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Sons Of Lorgar, Unite!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Savage, Dec 15, 2013.


Will you join the XVII Legion?


    295 vote(s)
  2. No! My quest is my own.

    58 vote(s)
  3. I decline. But you may count on my Warband to aid you, Brother.

    88 vote(s)
  1. > NAME: Zhaul the Fallen
    > STEAM NAME: Cornelius Crispus (
    > ROLE: Any role that allows me to rain death from afar
    > WEAPONS: Any. Heavy Bolter or sorcery preferred
    > LOCATION: EU (Belgium)
    > About Yourself:
    23, Longtime warhammer fan, Word Bearer fan since Dawn of war: dark crusade. Loves roleplaying.

    May spout religious sermons and shouts on the battlefield at inopportune moments.
  2. Name: Mephidon
    Steam: Birdman
    Role: Havoc (I plan on learning Sorceror and Raptor)
    Weapons: Autocannon/Heavy bolter
    Location: US
    About: I like long walks on the hellscape, loud music, loud guns and "sniping" heads off with an autocannon. I fucking hate orks. I follow orders well and I adapt when my comrades need me to (this sounds a little too loyalist lol)
  3. ShRiLLR Recruit

    > NAME: Pug Dredd (just refer to me as Dredd)
    > ROLE: Tactical/Sorc(far less often but I consider it my offspec)
    > WEAPONS: Bolter or Plasma gun (aiming for heads with these seems the most effective way to fight across ranges)
    >Location: EU (UK)
    > About yourself:
    Yea so I play the tabletop game as chaos and have always loved them. I also play a wide variety of other games and have large amounts of experience in shooters. Coming to this from stuff like CS:GO and Overwatch I find I enjoy it far more and perform pretty well to boot. I enjoy a bit of banter throughout games and really just want to play with other effective teammates to have fun. You guys seemed established properly and my best chance at meeting a decently active group.
  4. DarkTemplar DTXL Ordinate

    > NAME: Talus
    > STEAM NAME: Diesel
    > ROLE: Any.
    > WEAPONS: Bolter/Autocannon/Force Axe/Chainsword
    > Location: US
    > About:
    I play mostly FPS/TPS and RTS games. Kind of a nerd when it comes to 40K.
  5. Dunkelheit Euronymous New Member

    > NAME: Euronymous
    > STEAM NAME: Gitslappa
    > ROLE: Any - preference for ranged combat.
    > WEAPONS: Autocannon, Bolter, Chainsword, Heavy Bolter
    >Location: England
    > About yourself: 24 - Tabletop player for a long time - Word Bearers and Orks - Grindcore fan and violent humour. Blacksmith and musician with a seriously fucked up sleeping pattern.
  6. Razorkiller1337 Razorkiller1337 Steam Early Access

    > NAME: CaptainEliphas
    > STEAM NAME: Razorkiller1337
    > ROLE: Tactical/Havoc
    > WEAPONS: Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Autocannon, Lascannon
    >Location: US
    > About yourself: Became a Warhammer 40k fan due to the Dawn of War series, loves playing Tactical Shooters, and as a result I would love to be able to play Eternal Crusade with teamwork rather than mindlessly spawning at objectives and shooting enemies...
  7. Malvolio Recruit

    NAME: onYourKnees
    STEAM NAME: burritosupreme100
    > ROLE: Havoc, Raptor
    > WEAPONS: Autocannon, Power Sword/Fist, Plasma Pistol
    >Location: US
    > About yourself:
    In love with 40k since 3rd editon. I collect / paint / battle, have read most of the Horus Heresy series. I'm a relative beginner at rank 3 but have a headset and a willingness to add value to the team. For the Dark Gods!
  8. Sharr Savage Curator

    HAIL Sons of Lorgar. Lord Sharr brings you tidings from the dark gods and a message from the warp.

    This week on the 15th we are looking to start a Guild vs Guild game event. We will need 15 members in SoL to join in for this event. If you'd like to get in on the action either respond on our Discord, message me on Steam or leave a comment in our Steam Group about it.

    On that same note if you still need the Discord server info, let me know and we'll send it to you.
  9. Bosie Bosie Preacher

    > NAME: Bosie
    > ROLE: Havoc
    > WEAPONS: Heavy Bolter
    >Location: EU
    > About yourself:
    Long time 40k fan who's played many PvP games under the name of Bosie. Loving my heavy dakka in EC!

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