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Some Pre-alpha Gameplay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jolpo, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Stmichael StMichael Subordinate

    I say autolock for lack of a better term. The animations of Space Marine look excellent when your aim is spot on, but it's immersion breaking when you're a little off. Some way to remedy this is all I ask.
  2. Cracking stuff. Looks and feels so 40k even after only 10 weeks. Great to find this in my inbox on a saturday morning!!!
  3. Giddius Giddius Subordinate

    And this is only PRE-alpha. Absolutely incredible. That demo would pass for beta at other companies. I cant even begin to imagine how outstanding the rest of the game will be. Game of the century right here, no joke.
  4. That was awesome.
    It really looks very nicely made.
    Now suddenly two Years appears far more far away. ^^

    I also really like how You Guys show us Your Progress.
    It's unique and keeps up our Anticipation and surely lowers the Stress of Waiting, heh.
  5. Peachy Peachy Subordinate

    Looks good, maybe a bit too similar to Relics Space Marine (I think I even saw the same grenade icon), but I guess some of that is placeholders.
  6. GitzStompa GitzStompa Subordinate

    Damn. The gameplay footage looks very good for pre-alpha!!
    Good job!
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  7. Looks really impressive for this stage of development. It definitely has that Space Marine feel. Hell, the targeting reticle, movement and melee animations looks almost exactly like Space Marine. That is a good thing, as I think Space Marine got that right in terms of the physics of astartes movement and actions.

    On the strange side, the map/background almost looks arena-like. That's not exactly what I thought. Then again, it was one, very short, pre-Alpha clip... so, who knows?

    In any event, actually seeing something was really nice. the fact that it was far more than I anticipated seeing at this stage was very reassuring.
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  8. VeRMiLiON78 VeRMiLiON78 Active Member

    Hell yeah! I really like the Chaos jump pack model!
  9. Giddius Giddius Subordinate

    If I remember right, it was in the chaos news letter that they said they had built an arena just to test the features. I remember reading that somewhere anyway. Either way, yes, its an arena style map they made for alpha testing. Miguel said in another thread the final game will take place across continents.
  10. The Great Wolf The_Great_Wolf Well-Known Member

    Yay my post with DarkSaints thunder hammer made the clip :D

    But man the game looks amazing already guys, awesome job. Pleased to see the combat similar to Space Marine as that worked well, and i have to say it's hard to believe there are still two years before release, next summer would be where my money went based on that clip :)
    Once again thanks for sharing.
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