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Some Questions For The Eldar!

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by SkyCake, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    I think an RP cost would be great. That, and/or add an exp multiplier for playing a class for a longer duration. It would give some tactical thoughts before the battle. "Alright, we're fighting Orks, so we're going to need a lot of ranged firepower to mow them down before they overwhelm us." While the Orks are thinking, "Boyz, be da biggest Ork you can! Wear lotsa blue. WAAAGH!!!" Then, the Orks overwhelm the Space Marines (woo!). So, now the Space Marines have to make a choice. Lose to the Orks because the plan of having a strong ranged presence didn't work, or pay in exp and RP to change to more melee oriented classes because the Orks are on top of them.

    Basically, I want there to be consequence when a plan fails. That would feel more Warhammer-like to me, and less CoD-like. I want this game to be brutal, well-thought out plans, and team coordination. I also feel like this would add to the Eldar gameplay in general, since they have specialized classes rather than all-around classes. It would also reward the leaders of a faction, because their plans are crucial. Not that I want the council to dictate how I play my game, but I want the incentive of listening to them to be there.
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  2. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    We don't have to defend our bases... if you can't find them ;)
  3. If well organised and prepared I agree the eldar will be really good, whereas the orks can just turn up to any fight and customize their build ALOT to suit (I hope from the dev comments about orks), the eldar need to pick their battles more so than anyone else.
  4. I too have a question pertaining to the Eldar.

    My Eldar character of the Dark City, the concept being that the Archon is a masochist in the way that they enjoy making clones of themself, grooming the clone as though they are meant to be heirs, then sending them to die in the arena for their own amusement. Sort of a generational prank that takes decades to reach the punchline. As such, my character is the Seventeenth clone of the Archon, so my question is if anyone is aware of the Eldar word for "the seventeenth."

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