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Sons Of Lorgar, Unite!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Savage, Dec 15, 2013.


Will you join the XVII Legion?


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  2. No! My quest is my own.

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  3. I decline. But you may count on my Warband to aid you, Brother.

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  1. Sharr Savage Curator



    >>Facts about the Guild<<
    > I promise a friendly, team oriented group and will work too keep the members entertained.
    > Voice communication will be important. So please have Discord and a Mic.
    > Primary language will be English.
    > Our Community is International.
    > Light Role Play (RP) in forums and games. Such as battle cries, insult factions (not players or guilds) and SoL guild Lodge meetings before battle. That's it.
    > RP is not a requirement for joining, just for fun.

    >>GUILD LAW<<
    The following rules ensure that SoL maintains the care and well being of our members and it's allies. By joining the guild you agree to abide by the rules. Failure to comply will result in a warning, if continued harassment then a ban.

    1. Have Fun. This is a video game after all.
    2. NO Player harassment. This is a game and nobody likes a smart ass or a Troll over channels.
    3. NO Loyalist/Chaos/Eldar/Ork Guild harassment. Do not go into any Faction Guild page and spam their forums with harassment and slander.
    4. NO SoL Member harassment. If you have issues with someone then speak to a commander / guild officer or guild leader about them.
    5. NO insults or slander towards Developers of EC These people work diligantly daily too code, design and build the game we are so passionate about. Be respectful, they're human beings like the rest of us.
    6. NO insults or slander towards Mods of Forums.
    7. Be respectful to others
    . You represent the Guild and your attitude and voice reflects us all. Be mindful of what you say and do.
    8. Be honorable. Always say thank you for when you are revived by an ally. The player is risking his own well being too keep you in the fight. Be sure too return the favor. It's common courtesy.
    9. NO spamming the voice / Discord channels. Don't go onto the voice channels of EC or our Discord and blare loud noises. This rule is the exception to the three warnings (depending on the severity). This means if you blare over the mic, you're out.
    10. MUST 18 years or older. No Exceptions
    11. NO Racial / Cultural slander or insults.

    12. NO Role Play Grudges. I get many want to Role Play their character, but you may NOT RP any grudges against guild members or players for your character.

    The Ranking Titles
    (NOTE: Since EC is in Alpha, guild ranks won't apply until full launch)

    Ranks will be earned based on:
    1. Team work
    2. Communication (Keep in contact with your squad and commanders)
    3. Following orders (No Lone Wolf)
    4. Have Fun (Never forget this is a game. Enjoy it).
    5. Honor (respect teammates & others. Say "thank you" and help others).
    6. The Coryphaus is decided by the Chaos Lord.
    The Ranks do not give any special benefits. They are meant too keep our forces organized when forming squads and when in battle.

    Squad Roles
    ( They’ll be updated accordingly as we see more in development.)

    Crowd Control - Engage enemy on sight and pursue as needed.
    Suppressing - Keeping the enemy pinned down. Keep the enemy behind cover and prevent them from attacking.
    Berserkers - Melee combatants, the spear point. They have no fear of the enemy. This is a strike force to break up enemy formation and bring confusion in their ranks. This squad is expected to die, retreat is not acceptable.
    Defenders - Take up positions around key objectives for protection as well as fortifications to ensure the enemy is driven out.
    Anti Armor - Engage any heavy units, walkers, tanks and turrets..
    Scout, Skirmish, Hit & Run - This role has three jobs.
    > Scouting, the squad advances ahead of the main force, keeping to the shadows and avoiding contact.
    > Skirmish, meant to break enemy formations, forcing the enemy to route.
    > Hit & Run, distracting the enemy and retreat after the damage is done.
    Support – This role is designed for vehicles and Sorcerers.
    Weapon choices are by you, according to your role. But keep an eye on what commanders are saying, if they need a lascannon in squad, think about it.
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  2. Sharr Savage Curator

    > Roles will help with assigning squads.
    > Please choose a name that's easy to say and type. Nothing with symbols, numbers or profane.

    Sons of Lorgar Roster
    (Edits as new members appear)

    Total Members :: --

    >> PLAYERS <<
    Chaos Lord
    Sharr (US) - Ground Assault / Tactical Assault / Havoc

  3. >NAME: Jerumiah
    >TITLES: The Damned Prophet, Slayer of Damasus
    >WEAPONS: Bolt Pistol, Power Sword
    >ROLE: Annointed Champion (Terminator/Elite)
    >MARK OF CHAOS: Undivided
    <Gamer Tag> STEAM: Commissar Empanada
  4. > NAME: Varsuvius
    > TITLES: Speaker in the Hidden Places, The Thrice-Joined
    > WEAPONS: Profane Crozius "Ember of Truth"
    > ROLE: Lord of Chaos, Assult Champion
    > MARK OF CHAOS: Undivided
    <Gamer Tag> STEAM: A1drak

    Dark Apostle
    <No Entry>

    1st Squad
    <No Entry>

    <No Entry>

    <No Entry>

  5. My thanks, brother Sharranous. I look forward to shedding blood on the battlefield with faith and fury. For the Greater Glory of the Dark Gods!
  6. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    I offer a truce that will create unity in this conquest. My clan's personal goal is to at least unify all groups ( clans, alliances, etc. ) to create a high council of war masters so we do not have raging chaos occur during this war.
  7. Name: Stanhast
    Titles: Bringer of the truth, executioner of kamion
    Weapons: Shock mace, Storm bolter
    Role: Chaos Terminator (aspiring champion)
    Mark of chaos: Slaanesh
  8. Sharr Savage Curator

    You shall be an honored warrior amongst the Children of Lorgar. Sing the songs of war for Slaanesh! I will expecting nothing but true perfection
  9. Foxxgrappler New Member

    Name: Foxxgrappler
    titles: none
    Weapons: Bolter, Chain Axe
    Role: tactical, shock squad
    Mark of chaos: undivided
    gamer tag <steam> greenmurloc
  10. Sharr Savage Curator

    Welcome to the Legion, Brother Foxx.

    May Khorne bless your axe, honor him with blood and rage

    Please be sure too join our Steam Group and website asap

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