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Some Questions For The Eldar!

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by SkyCake, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit


    So, I'm actually kind of interested in the Eldar. In Dawn Of War, they're definitely my least favorite race to play as. I don't really appreciate their mobility in an RTS game.... But! In a FPS? Sounds pretty fun!

    I understand we don't know too much about the Eldar. But, they have a neat advantage, in my opinion. SM and CSM will have their inherit bulk and power, Orks have their zerg and FtW, Eldar get speed and stealth. I'm wondering, how exactly that helps? If the game is played in a large open world, I can see groups of Eldar harassing a supply line or something. But, what about when Eldar are defending a keep? Like in the RTS, wouldn't your speed be way less useful now that you're not moving around as much? If you're trying to keep your gate from being blown-up, you're going to be stuck standing around the gate. Is that enough room to still give speed an edge? I'm assuming Eldar are also going to be squishy. I imagine that if the Eldar can't move around as much because their trying to defend a certain point, than the CSM's hard hitting weapons are going to tear through the Eldar.

    So, I think the Eldar advantage of speed and stealth sound neat. But, I'm still thinking like an RTS, in which case I couldn't find much use for their mobility. I would end up to a point that I had to defend something, which the Eldar weren't really all that great at. BUT!! I come here asking for reassurance because in DoW1, I was also horrible with Eldar. I'm not blaming the Eldar, I'm blaming myself.
  2. Hirashio Hirashio Curator

    I have a personal opinion that due the the Eldar having a larger base class selection, and very specialized in the area each class is good at, Eldar could if working together and supporting with the right classes in the right places have the potential to be devastating in Defending Bases.

    Just imagine

    Dark Reapers (raining heavy fire down on the enemy)
    Swooping Hawks (picking of assault troops as they try to jump to locations)
    Dire Avengers (laying down a hail of shuriken to anything getting into the closer range)
    Fire Dragons (picking of tanks and infantry that get beyond the defensive lines)
    Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees (ready and waiting to jump on anything that breaks through)

    this is a ideal world situation, however the possibility that on occasion this will happen is going to be scary as hell to face.
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  3. Leois Leois Subordinate

    Eldar will definitetly need certain coordination as they're so specialized for their "purpose" in war.
  4. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    That makes sense! And, sounds neat! Though, where the Space Marines might have 3 Devastators on their side, the Eldar may only have 1 Dark Reaper, due to other players trying to fill other rolls. Though, that could mean that 1 Dark Reaper is better at his/her role than the 3 Devastators. Excited to see!

    So, for the Eldar to stand a chance, they're going to need some really great team coordination. It seems like Eldar may be the least played class (though, could be wrong and/or that could change), making team coordination even more necessary. My guess is that out of the gates, Eldar will struggle the most. SM and CSM don't rely on any kind of gimmick. Orks are going to be messed up out the gates due to relying on the FtW (I expect most people that play near launch will have bought the game, and not enough are going to be playing Orks to get the green tide effect going). When the gates open, people are going to want to run in, guns blazing. Eldar don't seem like they can do that. After they get their footing, I'm sure they'll be fine. And after a while, the good Eldar players won't need team coordination as much, they'll just know from experience and playing together.

    Although!!! Eldar do seem like they have the coolest classes. I'm not sure if I'll main Eldar, but that will definitely be my second character! And, it's my personal opinion based off what we kind of know (not that much) that Eldar will have the highest skill ceiling. The more I think and talk about it... The less I want to play Chaos, and the more I want to play Eldar. I imagine Eldar will be the most visually impressive, too.

    Possible tactic? Defending keep against Chaos. So, Chaos' tactic would be, stand at gate and shoot it. Eldar would be, attack from one side for a few moments, retreat, as that side retreats another group attacks from the other side. A bit more involved, and that kind of attracts me. Guess we'll see!

    Assault Marine > Banshee
    Skilled Assault Marine < Skilled Banshee

    Above is how I would assume it would work. Of course, no one wins 100% of the time.
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  5. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    I also believe the Eldar will have the best war council. Or, the most interesting one. They're going to have to give it a little extra thought than the other races. I feel like the war council will have to be one of the Eldar's advantages. Due to the team coordination thing, if Eldar get a bad group for the council, they'll suffer more than the other races. I can't wait to see how that works!

    Edit: How I imagine the war councils will work for each race:

    SM - "Send some troops to the gate. For the Emperor!"
    CSM - "Send some troops to the gate. For the Blood God!"
    Ork - "I da bigges', so dat makes me da warboss." "No, I da bigges and da meanes of all da Orks!" *fight*
    Eldar - "Send 10.5% of our troops here, then have them immediately move here to stop the counter attack. There, they will meet up with the Dark Reaper squad and hold their ground for 5 minutes, then retreat to this location where our main forces will wipe out the weakened enemy. From there, send 1/3 of our troops to attack this supply line, then meet with the main force to attack the gate."
  6. Hirashio Hirashio Curator

    I don't think the Eldar will have a higher skill requirement per say, but due to the very way the classes are set up you will (as a player of Eldar) feel a little more skilled as the role you do is all you do and you will be master of that role.

    Striking Scorpion is gona be a monster in close combat, as if they do implement stealth for them which it does sound like they will, they are going to get in close and get the drop on targets (as they should do).

    Howling Banshees, are going to be spriting into combat, being harder to hit due to speed and then stun upon contact, Banshee mask.

    as not needing to go through all the aspects each will be master in the role they do, so you as a player will feel more skilled / better at the role you are doing, the trick with Eldar will be learning the roles you intend to play as you cant be just one of the classes and stick to it.
  7. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    Oh, definitely! The Eldar are looking more and more interesting. At least, way more interesting than in an RTS. I'm questioning if I want to play Chaos first or not. I thought Eldar would be my least likely to play race. Since, they are in DoW. But, for an FPS, they sound like a lot of fun! I really want to see how Howling Banshee works. Especially since they said they were going to change the LMB to win mentality seen in THQ Space Marines. At least, I think I read that somewhere.... If so, that would make Howling Banshees a very interesting class to me. And, I kind of like the idea of being good at one role.
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  8. Hirashio Hirashio Curator

    Due to my keenness for Eldar since I first got in to the hobby they have been my go to faction in DOW and DOW2 retribution, and Last stand (god damn I loved my farseer ripping up everything in last stand).

    The Smaller population that the Eldar are going to have is also going to play into the hands of the faction and how they operate in game and lore, smaller very specialist forces working in unison with each other, there is certainly going to be a greater unity amongst the Eldar than all the other factions which is going to make them a danger to all the others.
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  9. [EDA] Reiborn Reiborn Arkhona Vanguard

    in DOW series Eldar were great for 2 reasons:
    1. you could shroud all your buildings and have invisible bases all over the map (with teleporting builder unit).
    2. With webway gates you could spam them all over the map and have single strike force to ninja strike anywhere quickly and in few seconds.

    But that was just first mode. Once you reached full tech and summoned the Avatar you went for full scale war with uber tanks (prisms), superb infantry like Warp Spiders and ofc epic death squads like farseer+Seer council combo for max dakka.

    I guess in EC it will be the same thing +-
    while facing small Eldar team they will do the sneaking thingy all over the place and while facing war host of the Eldar they'll have some serious weapons and troops.
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  10. SkyCake SkyCake Recruit

    Those reasons are the reasons I hate fighting against their AI. Haha, wipe out their force, then spend an hour searching for the cloaked building keeping me from winning! Haha.

    I always felt like other factions did the whole "fighting" part better. Guess it was just my playstyle. Though, I'll probably give them another chance later today. I remember years ago, I fought an ex. He insisted I play Eldar. So, I did.... And, totally kick his puny butt! Haha. The only time I've liked Eldar in an RTS. I never got the whole "ninja warfare" part down. Sure, I could have some guys warp in close and attack the squad of Space Marines... But, that one Space Marine squad is worth more than any singular of my Eldar units. And, odds are it's not just one Space Marine squad, it's several. Though! This is mostly likely my lack of experience as playing as Eldar. I've been playing Sisters of Battle a lot, lately. They have more of the "brute force" that all the other factions have.

    The farseer with seer council was fun! In DoW2, the farseer was my favorite for Last Stand. I like Eldar, just couldn't get into them for RTS. I'm about to try, though! Either a Skirmish or a few Campaign maps... Probably Campaign. Hate Eldar commander, but meh. I wish it was the farseer from DoW2... So, wish me luck! Hopefully, more luck than I had last night against IG as SoB. After nearly two hours of fighting against the IG at the stronghold mission (I had one wargear and 0 honor guard), during the victory cutscene, the game crashed on me. /cry

    Edit: I'm stupid, haha. The Eldar commandar for DoW1, I do like. It's the one for DoW2 that I don't like. Played some DoW2 yesterday to see if I still didn't like it as much as DoW1. Got them confused.

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