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Soldiers of Fortune (Halo Mercenary RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Dec 12, 2017.

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    "Me?! Lying?!" Dipdip exclaimed angrily toward the irritating Kig-Yar, "Maybe your tiny pea brain forgot, but I didn't! You hit my methane pack just trying to get into the transport!" The Unggoy was tempted to just blast the Kig-Yar in the face with his plasma pistol, it wouldn't be the first time he did so to others of his ilk, but this time around he didn't have a demon to blame it on. So he decided on not doing that, if only to avoid the awkwardness of trying to move the body. "I was not hiding-stupid-it's called being stealthily undetected. Can't expect feather face Jackles to get that idea through their thick skulls though."
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    Admittedly, Doranus didn't even bother to look down at the Unggoy - his miserable, grumpy stare was directly at the 'Warsmith', uncaring for what happened around him as he kept the two PoW's close at hand. He wasn't going to go doing much else except wait, now.

    Ancestors. Why did Fek have to bring us into this stupidity?
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    Marik smirked a little at Cscabel, but held out an arm to stop her from leaving. "I think you might like to hear what I have to say. It involves a greater payday." he whispered to her, giving a quick wink before he turned to look at the rest of the team.

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    With that the leader of the Warsmiths looked at the team that had just arrived and grinned a little. "I see. No matter what, the job got done?" he nodded, waiting for them to calm down. "The money's ready to be paid. But I have a lead for a greater payday that I thought you might like to know.." he eyed the prisoners, and then continued. "If you can figure out where the pirates are based, we can raid 'em. You'd get the greatest cut of whatever money we make selling off their gear, plus the bounty on their heads." he looked to the prisoners again, who both gulped - since they were both awake now.
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    Being held at first was annoying, then the prospect of another fight and more money came up. Cascabel's head cocked to the side a little and she smiled thinly. She slowly turned around, the butterfly knife clicked and clacked in her hand as she played with it eventually holding it properly.
    "I get to pick anything from the gear that I want and it's a deal." She whispered back to Marik and made her way toward the prisoners.

    She gripped one by the collar and hauled him up.
    "Hello. I got a little hobby with these knives here. What do you say we combine your interrogation and my knife throwing practice into one fun event, hmm? I bet the aliens here have a few ideas to probe you with too."
    She tapped the blade on his cheek and pecked it after.
    "Don't talk right away." She whispered into the pirate's ear and took some distance, she grabbed another knife from a holster on her arm. A smile developed on her lips, as she flipped it in the air and caught it.

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