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Soul Of The Infinite Stars

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Banshee, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    OOC: This thread has moved to our guild site at:
    Thank you, EC Forum, for bringing us together!

    OOC: This RP is STILL open for everyone with a good no-drama disposition and at least basic knowledge of Eldar lore - though to be included you need to reach out to our guild site and contact us there with your character info:

    -The name of your character (Eldar only)
    -Craftworld/Exodite world of providence
    -Sex (at least apparent)
    -Active Paths or lack of thereof

    You're welcome to have two characters

    Notes! (Edited 22/10/2014)
    -We already have too many Siam-Hann characters (dead now, vacants available)
    -Guardian characters have to be originally from Anamnialoc, since the Craftworld wouldn't be calling upon Guardians to join this elite force (makes sense?)
    -Guardian characters won't normally partake in the main missions, since - again - this is an elite unit. Inexperienced warriors would only hinder the progress. Yes, there is use for Guardians, but they're better-suited for a secondary character.
    -Pilots are welcome! Our campaigns include epic space battles as well, thanks to Uriel1339, ace pilot of our war effort.
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  2. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    Prelude: Amidst A Sea Of Bloody Stars

    As the twin Suns of the system were overshadowed and concealed behind the colossal figure of the gas giant Ryth'wee (Gas Giants), the profile of a lone elegant Void Stalker could be made out - blue with white details, it featured four main stellar sails where the rune for Anamnialoc (Eye Of Horus) reigned supreme.
    Inside, the aging shape of a man turning to crystal awaited by the ship's Webway gate - his body was covered in a pale blue rune armour with tabards the colour of aging papyrus and a helmet smooth and white.

    Shimmering into life, the portal opened to reveal the first of many warriors to answer his dire call...
  3. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Name: Liriasol Dhamkhennar
    Gender: Male
    Craftworld: Alaitoc
    Current Path: Ranger
    Gear: Mesh armour, Ranger long rifle, shuriken pistol, cameleoline coat, personal stuff (clothes, toothbrush etc).

    Personality in brief: Liriasol has a dry sense of humor but underneath his sarcastic wit, a good heart. Although he took up the Path of the Outcast to seek adventure, he has not forgotten his Craftworld roots and intends to return ... some day. He can be quite protective of other Eldar, especially the vulnerable, but he does his best to hide this (often not that well). Cynical on the surface, Liriasol is not quite as world-weary as he affects, though his sardonic pragmatism may make it seem so.

    Liriasol has been on the Path of the Ranger long enough to be extremely good at making a sniping shot. He can target specific enemies from a distance, and up close he is very accurate when it comes to placing his shots. He has the Eye of Falochu, the mythical hunting hawk of the Eldar, painted on the sights of his rifle and claims that this brings him good luck. As this is at odds with his practical nature, he can be defensive about it if asked.
  4. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Name: Kara'shanwe Sulvelia aka Kara
    Gender: Female
    Craftworld: Biel-tan
    Aspect: Warp Spider
    Gear: Heavy Aspect armour, Warp jump generator, Deathspinners, personalised las pistol with purple beam (no game effect, just pretty), personal stuff (clothes, toothbrush etc).
    Kara's Shrine of the Spider Ascendant favour two smaller spinners over a single gun for greater tactical flexibility, although regular Aspects have to deploy both at once to get the same damage to a target that the larger gun would cause. Following the example of their Exarchs they also wield blades attached to each forearm, the better to mimic the spiders from which they get their name, though these are nbot as powerful as the ancient Exarch weaponry.

    Personality in brief: Kara believes that there is a time for seriousness and a time for enjoying life. Battle is for stern countenances and driven goals. Why do we fight? So that we may enjoy the life we preserve. Kara has a mischevious sense of humour and doesn't always act with the gravitas and decorum her Craftworld desires. Because when you are one failed warp jump away from screaming oblivion, are you going to let that abyss stare back into you, or enjoy the party?

    Spending so much time traversing the unreal space of the Warp has made Kara hyper-aware that there are three spatial dimensions and it seems such a shame to use only two of them properly the majority of the time. She will be quite at home perched halfway up a wall or perhaps hanging from her knees over a roof-beam. After the dangers of the Immaterium, what's a little blood rushing to the head?
  5. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    The webway gate swirled to reveal an Eldar woman of medium height, her confident stride accenting the femininity of her form despite the heavy Aspect armour she wore: the Warp Spider, a shell of red and black marked with accents in jade green. Bearing the rune of Biel-tan on the housing of the warp generator, with the runes of Khaine emblazoned either side, there was a sheen to the armour that made it seem slicked by ice. She carried her helm in one hand, her twin spinners folded back at rest. Her green eyes looked about her with keen intent. Her long hair, dyed a warm royal purple, was neatly coiled and pinned back to fit within her helmet.

    Lighting on the form of the Farseer she stepped forward to bow. She wondered who else would answer the call. Now though, she was here on a matter of business, socialising could wait, though the initial start didn't look too unpromising. There were obviously more warriors expected.

    "Farseer, I am Kara'shanwe Sulvelia, of Biel-tan and here to serve. I follow the Aspect of the Spider Ascendant." She straightened, with a salute. "But please, call me Kara if that suits."
  6. Jorimel Jorimel Well-Known Member

    Liriasol Dhamkhennar took a last look at the webway and freedom. He sighed. The archway beckoned, a mission for a noted Farseer of Anamnialoc this time. He didn't exactly see himself as the type for heroics. Perhaps the Seers merely needed a wayfarer to help with the navigation. Or, more likely, someone who knew how to keep quiet and shoot straight, two things he'd have throught could hardly be in short supply among the Aspects ... but such are the ways of Fate. He shrugged, and took that final step.

    There was a scent of perfume in the air, shimmering like a gossamer shroud as the air currents made by the arrival before him dissipated. Liriasol noticed the feminine form of a Warp Spider Aspect in red and black, then his attention focussed on the elegant form of the Farseer, stiff and venerable with age and his runic calling. He stood up straighter and made a polite salute, the soft heels of his high Ranger boots failing to make much of a click.

    "Liriasol Dhamkhennar, Sir, reporting for duty as requested."

    The newcomer was a tall male, his rich chestnut hair bound back in a typical Ranger's topknot. His clothes were a mixture of shades of brown and dusty red, the predominant colours of the last world he'd explored, and he had an unfastened cameleoline coat. A long rifle was slung over one shoulder. His topaz eyes, while friendly, regarded the Seer with the air of a man who does not expect too much.
  7. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    With the Webway opened a single figure stepped out near the second he was able; the time had been set for departure and it would be followed with perfect punctuality.

    Dressed in flowing robes anchored in place by rune armor the stranger wore the colors of Iyanden: Deep blue enveloping his form where the robe flowed and pale yellow clashing against it where his armor lay over his torso. A long slender head was adorned with worn features and a tired smile while a length of light blonde hair curtained everything but his face ending abruptly just above the back of his collar.

    Taking a deep bow to the figure before him Desek spoke. "Iyanden answers the call, I am Desek and I am at your service. " Looking about toward Kara'shanwe he nodded. "Greetings sister of Biel-tan. " Keeping to himself beyond that the Warlock stepped aside to await any others who may yet be showing up.​
  8. DeranVendar DeranVendar Subordinate

    A Swooping Hawk joined them not too long after, stepping out from the Webway he would appear to be on the shorter side were it not off-set by the large set of wings arcing out from either side of his back. Clad in the shock of bold black against crimson it was clear he was from Sain-Hann, made all the clearer by a large grin and shock of wild brown hair splayed out over his head. Looking amongst the group of Aspect Warriors he had emerged in the midst of he grinned offering out both arms wide. "Brothers, Sisters! So glad to see I did not come alone, and here at home we had thought this wouldn't go over so well! " Chuckling lightheartedly he shook his head, craning it over an Outcast before him to nod in acknowledgement to the Farseer. " Redren, at your service honored Farseer! "
  9. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member


    The gate dome was a wide open space above the hangars with crystalline flooring, which facilitated the transit of grav-tanks and wraith-constructs. It had quite the view on the ship.
    Present in the room besides the Farseer were a number of guardians and a single Dire Avenger, who seemed to be escorting the seer. All of the present had the heraldry and colours of craftworld Anamnialoc - a greyish blue with black accents and white helms. The Eye of Isha.
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  10. Claeryss The Poet Banshee Well-Known Member

    <Unknown Farseer & Avenger>

    "Greetings warriors." The seer responded. His words were slow and low-pitched. "The Fates and those who've answered their call like you did thank you."
    Turning to the Avenger at his right, the Seer inquired, "are these all our warriors, Visethianne?"

    "Several more are expected, Farseer." Answered the warrior veiled by his helmet. His voice was low in pitch and rocky in texture, though there was something in it that was rather peculiar.

    "We have no time..." Said the seer, his tone bitter.
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