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Some Pre-alpha Gameplay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jolpo, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    Proof that Lumpkinicus is obviously one of the lost Primarchs.
  2. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    When I first looked at the footage I could've swore it was actually Space Marine, then saw that it was what they had in 10 weeks, very nice. Appreciate the footage. :)
  3. Dolevar Active Member

    Dark reaper confirmed for eldar
    A good day
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  4. BaneOfMars New Member

    It is very interesting, how far the Eternal Crusade will go beyond The Space Marines...
    Looks good for Pre-alpha. Want to see much deaper gameworld and gameplay.
    It would be great if Eternal Crusade will have long active and interesting game life.
  5. Attias Attias Prefectus

    Thank you for sharing the development update video (welcome new hires !)

    I'll be quick and to-the-point: I absolutely loved what I saw in terms of early gameplay action and visuals. The project is progressing at what seems to be a very quick pace, the EC team is growing and here we are in November/13 with a prototype that already has gory executions built-in. Surely the Emperor, beloved by all, has blessed this project !

    Miguel, I think you need to treat your administratum officers and tech priests to a round of Tim Hortons for all their fine work ! ;)
  6. Warsmith Matt Warsmith_Matt Well-Known Member

    I noticed the crushinator's health wasn't all the way down when he got executed. Is that a bug on the UI or apart of the game?
  7. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    No, this is too much hype for one man to handle.
    Im squealing like a bloody fangirl here.

    I cant wait to test this game, i HOPE i get to test this game.
    God knows il preorder this game the moment the option is available!
    Hope it wont be hard to get into beta though...

    In conclusion, im amazed and stunned.
    Never have i in all my years of gaming had this much of a desire to turn the clock forward and play a game.
    Im basically counting the days, i already preemptively said my farewells to people in other MMOs im playing atm.

    This will be my gaming home!
    Keep up the good work devs, and best of luck!
  8. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

    IDD. I think this is probably the best summary a lot of people could have about this game.
  9. Sentinel of Terra Forum Beta Tester

    10 weeks in and it already looks fun. keep up the good work, im so effing stoked for this now. dont screw this up devs, take all the time you need, make it right!
  10. Grishnakh Grishnakh Prefectus

    Love the video guys! I do however have two gripes besides a few things others have said >< and I do realize how early this is and am undoubtedly impressed by what you have done in 10 weeks. Anyways, my two points were:
    1. Is that going to be the final look of the chainsword? I'm much more used to seeing the single bladed chainsword

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