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Some Players Are Good At Melee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PerfectionistMind, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. So when both of us spam light I just go for kick when durability is at it's last time before it breaks or second at least because I think when you parry it does less durability damage but I'm not sure when it happens the potent melee players just do heavy all the time. How can I counter this? A shieldbro just used shield then one more hit would break my Chainsword so then I do a kick and he did heavy then I went for light and he kicked me and then killed my MoT Vet. :(

    Also same scenario happened with a MoT non-vet. He could be able to do couple of hits to me then we parried each other, when one hit left to break my Chainsword I did a kick and he did a heavy and he won.
  2. I haven't played for a while but I usually win most of my melee encounters. After so many hours you begin to recognise attack patterns and predict an opponent's next attack. Obvious counter is a light attack in that situation but you could also use a power axe or mace and go for the clang. Break their weapon and they're a sitting duck after that.

    Best way to be good at melee is to take the initiative and attack from behind though. Then your opponent is forced to react to you.

  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Melee is- and will always be, luck. You can make educated guesses on what your opponent will do but you never know.
    -A lot of players, after clanging a light-attack, will go into debash so I like to alternate heavy and light. I use more light against good opponents or when at low health. In other words: when it is more important to stop them from shooting then to deal damage.
    -Debash is basically never worth it unless you know your enemy is just spamming light. It exposes you a lot and they can usually just dodge out of it. The best use for debash is when someone dodges towards you because they will follow it up with a dodge-attack.
    -If you are not playing a primary melee-class, you ideally avoid melee-combat altogether. You either run away or stall with light-attacks and dodges until your teammates have killed them. If you have to fight, the best option is usually to circle the enemy and avoid their attacks without playing the RPS.
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  4. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    My two cents how to be a good or decent melee player:

    - You born to die. Never think about retreat.
    - You have a brain and wanna think about your attacks before you do those attacks? Oups! Your head is ripped off and now you have enough time to think. NEVER, NEVER thinkin about "which attack i must to do" just let your muscle memory do all job.
    - You don't have enough muscle memory? Then go and die until you do not ghet it.
    - You must know the map as your own girlfriend! All bends, all spots... You must feel the map, you must know the taste of the map... Lick her, sniff her... Until you become the map.
    - Don't matter how hard you can hit. Matter how hard you can take hit and move forward.
    - Hit with your sword, fist, axe, mace, knife, shot with your pistol, blow with you grenade... Remember: In brawls is no honor, only winners and losers.
    - Don't try kill the foe, you must desire only one... TO DESTROY YOUR ENEMY!

    This is my advice to you.
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  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

  6. what is this *retreat*?
  7. Protesik Protesik Well-Known Member

    melee player = skill player
    melee player with shield = god of EC
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  8. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

  9. I think so too. Some people say there is no pattern and it's pretty luck. When I'm engaged with melee I just play without think most of the time because the excitement of the kill! :p Yes but how would I know that he's gonna do a Heavy Attack? Because some people just spam light over and over and do nothing else. lol. Yes but I was using MoT Build which I had Mastercrafted Chainsword on it. And he had a shield too, I think his shield + weapon would be enough to break mine? :/

    Take the initiative? What do you mean? It's best because it does near K.O. but it's situational. Forced to react to me? Don't understand it again.

    Wait, bro. Are you just using that trick you press to mouse and if you need to do Light Attack you release, if you need to do Heavy Attack you hold?
    Melee is- and never will be, luck. Well, at least for most of the time. Yes you will. Especially if your opponent using the same pattern. I've seen some people like that in Garrison. Some people just use that pattern:
    +Oh his heavy broken now he will spam light kick then

    And when they do that they can't win a fight against a potent melee player. That is always what it is. Also another thing, if they use slow weapons you can always watch their move before doing yours. It is not that hard. But for fast weapons like Chainsword it's so hard since it's like instantly but for Chainaxe you can wait(if your enemy waits too it's a bit harder because you never know when he starts to attack you and you wouldn't be prepare and it would be a bit delayed also if he constantly attacks you then you adapt on the timing) if he do a Light Attack then you can do the same, since his attack is slow if you are not too late it would work and you could both parry. If he do Heavy Attack you can do Light Attack, if he do kick you can do Heavy Attack. You can also press to mouse button and if he's gonna do either Heavy Attack or Light Attack just release, if he's gonna do kick then hold. Simple. I've used that strategy when I'm started but now I'm not so patient with that so I just go play mindlessly. But when I was watching their attacks it was so useful. You can predict your opponent also. After playing against someone long enough will make you learn your opponent's playing pattern. Everybody plays based on these patterns, nobody plays randomly. Maybe so low population. So if you learn anybody's pattern and if you recognize him then you can play based on that but it would be hard to learn it in a PvP it's way easier in Garrison since you can play against him over and over.
    -Yes, some do that. So if you don't go mindlessly for Light Attack you would wait and do a Heavy Attack and counter him. I also see a lot of people especially CSM players after Light Attack or after parry, will go into Heavy Attack. So I like to alternate light and light against them. Why more light against good opponents? Aah, for Pistol, ok.
    -Yes, it's so predictable and they just dodge it, also even if you put them in a stun they still can break stun status, it's a known bug. Yeah, was one of my biggest problems. xd
    -What do you mean by it? Why I would ideally avoid melee-combat altogether just because I am not playing a primary melee-class? And what does mean primary melee-class? I can play as good as both melee and ranged. Circle the enemy? What do you mean?
    - Well, retreating is what MoT is for and Pistol shooting!
    - What if my muscle memory so sucks? And there is any way to improve it? Wait, hey wasn't muscle memory for aiming? What does it has to do with melee spam?
    - Why though even while you can see the enemy in the mini-map?
    - Ofc in brawls is yes honor, only sneaky losers and skilled honorable warriors!
    - Killing is kind of the destruction. Isn't it? ISN'T IT?!
    Not possible in melee range!
  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    You can run around and kill people with a knife. Because most players aren't very good. But you really shouldn't try because even mindless spamming is enough to beat you. (Curiously, aggressive knife-fighting works better for me then trying to weave ranged into the RPS)
    Hence: You run first, fight if you have to (or don't care about the potential of dying).

    Circling people is somewhat advanced. It is the reason I usually run towards shieldbros. You get close to them so they have to turn a lot to follow your movement, then you move around them counterclockwise (watching my own clips, I seem to go clockwise, usually. Not sure why) so their attacks always miss while you get to keep shooting. It works even better if you can make them clang into walls or other obstacles and you can simultaneously use them as living cover against their team.

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