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Soul Drinkers, Cold And Fast!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Rosegoddess3, Jan 4, 2014.


    Greetings, fellow Crusaders!

    We are the PS3 Soul Drinkers, also known as the Raven Lunatics. We are the oldest, most successful tournament Chapter on the PS3. Formed January 1, 2012, by xmelesiox and current Warmaster Raziel Raze, the Soul Drinkers have demonstrated our mettle time and again in competitive play. Use this thread to contact us, PM me (Librarian of the Chapter), or check out our website at

    Here are some notable victories:

    1st Place, Supreme Champions, GHOST Tournament, 9 week Round Robin (various modes), Sept.-Nov. 2013. 55,200 Skulls, beating the 2nd place Angels of Vengeance with 40,190 Skulls and 3rd place Black Dragons with 38,900 Skulls.

    1st Place, Winner, BLACK CRUSADE, 5 week event, 10/11 Territories captured by Soul Drinkers across the planetary map, the only remaining member of the Chaos faction.


    1st Place, Winner, GROUND WAR, undefeated.
    Soul Drinkers (3) Black Templars (0)
    Soul Drinkers (4) Space Wolves (0)
    Soul Drinkers (2) Raven Guard (0)
    Soul Drinkers (2) Ultramarines (0)

    1st Place, Winner, BLOOD FEUD LADDER, #1 entire time, besting Raven Guard in the Finals

    1st Place, Winner, BLOOD FEUD 6v6, 9 week Round Robin, Undefeated, amassing 18 straight victories and 6264 points, besting #2 Space Wolves with 11 victories and 5574 points. Honourable mention to Raven Guard with 12 victories.


    Organiser Bluenose Boy wrote: "Congratulations to the overall winners the Soul Drinkers with a perfect record of 18 wins.... The Soul Drinkers have shown to be unassailable. An unblemished record of wins and not a single defeat. Impressive by any standard."

    1st Place, Winner, XENOS INVASION 2, Exterminatus Tournament, 344888 pts, Kalkys Factory, all waves cleared. JBird1222, Spitgun, IHateYou78, MacMcMillan.

    1st Place, Winner, BATTLE FOR CADIA PRIME, Capture and Control Tournament, besting 2nd Place Space Wolves in the Finals.

    Organiser EVOKnight wrote: "Space Marine continues to be a popular event here at EGU and Battle for Cadia Prime proves just that. Cadia Prime wrapped with a firm victory by the Soul Drinkers Chapter."

    1st Place, Winner, BOLTER 4v4, Victor was Spitgun, Champion of the SD.

    1st Place, Winner, PLASMA 5v5, Winner Warmaster Raziel Raze, Tournament MVP, and Fatal-X, Champion of the SD.

    1st Place, Winner, CHAMPION OF GRAIA I, 1v1 Tournament, winner Fatal-X, Champion of the SD.

    1st and 2nd Place, Winner, CHAMPION OF GRAIA II, 1v1 Tournament, 1st Place: Fatal-X; 2nd Place: Spitgun

    Organiser flamingtoejam wrote: "Thank to everyone who participated and congratulations to Fatal-X for defending his title and becoming the 2-time Champion of Graia."

    2nd Place, SKULL event, SD Happy Jack bested in a 1v1 by Night's Divide of the Raven Guard.

    2nd Place, ALPHA HERESY, bested 1-2 by Salamanders in Final Round where Soul Drinkers were down 1 player. Tournament MVP: Warmaster Raziel Raze

    Victor in various Chapter battles against Salamanders and Raven Guard.

    Sample quotes about us from others:

    ExploitedYouth-"the soul drinkers - Razielraze Terra Escapism Jbird every member of this chapter is what all the other chapters wish they could be like, they hold true and fight as one."

    The_Revverend-"Know this: it is clear to the world that Raz has truly put together the best group in the game. No matter what combination of fighters get together to take you down, your skill and tactics always prevail. In the BH fight against you, Partisan and Spitgun were extreme standouts. Partisan shook the earth crashing down on me over and over as a jumper, while Spitgun made it impossible to move anywhere on the board with his long range prowess. Congratulations, Soul Drinkers, you are hands down the greatest Space Marine team in the world and have proven it consistently."

    xsetx-"I am a player who stays out of all these tournaments and events, and the truth is that the experience I have of this game is in open items [pub matches].... the soul drinkers are certainly the most compact team, skillful players and versatile in all classes, tacts, devs and asms, if you meet them separately can have any chance (that when your team is more less competent and you have some skill), but they are 5 or more you're ****ed.. they are a well-oiled machine.... and most important to me they show respect for their opponents."
  2. Current Roster:

    Raziel Raze - Warmaster
    JBird1222- Master of Marches

    Honor Guard

    Chrome - Apothecary
    Rosegoddess3 - Chief Librarian
    Sister Celestine/Terra - Librarian
    Doc_Ferus - Techmarine


    Skydiver_5316 - Cpt.
    getchuckly - Sgt.


    Chiko-Loco13 - Cpt.
    WolfAmoung_Sheep - Sgt.


    Sigismund420 - Cpt.
    miolnir420 - Sgt.

    SgtMueller - Captain of Novas Animas (Prospect/Recruit Squad)


    Venerable Dreadnought


    Champion Dreadnoughts (Retired/Inactive, though we reserve the right to unfreeze)

    iEscap1sm - Techmarine

    Dreadnoughts (Retired/Inactive, though we reserve the right to unfreeze)


    Inactive (we reserve right to recall)

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  3. Al'Chir Alchy Subordinate

    Dammit Rose i'm a dick kicker now, lol.
  4. Al'Chir Alchy Subordinate

    Is this only going to be a recruitment section for SpaceMarine or/and for Eternal Crusade?
  5. Chrome Member

    We're recruiting serious, like-minded gamers for EC and SM. If someone has a PS3 and wants to get into Space Marine, by all means contact us at our site If no PS3, but they want to join up with a group that will be a force to be reckoned with in EC, contact us away.
  6. Deuseven New Member

    Simply ecstatic for this game. Cannot wait to spill the blood of heathens and heretics!

    Where's the Purple Tide at? LOL.

    Sound off Brothers and sisters.

    So Cold and so so Fast!
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  7. IHateYou IHateyou New Member

    Looking forward to EC coming out and seeing this chapter dominate on a new level with old veterans and new players we recruit. We may not have a chosen a side yet but either way the Soul Drinkers will be at the top.
    'How does a Soul Drinker fight?'
    'As cold as the void and as fast as the bullets from his bolter.
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  8. miolnir420 New Member

    Look at that record! Cold and Fast
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  9. Malvidian Malvidian Subordinate

    Honored to wear the purple, and fight alongside the best of the best. EC has no idea what's coming..

    Cold & Fast Brothers!!
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