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Some Pre-alpha Gameplay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jolpo, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Duderino Dudeson Subordinate

    Awsome, gimme moaaar!
  2. Ragnar RagnarBlackmane Subordinate

    Awesome footage, I'm glad you showed it to us. It's quite good for a pre-alpha build and I look forward to seeing a more polished version.

    The gameplay direction you are going for is fast paced/action like Space Marine as shown in the video or a bit more tactical and slow paced like Dark Souls?

    Do you plan to add a targeting system for melee in which you lock on to your enemy? It looks kinda silly swinging in the air looking forward (I do not ask this because of the footage, I ask this because it's common to see it).
  3. Hi Joram- the two bars are Armor and Health, and the "Reinforced" bar is a part of our testing mechanics for objective capturing. It worked well, but it was only a prototype- we'll be continuing to iterate on it!
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  4. Warsmith Matt Warsmith_Matt Well-Known Member

    Describe interesting please.

    Also I like that chain sword animation pls don't get rid of it.:(
  5. More interesting as in we will show you soon;)
    Seriously, ad in as close to the most official depictions of Power armours. So with realistic yet heroic proportions... I guess i cant be more precise without showing you, so bring on the psykers so that we may do so ;)
  6. Luciasar Luciasar Well-Known Member

    You guys did this. In 10 weeks.

    Absolutely unbelievable.

    Cease your griping of pre-alpha textures, brothers, and imagine what this dev team will be able to do in 2 years. This is less about the gameplay than it is the team, and from what's shown here, this team is pretty amazingly awesome. Amazing because they essentially got up to the level of space marine in less than 3 months, and awesome because they're showing it to us.
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  7. Icario Idaeus Subordinate

    The Big E will agree with you on that, this is much more important.

    BRING THE PSYKERS!! For the Emperor of course.
  8. Miguel Caron MiguelCaron CECO (Chief Eternal Crusade Officer)

    Yes Crusader Luciasar, 10 week with ONLY the core team of 10 people. NOT the full team that we have right now.
  9. I know, right? Pretty damn quick. That's like taking a class on a college with a quarter system and creating what amounts to a functioning game by finals week.
  10. Luciasar Luciasar Well-Known Member

    I'm throwing all these psykers at my monitor but nothing is happening...

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