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Some Players Are Good At Melee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Yeah, it actually happened to me. I tried to do Heavy Attack and got 2 Light Attacks as a counter then tried to kick and got Heavy Attack and died iirc. I was pretty bad there and it's not so common to be killed by a knife to me. So it was my mistake. And I never think a knife could hit that hard because I was also carrying MoN iirc. But what are you even talking about? If I'm Tac I shouldn't go for melee or what? Because yes as Combat Knife user you wouldn't have a chance. At least high chance. They can lock-on you know? Ah yeah sometimes it works to use them living cover against their team. :p
  2. Redjacc Redjacc Member

    anyones good when you have an autoaim lockon button. You can still watch tv and swing away for hours.
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  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    than you should try working corners of terrain..
    so they can clang into a wall while watching tv
  4. Not anyone if you don't take a look on your monitor. And being good at melee takes sum of gitgud.
  5. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

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  6. Wiggles Wiggles Menial

    I just literally attack people from all sides... at the same time :eek:
  7. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Fuck is this dumpster fire still burning.
  8. PlAy RaNgEd U r BaD gIt GuD
  9. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    I can't believe you guys are still here. Whatever. Let's waste another 5 minutes on a dead game...

    I've been playing a lot of For Honor lately. I've never really played too many fighting games online (just Tekken 3 as a kid), but learning For Honor as brought me to the understanding that pretty much all fighting games use similar mechanics.

    They all employ mind games. There is always some degree of prediction. For honor makes particular use of this. The skill lies in quickly learning your opponent's particular habits over the course of a match. If the opponent is bad, he will do the same things over and over and you barely have to make any adaptions. As long as you have enough basic mechanical skill to overcome whatever they are doing, you will not lose. Good players will adapt to your adaptions, even ahead of time if they are very good.

    EC melee is pretty much exactly the same. It's a game of predictions, but it is extremely simplified down to 4 possible options for all players and there is no sense of timing or feinting. The mind games are still very much there and dictate the victor of a duel, but mechanically it is extremely shallow compared to actual fighting games.

    People that are good at melee are the ones that have a knack for the mind games and have a good understanding of the general melee meta. You can very quickly assess someone's skill after just one or two melee trades:
    • Players that just shoot no matter what or spam lights are obviously very poor or new. This can often catch experienced melee players off-guard, because its usually impossible to imagine someone so stupid (or new) that they will just blind shoot 100% of the time.
    • Players that always respond to melee attacks with Dbash have just learnt the melee system and are used to beating lesser players who just spam light attacks.
    • Players that throw a light attack first have more game sense and have started to learn the melee meta. They understand that melee players rarely open with Dbash, so using a light attack gives them a 0% chance to lose the trade against mindless attack spammers.
    • The best players are ones that know you and learn your habits in a heart-beat. Unless you yourself adapt and get ahead of their mind-games, they will beat you pretty much every time because they know what you will do by habit.
    It is very difficult to completely eliminate your habits and preferences. You are not a random number generator and you choose your actions based on your experiences. The good melee players, on any sort of fighting game, identify those habits and use them to win. The best will even fake habits of their own to bait you into trying to exploit them, and in turn win by being one step ahead of your adaption speed.
  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    I choose my actions based on the fact that the game is run on a piece of shit sever that can't keep up with anything in real time.
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