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Some Of My Ideas For Some In My Opinion Nice Adds For The Space Marines In Game (^_^)

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Soulbreath, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. Hrolgard Hrolgard Arkhona Vanguard

    We can talk about how the Lion beats Russ in a fight xD
  2. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    You mean after Russ stoped fighting and started to laugh, after seeing how stupid they were, and the lion got even more pissed off thinking russ was making fun of him and punched russ. And you mean the Lion that pretty much made half of his legion turn to chaos...
  3. Shonedar Shonedar Well-Known Member

    Well...according to what the devs have said in the past, every chapter will "feel" unique and have various strengths , and that will be part of the each chapter's theme AND class theme to avoid things like "cookie cutter" builds.

    That said, every idea that promotes this "uniqueness" is welcome.

    Chapter specific traits like red thirst/black rage or curse of the Wolfen that according to the lore are more or less "random" have been discussed a lot in the past. There are 2 mindsets on those, one being that forcing random mechanics (buff and curse at the same time) is not good game design, the other being that these traits should be changed a bit to fit gameplay...

    To add to the ideas here,another idea that came up in the past was a "keen senses" mechanic for Space Wolves, maybe when not wearing a helmet.

    Again, there should not be preferred Chapter/class combinations, so any bonuses should be taken under careful consideration...nobody would like to see cases were every assault marine is a Space Wolf , turned into a werewolf, because according to some random min-maxxer that's the optimal build and everything else is "sub-par"...
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  4. Yeah :/ ...well if I read my concept it also sounds reeeally overpowered and to unbalanced ....and it's a looot of hard work to add all these mechanics in the game... well at least it were some ideas whereby other members can comment their doubts and improvement suggestions.

    It's just... you know when I think about a Warhammer 40k game which might be one of the great successes in about Warhammer-Games (>>might be<< I don't wanna hype it, becasue hype makes all the possible unexpected results in negative sense more effective), I automatically tend to start thinking "Overutopian when it is about videogames of my fav. lore" :p

    P.S. I still don't know which Chapter/ Craftworld fits me... damned, I need to read a looot from the Black Library...
  5. Rikamar Rikamar Well-Known Member

    There's also the Warhammer 40k wikia and Lexicanum you can read. It's what I did for each of the sub-factions involved in EC.

    On topic, I don't really have any ideas to add or improve those brought up already but there has been this said:
    ==Sub-Faction Abilities==
    "It always bugs me in dungeon crawlers when there are four classes and four races, and there's an obvious Mage race, an obvious Fighter race, etc. The pressure is even greater for a PvP game, so I totally hear you when you say it would be lame if you felt like you had to be a Blood Angel to be an Assault marine. We're going to allow for unique weapons/accessories/statlines for the sub-factions, but we want to do everything we can to make sure they don't create this situation. Having very situation-specific powers is one potentially good solution.

    The plan, of course, is for you guys to be involved in giving us feedback for this once you get your hands on the game!
    Also an example I have heard (not confirmed just an idea) is Craftworld Iyanden, to go with lore, gets some sort of discount to RP price and/or cooldown when spawning as Wraithguard (Eldar Terminator Equivalents). A small boon considering it would only effect that Elite which are said to have high RP price and lengthy cooldowns. To expand on what Shonedar has said, I've also heard an idea for Blood Angels Red Thirst to have a buff trigger for a short duration on successful executions (maybe even have it tie into unlocking Death Company as an Elite choice). A buff on execution could extend to all factions for various effects too and has been mentioned in planning for supports, psykers in particular based on load out choice, to refill their warp charge(s) on execution.
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  6. I
    I know about lexicanum and wikia... but it seems like that it is not enough XD ...It's just... look:

    Space Marine Chapter: My favs are Ultras and Bloodies.

    -What I like about the Ultras and their primarch: versatile as hell and thus insanly good prepared for bad surprises of any kind, versatility is fun, because you have so much variety, their roman/ greek design (yes the romans were assholes, but their equipment is just damn sexy... these helmets with that bristle... the roman gladius :Q___ ), spacing around and trying to make all worlds they reached, better worlds, blue is my fav. colour and they have the purest (or a very pure) Gene-Seed.
    -My doubts: Matt Wards chosen ones... it is well known, that a looot of people don't like the ultras, because they're so ...mainstream... having no flaws, painly depicted as The Ultimate Space Marines. But that's it... they seem like to have no mindblowing features.

    -What I like about the Bloodies and their primarch: Nobody suffers more and fights harder than the Blood Angels and that since and during the Horus Heresy, Sanguinius was like an Angel brightly, utopian, he had wings who doesn't want to fly and speed down the sky while you seize the throat of a greater demon and clash him into the ground or somewhere else? Two awesome facts of him: He always had the urge to give the human kind a better life and only because of his sacrifice during the final fight of the HH against Horus, the Emperor was able to defeat Horus. BA's also look awesome and have sexy as hell unique units and eqipment. For me the most impressive kind of combat is meele. I love swords & Jump Packs. AND I like their artistic dedication (my greatest talent is drawing :p )
    -My doubts: The dark characteristics and flaws, which originated after Sanguinius dead let me doubt about the successful rescue of lives. What happens if the Red Thirst unleashes near innocent civilians/ hostages or near allies. Same with the Black Rage if that one, who keeps the concerned ones under control is dead and gone. If you think realistic a mission might end catasthrophic if the "Control Keeper" of these dark urges are dead and gone. ;_;

    -Besides the Salamanders are also nice, because of their ideals to save innocents wherever, whenever and at any costs <3 (Waaait... doesn't the most of the chapters having the same ideals?) I love Melters but I'm not into green, volcanic homes and salamanders/ lizards.

    Eldar Craftworlds: My favs are Biel-Tan and Ulthwé (maybe Mymeara too, because of their intuition that something worse is gonna happen, so they start early with the preparation to escape). Another idea would be crearing an own one.

    -What I like about Biel-Tan: First of all: Aspect Warriors are my fav. unit of all Eldar units and I love Autarchs (In my opinion meele finisher are far more impressive than sling thunderbolts) <3, their fierce zeal to grind out their rightful place in the universe again. A militant Craftworld in the grim future of war is pretty hardened for awful times.
    -My doubts: As you might know, if the Eldar are doing something, they're doing it at its finest in a extrem way. So who is saying, that Biel-Tan is not working towards a second unexpected downfall? They also don't seem to be hesitant to mess with other Craftworlds... well yeah: They will try to annihilate ANYONE who is foolish enough to stand in their way... even if it would be other Eldar. :(

    What I like about Ulthwé: First of all: I really like their self-proclamation as the "Warden over the Eye of Terror". If we have something in common, then the archenemy namely the "Chaos". If you ask me, getting slayed by a member of the Imperium, an Ork, evaporate by a Necron or eaten by a Tyranid is a much nicer way than succumb the unreached sick perversions of Chaos. The only other faction which reaches the unimaginable perversions of the forces of Chaos are the Dark Eldar. Another fact I like about Ulthwé is their strategy, I mean they're smart enough to see the things like that: "Hey, we are a dying race. Why go on the Battlefield and wasting lives, if we can use the ability of our great Farseers to find better ways or let other factions smash themselves mutually with a bit of the good ol' manipulation? o_O
    -My doubts: In the possession of the mightiest Pysker in the known galaxy, BUT what about military strength? Black Guardians are a nice versatility unit and harder than usual but the question is: Is an army full of Black Guardians as effective as an army with a lots of elitist Aspect Warriors? o_O
  7. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Calling the Ultramarines versitale made me laugh. They are to stricht on the codex (which guilliman didnt want them to do) and if a tactic does not exist in the codex astartes they will not use it without risking being punished bigg time. And are WAY to good with them selfs,,,, and as you said they are matt wards baby girls, and they are boring.

    Blood Angels are cool over all, And most of those that are fans of Imperial Fists or any son of dorn will/should respect them. For they stood with the fists on the wall during the siege of terra.
  8. Yes there you have it: "Which Guilliman didn't want them to do". I don't know why Matt Ward won't let inspire himself from the awesome campaign of "Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine". In that game you can see, that Captain Titus is a pretty freethinker if it is about tactics. I mean the jump out of the Thunderhawk with Jump-Packs through enemy AA-fire. Seems like Titus is like how Guilliman wanted his members. But that lil' bitch Leandros is like: "That's not correct" and full of doubts near all the time although Titus his plans worked. For me this awesome campaign of the game showed that it would be much nicer if the Ultras were more of Titus his sort. Being Emperor damned flexible. I loved the quote where Titus said to Leandros: "Your days as a novice are behind you. Why do you still interpret the Codex so narrowly?", Leandros: "I look to its rules for guidance.", Titus: "We all do. But there are also benefits to thinking for yourself, Leandros."
  9. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    And that is why so many disslike the 40k ultras, they are so by the book they become boring. The old one in the game whose name i cant remember, Was fine with those tactics (as far as i can remember)

    But if they were to change they wouldnt be the ultras we love to hate :D
  10. Sgt. Sidonus. Yeah he was like: "Hmpf, kids these days. Back in my days we didn't doubt, we just did as we were told."

    If I rememder rightly, the old versions of the Ultras and other fluff weren't that bad. Seems like if you read some other forums were it is about: "How fluff changed/ becomes worse and worse", that a lot of 40k Veterans (those who started playing/ collecting yeeears ago) see Matt Ward as the "Great Destroyer of Fluff". His hands don't only touched the Ultras... just look here:

    Anyways, this thread is about another topic, so I will stop for now writing about "matter of taste"-things and I wont start a agree/ disagree ""shitstorm"", because everybody sees the facts/ things from another view. (^_^)

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