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Some Pre-alpha Gameplay

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jolpo, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Jolpo Jolpo Well-Known Member

  2. Honestly? Looks pretty good. Really reminiscient of Space Marine, which is good IMO. Obviously the models/shaders/textures are placeholders and/or very early in the entire design, but the environment and everything looks pretty fucking awesome.

    The Big gun firing off into the sky is awesome. The execution was gory and amazing. The melee/ranged looks really fluid so far, just like SM. AND DROP POD!!!!!! YEAH!!!!
  3. Praeter Praeter Curator

    I had a huge smile on my face when the footage started. My wife had to come over and ask me what I was watching that was I smiling so big.
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  4. Ah man! We're so excited you guys finally get to see it. :)
  5. Batpimp Batpimp Moderator

    people walked over to my desk and were like what are you laughing at ariel LOL..shh sneaky I shouldn't be watching vids at work BUT I HAD TO once I saw the GMAIL..looks excellent NOW I WANNA SEE ORKS!

    I think ill be happier than a 5 yr old at xmas when I get to play a nob/warboss
  6. It was very nice! I loved that you guys are doing executes already too! Can wait for your first video with a full round with commentary.
  7. Miguel Caron MiguelCaron CECO (Chief Eternal Crusade Officer)

    Thank you SOOO Much since this was the test to our Philosophy of NO firewall between DEV and Fans. EVERYBODY in the team was Nervous to show you pre-alpha footage. This footage is based on our Alpha version which took us around 10-12 week to code with a very small core team.

    Usually, these are for internal test ONLY and very rarely a studio will dare show this publicly but I had to walk my talk.... and now that it is out and you guys like it..... I can say that I was very nervous too!!!

    Please remember your FINAL game will be looking a LOT LOT LOT better than this. Now, the good part about REAL transparency and 2 way communications with the fan is that YOU will be able to actually see the growth of your game from Pre-Alpha (10 weeks of work) to final Product in 2 years.

    Now going home..... a very happy Head of Studio!!!

    Thanks you to an AMAZING dev team and equally AMAZING fans.

    Glory to the Emperor

  8. Batpimp Batpimp Moderator

    also I like the fact that they picked a night mission to display. really like the minimual UI too very easy and quick glance type of stuff. nothing i have to read and interpret
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  9. Warsmith Matt Warsmith_Matt Well-Known Member

    Question: Why doesn't Steve Lumpkin have his own office?
  10. Grigdusher Grigdusher Arch-Cardinal

    yes its' similar to space marine in particular the HUD grenade warning

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