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Some Thoughts On "lore"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AK40k, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. There are a great deal more than 100 books on the BL website in the 40k section not even including the Horus Heresy series. Did you not read my previous post about revenue and stock movement? The games have a much wider audience than the Table Top does right now, More people bought DoW than did models by a significant margin hell that was even part of one of the key points at Games Day 2013 the demand for 40k Video Games has far surpassed the demand for the Table Top. The fluff was originally based on the Table Top but sadly the franchise has evolved and Table Top is no longer the be all and end all.

    I'm not up to date with the latest Chaos Codex but unless they nerfed him to the point of uselessness I highly doubt the chance is that low. I'll go check the latest rulebook/codex and get back to you.

    I fail to see how this is relevant?

    There can still be complaints about Lore and still be the best game out of the series.
  2. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    Can you quote a source on those numbers? Because I don't know anyone who plays the video games or reads the books who does not play the TT, and I know quite a few people who play the TT, but don't play the video games or read the books. Also, keep in mind people don't constantly buy models. I play the TT quite frequently, but I haven't bought a model in months.

    I said the guardsmen have a 0.007% chance of killing Abaddon. Abaddon would probably kill 2-8 guardsmen before they got a chance to hit him. So, your example isn't the best, because 10 guardsmen vs. Abaddon is a situation where the guard player would just take his models off the table and say he loses that combat.

    I thought you were saying people were calling the game itself bad because of lore discrepancies. Just a misunderstanding
  3. Look at the forums?

    There is a thread here :

    Even if that is a poor example of a poll due to the amount of people there is more than double the people who have polled who have never touched it. If you went to Games Day 2013 or Warhammer World they have these statistics for you if you ask. Even on communities like Dakka Dakka a very sizable chunk have never touched table top.

    Again, I haven't examined his rules in a while. We had a game in Belfast two years ago where he was killed in melee by a normal Guardsman squad which is where that comes from. I thought it was retarded.

    No I thought the game was amazing but I thought it could have been improved.
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  4. I though it was just one of those things that was just known. With the TT being as expensive as it is and Roleplaying/ TT being a smaller hobby in general.
  5. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    I meant in real life, not on the Internet.

    Well, if there was 10 of them, there was a 0.007% chance of that happening. Next time, don't throw him in unsupported. Put him with termis and that percentage gets WAY smaller.

    Like I said, I misunderstood.
  6. Fair enough, You can look at the GW revenue reports I guess.

    My sources come from speaking to GW employees at Warhammer World and Games Day this year.
  7. In real life, I expect even less people play TT than video games.
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  8. Vidya Vidya Subordinate

    Thanks for the clarification :) The Nob being slightly statistically better that the SM will make 1:1 ratio in combat fair. But the problem EC will have is the number of Nob players vs SM players online. If we can agree in the assumption that the SM population will overwhelm the rest of the factions then having a pet/follower feature for the other factions would be needed to offset the SM players. Basically a SM would equal a Nob would equal a CSM would equal an Eldar-something (correct me again here, cuz I rarely see the eldar in the books I've read so I don't know what their soldiers are called:) ) so really, it will boil down to the number of players. SMs mow down the enemy cuz their equal counterparts come into battle with boyz and grotz, or human heretics destined to sacrifice themselves to chaos, eldars don't wage large scale wars (as far as I know). I don't know how the eldars would be worked out. But at least, Nobs with boyz and grotz and CSMs with human heretics would offset the lopsided population of the SM players.
  9. Do you like, live in Nottingham right outside of GW HQ? Because I highly doubt A Thousand Sons, Propero Burns, and Nemesis made the NYT Bestseller's list because every single TT fan bought the books. I've never touched (and don't plan on) TT. I know people who played DoW and that was their only experience with the 40k universe. I had a conversation with a dude who didn't look like a 40k fan about the HH series who was in my poli sci class a few years back, which was his only exposure to 40k. I don't even know how one could arrive to this conclusion, it's pretty preposterous.
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  10. Etherion Etherion Subordinate

    In real life, I do not know a single person who plays the 40K video games or reads the books, who doesn't also play the TT. I know a few who were introduced to 40K by the games, but they no play the TT as well. I do not doubt there are people ( I've seen the polls On this forum alone), I simply don't know any. My point being, the TT isn't quite do dead as you guys seem to think.
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