell ill again. Sorry for the lack of posts.)


    Night fell upon the planet and the chilling winds began howling - to the Kroot skin soothing but to the Eldar kin chilling to the bone. Fires began appearing around the tribe, drums and flickering shadows that danced macabrely upon skulls and fallen beings.

    Visethianne had sat at the entrance of the Host's hut, back laid against the alien clay-wrought edifice and rifle still in hand. His scarf swayed in the wind as his breath generated svelte figured before him... He reached forth with a finger, tracing her curves with the vapour.
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  5. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    <Minnaloushe the Intemperate>

    The girl had been by Liriasol's side while he healed the wounded, asking questions and fetching whatever he might have needed... Mostly, though, she just asked questions. Then when Desek and the Kroot shaman had stepped in, she approached Rharijem and Amriel - greeting both with a smile that hid her concern.
    "Amrieleshka, do you have him?" She asked.
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  6. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Aspect Warrior - Before Nightfall>
    Rharijem once the Warlock and the others joined did not want to interrupt the gathering and rather sat down somewhere alone. Yes he was a changed man, but that didn't change the fact that he was still hard about going on with strangers. So far he only knew Aranethyr, the Artisan, Kara'shanwe the Warp Spider, Amriel the Corsair, the Servant which changed his appearance, the Guardian survivors of Ishas Shield and of course Minnaloushe. It was not the exactly right time to start bonding with strangers, nor was he sure if it was good to reveal his personality and make him an open book. Especially since he himself didn't know who he was.

    <Aspect Warrior - After Nightfall>
    The Mymearan seemed to have found himself in their hut again next to Amriel - though not engaged in active conversation since nothing new arose. As Minnaloushe appeared his emerald eyes flared up and an intuitive smile built upon his gaze, happiness radiating his heart and embracing his soul. An emotion he knew how to suppress, but certainly not desired to suppress - not now.
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  7. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

  8. <Amriel>
    The Corsair looks puzzled for a minute, glancing over at the Hunter and thinking she was referring to him. Then it hits him! Her brother of course.
    "Yes I do, safe and sound Minna."
    The Corsair press a button on his armor and a small compartment pops out, holding a green spirit stone. The Corsair picks it up and hands it to the other Corsair.
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  9. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member


    The girl took her brother in both hands as if he was the frailest crystal, before embracing the stone with a big smile. She then linked it to a chain around her neck, which hung roughly at the height of her navel.
    "Thank you, Amriel."

    Curiosity and worry compelled her then to turn to Rharijem.
    "So what news from the Anam Alqethyr? You mentioned... A battle."
    Visethianne turned towards the hut's insides when he heard this, his gaze beneath the helmet dire.
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  10. <Amriel>
    "You are most welcome, though I would have done the same for any spirit stone."
    The Corsair turns towards the Hunter as well, curious as to what battle could have been fought, and against who?
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