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Soul Of The Infinite Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Banshee, Jun 16, 2014.

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  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    <Aspect Warrior>
    "Basically I have three questions. First and foremost. Why did you became an Outcast? Secondly and a bit less important. What do you think of the life as Outcast? The advantages and disadvantages, the experience, the people you meet, the life overall? Third and somewhat least. Were you always with Minnaloushe since you are a corsair?" Rharijem darted Amriel right in his eyes, his eyes not burning with the flames of rage, but rather with the curious look of a child, one willing to learn.
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  3. <Amriel>
    The Corsair thought for a minute, he knew the answer to the first and the third, but the second was tricky, after all it was a question he himself had been debating internally but his answer would determine how he really felt.

    "Well, I became a Corsair for two reasons. The first was to escape the structured, rigid life of the Craftworld, and the second, which ties into that reason, was a desire to see this galaxy and to be free, or at least what I considered free at the time. As for life as a Corsair...well it had its good parts and its bad parts. I didn't really connect with anybody I was with, there was never a feeling of comraderie, it was all about the spoils and the thrill of combat. As my primary weapon was a jetbike, I found myself serving alongside our Darker Kin in the Vent Iladre, and there was little effort made there to encourage loyalty to one another. The good parts were sadly all combat related. I was promoted relatively quickly in the Vent after the Commanders saw my performance, I lead the foremost jetbike squadron amongst the entire Vent. We were at the forefront of every attack launched that our unit was involved in, and a couple we weren't supposed to be involved in. I enjoyed leading soldiers into battle, and I had a flair for it. My bikers would follow me any where cause they knew I wouldn't risk their lives if it wasn't important. It was the only time I began to feel a sense of belonging. Sadly, in the Vent's encounter with the Imperial fleet that started this whole crusade, my unit was wiped out to a man. I only survived because I was not yet at that part of the ship when it got hit. After that I decided to sign on with you all, and I am glad I did."
    The Corsair thinks for a minute as to whether he had met his pretty Corsair counterpart before joining the Anam.
    "I actually did not know our pretty young pilot before signing on with the Farseer, though she apparently had heard of my exploits. A particular incident with a Rogue Trader where I lead the charge onto his Capitol Ship, destroying the defensive batteries that had devastated our first attempt, before fighting my way onto the bridge and besting that slaving bastard in hand to hand combat."
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  4. <Kroot Shaper>

    The kroot nodded then spoke once more. "My kroot shall scout for you, I will send my guides and their kroothawks with you. I too shall come along as well as about 50 of my kin. My scouts will gather intel from the imperials, relay it to me, and then I to you. Then shall we strike. Apart from that I do not know, we have only fought the humans on open ground in skirmishes, never an invasion."
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Rharijem nodded and listened intensively. "Apologies for my assumption that Minnaloushe and you came from the same Corsair Fleet." The Crimson Hunter said as he somewhat relaxed.

    "Though your adventures seem to be quite heroic, lone survivor of an apparent immense attack? Not many can call themselves that. Therefor I am glad to have you along on our side." He smiled bright, with the helmet sitting in his lap, something that was more than rare for him.
  6. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    "Sounds perfectly agreeable to me. Suppose there is not much to say beyond that for now till we have more intelligence, suggest we find the furthest of the settlements we need to strike first, then as we get further and further along with our goals we can strike at those closest to 'home' as it is. For now though, I guess I shall go rejoin my kin and you yours? "
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  7. <Kroot Shaper>

    The kroot nods, stands up, and walks away without even saying a farewell. He supposed a nod was sufficient. He walks back to his kin and makes clicking sounds as he speaks his native language.
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  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    The Warlock glided out swiftly from the lodging and cuts a direct path back to his comrades in the most literal of fashions as he brings forth his Witch Blade to deal with errant foliage. Whilst slicing into a particularly short frond he disturbs a nest of some form of local hornet and they burst out in a cloud about him...much to his mere irritation as a halo of crackling lightning envelopes him and turns him into a living bug zapper until they've either all died or fled, rubbing the bridge of his nose he emerges out into the camp of his kin.
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  9. <Amriel>
    The Corsair smiles again and shakes his head.
    "Nay Brother, I think you misunderstood. Minna and I were both members of the Vent Iladre, she witnessed my glorious moment firsthand from the bridge of the Vent's Capital Ship, but it was a large fleet, I had never met her before this expedition. And I was only the sole survivor from my unit, the ship we were on contained many more people than just my unit and I, and quite a few of them survived." He looks up at the Warlock entering the camp.
    "He doesn't look too happy, wonder what's about to happen?"
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  10. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Kara'shanwe looked up as the Warlock returned. There was a scent as if a summer storm had passed overhead, and the tang of newly-broken green vegetation.

    "What news, brother?" she asked, wondering if that was proper for one on the Witch Path. Too familar? She hoped not.
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