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Some Recommendations For More Fun And Challenging Gamepaly.

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by Brother Coa, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. a guardsman can take on an astartes

    an overcharged lasgun can pierc a power armor

    indeed in melee combat they dont stand a chance (even though if trained sufficiently they could win) but at range cadian shock troopers could win against astartes even one on one

    but the real problem with implmenting the IG is that in EC your supposed to progress from one rank to another in your faction and a guardsman cant become an astartes

    but implementing them as a new faction linked to the inquisition could make it possible by giving them better gear and a reason to fight the astartes
  2. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    Lol at all the IG god-mode-sue fluffrape.

    Also, no to the progression. More chapters however are always welcome.
  3. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    Where did you get the idea that you're supposed to "progress from one rank to another"? There is supposed to be NO vertical progression in EC. You're not going to start as a level 1 character with 100 HP and eventually become a level 80 character with 100 million HP, you're always going to be playing with pretty much the same stats you started with.

    As for smurfy there: you're getting balanced against Boyz. You can suck my long-las. ;) It turns out all that stuff about "using Nobs as base classes to even things up" was a load of bull.
  4. Orc boys will be free-to-play meat.
    And yes, I would not like to see "balanced" guard. It is crime against reality of fluff. So it is great that EC will not include guard.
    Tau or Dark Eldar will be ok.
  5. Brother Coa New Member

    Reality of fluff?
    Dude, you realize that the Guard is not weak at all? If fluff the squad of Ratlings killed entire squad of Iron Warriors Chaos Space marines like they were nothing. And 50 Cadians were able to gun down a Prince of Nurgle with nothing more than Lasguns and Hellshor Lasguns.
    I on the other hand REALLY hope that the Guard will be concluded later, together with other races.
    Especially Sororitas.
  6. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    Check the basic class list. ALL of the Orks' standard classes are Boyz. This includes paying players. Nobz aren't being put on the level of Tacs, they're being put on the level of Terminators.

    Should IG's infantry still be weaker on average than the other factions? Of course, we need a counterweight for our strong tanks. If we had strong tanks AND strong infantry we'd be OP. But what this basic class list tells us is two things.

    1: The game's balance will be close enough that playable IG infantry are entirely viable (if Boyz can do it, so can we).

    2: IG does not need to conform to the Space Marines' class layout, and thus their lack of jump-pack units is a non-issue (if Eldar can have a different class layout, so can we).

    So basically all the balance adjustments that would be necessary for IG to work have already been put in place for Orks and Eldar. There is now nothing standing between the IG and a playable faction except for some whiny SM/CSM fanboys.

    I can easily see IG getting in sometime around 2016-2017.
  7. flip flip Preacher

    I thought the idea was that the free to play Orks were Boyz, and that the premium Orks started as Boyz but could progress to be Nobz.
  8. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    The Veterans wouldn't work however due to Power Armor being nigh immune to lasguns, not to mention the constant speak of how combat has been talked about by the devs is that it encourages melee, which makes sense if it's similar to Space Marine. Guardsmen simply can't cut it, Veteran or no, they'd be helplessly torn apart and would have shitty melee options that wouldn't be worth a damn in a fight. The only way they could potentially compete without being wiped out is with Storm Scions. The IG/AM itself besides Ogryns don't have any units standing up to this scale of conflict.
    I also can bring up quotes where Chaos Space Marines get shot in the bare head with a lasgun with zero damage, or how power armor is completely immune to lasfire and Astartes can aimbot hit anything 2.5 kilometers away, which is beyond the range of lasguns. Guardsmen suck and can't stand up to Astartes, it's quite simple and often repeated in the fluff.

    Hell, Guardsmen can't even stand up to Eldar, considering Eldar have reaction speeds to dodge las-fire.

    Pull yer hands out of your pants and zip your fly up. You're hilariously wanking Guardsmen beyond even tabletop capabilities.
  9. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    You've clearly never played IG on tabletop if that's what you think. Decently equipped Veterans can trade fire with Marines just fine, far better than Boyz can, and they absolutely shred Boyz in a firefight because they have double the accuracy (BS2 vs BS4, 33% hit rate vs 67%).

    Thus, IG requires less adjustment than the Orks do to be competitive. Therefore, since Orks are already in, you have no grounds to object to IG unless you would like Orks removed from the game. Melee is a non-issue because we have flamethrowers for a reason, and I assure you massive battles are not decided by melee combat. They're generally decided by ranged spam.

    As for the aimbot thing, have fun trying to convince GW that they should buff Tacs to BS10 and the bolter's effective range to 240". They'll probably just tell you that author was a wanker and TT balance trumps your "fluff".

    Additionally, any writer who writes Eldar dodging las-fire has failed physics forever. Lasguns fire lasers. Lasers are made of light. This means, unsurprisingly, they travel at the speed of light. Now, light being the fastest thing in the universe aside, you use light to see. This means you cannot see something approaching until its light reaches you, and by the time a las-shot's light reaches you you've already been hit. You do not dodge (defining "dodge" here as seeing the shot on a collision course with you, then reacting to get out of the way) lasers, the firer either hits or he doesn't.

    You know the saying that if you hear a supersonic bullet, somebody's already dead? Well if you see a laser, somebody's already dead.

    Mostly though you just need to realize that there are other factions besides Spess Mahreens, and other people might actually want to play them.
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  10. Wyzilla Wyzilla Well-Known Member

    Movie Marines are a thing first of all. Secondly, Eldar don't dodge the laser (unless you really want to buff them), they dodge the aim of the shooter, which is fairly easy for them given their ridiculous reaction times (microseconds IIRC) and speed. Although what lasguns actually are very incredibly, in some instances they're DEWs and others they're TK's, hell sometimes they're more similar to the STL particle weapons like Star Wars' blasters.

    Also, with Astartes, there's at least one quote of one dodging a hypersonic projectile. It's why I commented before in a different thread that the projectile speeds in Space Marine would actually be incredibly fluffy for the Astartes and Eldar, considering both parties are capable of dodging supersonic/hypersonic projectiles and the slower speeds enable players to roll out of the way.

    And what you don't seem to realize is that out of all the other factions, Imperial Guardsmen are the weakest of all of them and serve as nothing more than fodder for the meat grinder for pretty much everyone besides the Catachans. The Imperial Guard simply cannot be implemented properly into the game without being canon fodder (especially considering it'll probably take a lot of shooting with just a bolter to kill people in EC), as that's what they are for the most part. The meat shield of the Imperium. The Tempestus Scions could certainly be put in the game as a subfaction under the Space Marines (which would work perfectly within the lore, the Ultramarines have a Scion Regiment exclusively to them IIRC) and stand up in combat, but the Guard can't.

    Besides, the factions that should be added for adding the most to the game are the Necrons, Dark Eldar, and Tau. Although the problem with the Tau being in-game is that EC is set right by the EOT, while the Tau are on the other side of the bloody galaxy.

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