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Some suggestions for Dawn of War 3

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by acepost, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. acepost acepost Active Member

    Hi, I was thinking about some things that Dawn of War 3 should have incorporated in order to make it classic or at least try to be a classic anyway for average gamers everywhere.

    1. A campaign mode, Skirmish mode (preferably playable offline) and multiplayer mode.

    2. A race specific tutorial is available for all races and it teaches basic controls of the game as well as suggests advance techniques and strategies for new players to the game.

    3. A multiplayer mode with at least these 3 types of settings: (1) Competitive ladder mode, the game rules are set and regulated strictly by the game designers. (2) Free and Easy mode, the game rules are still set but you do not have a win/loss record like competitive ladder play. This means no mods are allowed, like a skirmish but for online play with no win/loss record, just a replay for the players involved. (3) Mods mode, this is to allow for custom games with the rules being able to be changed by the room creator. It should not have a win/loss record as well but more for testing of maps or custom games like Warcraft 3's DOTA type games or tower defence type of maps or interesting RPGs.

    4. Game balance. I am sure the game designers have taken this into account while making the game. I hope there are no broken early rushes for Orks, Eldar or Space Marines or any race in the future, at least for 1v1 game play. Smart spamming of mid tier and last tier is acceptable but luck, chance and skill would make a difference seriously to determine the winner of a match. Please make it such that fast reflexes help but not severly punish a new player just testing the game.

    5. Skirmish and multiplayer AI. Please make at least an Easy AI mode and Normal AI mode. (1) Easy AI mode, like Dawn of War 1 AI it should allow you to test your timings and not attack at all while only getting tier 1 troops. (2) Normal AI mode, these AI should only be allowed one human action at a time. It should only have the reaction rate of an average 35 year old male in the 21st century. This means it is like an average new human player while having the ability to tech to all tiers of units for their race. If you want more challenging but still surmountable AI maybe a hard mode is availabe as well for skilled and experienced players.

    6. Please make expansions for the game with the above guide lines as well.

    7. Online replay library. Please make it such that you can browse and load replays of ladder matches and custom matches while within the game. Please have a sophisticated replay system that works like a Realplayer video, with rewind and fast forward buttons, game speed editing and time tracking allowed. Also allow spectator mode for custom games/non ladder matches.

    Thanks for your time and patience.
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  2. do realize that this company's forums is not the company that is making DoW3 right?
  3. Rusty Rake RustyRake First Blood!

    all very good suggestions, but i think you forgot 2 points:
    • bring back cover
    • make the game look less cartoony
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  4. Maensith Subordinate

    Yeah, BEhavior, please do something with Dawn of War 3 at last!
  5. Git Kwik GitGud Active Member

    behaviour should just make space marine 2
  6. Maensith Subordinate

    Yeah! And, I mean, it's not a justification that it's the Relic company who develops DoW3
  7. acepost acepost Active Member

    So, it seems the game is coming out end of this month, I will probably wait till a Steam sale before getting the game! Hopefully by then useful patching of the game makes it acceptable for everyone to consider it a classic or close to being a classic.
  8. I think BEhavior should make Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade
  9. acepost acepost Active Member

    Maybe Behaviour could make secret pacts with Relic to ensure the Tau's agenda to make the universe a better place come true... oh my for the Ethereal!
  10. Kharn KharnVarus Eternal Battles Moderator

    The fucking PVE in EC has more content than dow 3

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