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Sons Of Lorgar, Unite!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Savage, Dec 15, 2013.


Will you join the XVII Legion?


    295 vote(s)
  2. No! My quest is my own.

    58 vote(s)
  3. I decline. But you may count on my Warband to aid you, Brother.

    88 vote(s)
  1. Sharr Savage Curator

    For the moment, you are the only member of the Gal Vorbak among the Sons of Lorgar.

    The Tactical role is a personal favorite of mine as well. No warrior can withstand the the impact of a Bolt to the head.
  2. Tjhosan Recruit

    > NAME: Tjhosan
    > ROLE: Khorne Berzerker
    > WEAPONS: Chainaxe
    >Location: EU
    > About yourself:
    Have been a big warhammer fantasy and 40k nut since my youth. Played both boardgames but now i only play warhammer games on pc. Rank 3 atm so bit of a noob but would be great to have some fellow heretics to band up with hehe.

    "I will sacrifice myself and all others who seek to oppose me. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Throne of Khorne!"
  3. Vesreminor Recruit

    > NAME: Vexesh the Wanderer
    > STEAM NAME: SN @
    > ROLE: Mostly Tactical, but I've been dabbling in a bit of Havoc and Sorcerer
    > WEAPONS: Bolter (Though, I'm still a few days new into the game, and haven't unlocked all the weapons or tried them out yet. So, this may update the more I play.)
    >Location: US
    > About yourself:
    I became a fan of Warhammer with the first Dawn of War and its expansions. Though I don't play the tabletop, I have enjoyed trying to read through the sheeer abundance of lore available for the setting. Prior to EC, I've been recently interested in the Fantasy lore as well, after playing through some Total War: Warhammer. I recently found out about this guild from a fellow roleplaying friend.
  4. Kabraxas Recruit

    > NAME: Rathmaner
    > ROLE: <Tactical / Havoc / Sorcerer (always flexing depending on team)
    > WEAPONS: Bolter / Autocannon / Support/Melee
    >Location: EU
    > About yourself:
    New to the game, trying to find a decent stack of players to have fun with. Im from Germany but my english is fine, spoken and written
  5. ShockTroopah Kabutomushi Steam Early Access

    > NAME: Asmeus
    > ROLE: Tactical, Sorcerer
    > WEAPONS: Default Bolter
    >Location: US
    > About yourself:
    I'm a relatively new player to Eternal Crusade looking for a guild to roll with. I've been playing for about two months as of now, and am looking for a fun way to get more active in the community.
  6. Bradders Bradders Recruit

    > NAME: Baranox the Cruel
    > ROLE: Traitor/Traitor Assault
    > WEAPONS: Bolter/Chainaxe. Anything that kills loyalist scum.
    >Location: UK
    > About yourself:
    I have been playing 40k tabletop for many years, so i am familiar with the weapons in eternal
    crusade. I personally play word bearers on the tabletop so there is nothing i enjoy more than killing loyalists, especially ultramarines in eternal crusade. Looking to join an organised guild to play games with that all follow my favourite chaos legion.

  7. > NAME
    : ArachnidOverlord
    > ROLE: Havoc (80% of time), Tactical
    > WEAPONS: Heavy Bolter, Multi Melta, Autocannon. Bolter
    > Location: Canada
    > About yourself: I'm a chaos main. I'm very good with the Havoc class at anti infantry and vehicles. Been playing EC since 'full' release and really like the gameplay.
  8. Diableria Hashiit Recruit

    > NAME: Diableria
    > ROLE: Sorcerer, Raptor but can adapt to other roles easily.
    > WEAPONS: all of them, all!
    > Location: EU
    > About yourself: Chaos main. Rank 5 and a ⅓, looking for an adult enviroment with emphasis on teamplay.
  9. Tazael Istyar Recruit

  10. Slayer88 Recruit

    Name: Kagreth ("Ka" like "California." + "Grith" like "Grip" but with a "th" sound instead of "p.")
    Steam Account: Kharneth
    Role: Khorne Berserker
    Weapons: Melee
    (currently only have Chainsword)
    Location: US
    About Myself:
    I like the Word Bearers as they are religious fanatics who are true in their worship. I dedicate my work towards the God of Rage. I am unafraid of death and will be the point of the spear in any engagement I am called for. Let the blood flow.

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