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Soldiers of Fortune (Halo Mercenary RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Dec 12, 2017.

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    The prisoners didn't do much to struggle against the brute, since one was unconscious and the other, well... was scared of the beast. They still didn't say anything, but then no one asked them anything so they couldn't really be punished for this. If they were to be placed in the warthog, there was room enough for them in the transport version. They would then be able to drive down the beach to where their transport was waiting, hidden at just the edge of the landable area. There, the pilot would be waiting to take to the sky and towards their ship - assuming that's what the team wanted to happen.​
  2. The Unggoy was relatively ignored by the group at large, which was just fine with Dipdip. After all the old motto of "be ignored, live another day" was one of the primary reasons he was still alive. But even then, the uncomfortable silence of the transport was getting to him, so Dipdip did what he figured was the best solution to this situation. Find someone to talk too. The only company he had was the damnable Kig Yar, the scary brute, the flappy mouth, and the human lady. Dipdip hasn't really had much opportunity to talk to humans, he spent a majority of his time in the Covenant shooting them, but ever since picking up what humans call a "mp3 player" from one of the Unggoy black markets, he's been curious about human culture like many others among his species.

    "Hey uh...human...person. How was...not dying during the whole war thing. We sure did shoot at each other a lot huh. Well, don't think I've ever shot at you, otherwise I must have missed. You know, because you're not dead and all." Dipdip sat there looking toward the front of the transport where the human was driving, waddling his stubby legs in his seat. "I remember a bunch of times when humans shot at me. Those weren't fun times let me tell ya, it was even worse when the Brutes were leading us into battle. At least the flappy mouths didn't kick us around, or lift us in the air and shake us, or just kill us when they're unhappy...I think they have anger issues or something."
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    Cascabel was driving them toward the ship, their job was done so little reason to stay. She didn't really have any strong opinions about human-covenant relations, she hated everyone equally. Just out in the wild doing her own thing, shooting people who'd cross her.
    "I have anger issues too but I'm not in denial."
    She drove over a bump big enough on purpose so she could get the vehicle in some airtime for a few seconds. She laughed after, keeping the speed up at the level of "fun".
    "You shot lot of us, I shot lot of you and that's that it was war. Once I drove over several covies with a Scorpion. The crunching sounds were hilarious! The treads were all multicoloured too from their blood!" She laughed again, smiling at the fond memory.
  4. Fek was almost immediately annoyed by the Unggoy's voice, the small creature's high pitched voice being extremely grading on his ears. Granted Fek did not have ears like the humans but he was still able to hear and quite frankly the unngoy was irritating. His mane of feathers flowed in the wind as the human vehicle gained some air thanks to the human driver. "Fek kill lots of things during war, war was good time for Kig-Yar. Much money was made." He remarked as they were speaking about the war. His words were true, his kind were mercenaries and pirates and thrived off of any kind of major conflict.
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  5. The irritating sqwaking of what the Kig-Yar were absent minded enough to call speech reached the Unggoy that was immediately repulsed by the noise. "safe to say we all killed lots of things during the war...since we're not dead. Wasn't exactly great for us, didn't really have much choice on our end. Elites treated us like canon fodder, Brutes kicked us around, even the stupid Jackles had it better. Not to mention the Demons had a sick fascination withjust running up and punching us. What's up with that."The Unggoy pulled out the combat knife it kept as a trophy of war and sort of waved it around a bit, "speaking of Demons, I remember when I killed I Demon. It's was who I got this thing from. I ripped off their head and I beat them to death with it. Didn't even know Demons could actually die before then to be honest."
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    Nalya sighed upon hearing everyone talk about the war, doing her best to suppress a bitter pang of a beguiling mix of regret, anger and sorrow from playing across her face... She took a deep breath, then merely said to everyone in earshot "And not everyone has funny stories, or any kind of pride about those times." Irritation of anyone mentioning the war aside, frankly she'd prefer anything else as a topic of conversation over having more salt in that particular wound of hers.
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    The team would easily reach their shuttle, in which they stowed their warthog and could lock the prisoners in an area that had been converted to be a brig. The prisoners were silent as they were placed in there and - once everyone was ready - the pilot took off and left the beach. It would be a relatively short flight as the Warsmiths' ship was parked in geosynchronous orbit above where they had been - rather near the UNSC freighter that had brought the supplies.

    They would be led into the docking bay where the pilot set their shuttle down, ramp opening to reveal the leader of the Warsmiths standing there in his armor and helm, awaiting them. "Ah, it's good to see you back. All in one piece I hope?" he asked of Cascabel and the others, before he saw Dip Dip. "So.. that's where you ran off to." he shrugged. "In any case.. I'm here for your debrief. Was the mission successful?" he asked of them all.​
  8. "I successfully scouted the area, as I went out to do." Dipdip piped up, "and it was all clear, except that moment when there was pirates, then it stopped being clear" The Unggoy nudged toward the holding cell with the two prisoners that were apprehended. "I was going to help...but everyone seemed alright fighting them pirates off, so I decided to keep myself hidden to scout out the human ship. Nothing interesting in there, trust me, otherwise I'd have nabbed it for myself. When our ride back finally arrived, I decided to take a peak in there." Then Dipdip pointed right toward the Kig-yar and shouted "then this idiot almost killed me! Nearly hit my methane pack just trying to enter the transport! Should probably put feather face over here on a leash...or a bomb collar. Do we have bomb collars? We should get some."

    "And...that's about it. Where's the food nipple?"
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    "It was. UNSC sounding as ungrateful as ever too." Cascabel reported, rather lazy smile on her face, while she walked past Marik towards the mess hall. She swung her head so the long braid of hers was behind her. "The little guy would like to debrief you for the rest of the day, he sure likes to talk, ask him for details." She slapped her DMR onto her back and idly pulled out one of her knives to play with. "You know where to find me if you need to bother me."
  10. The unggoy's lies and annoying voice agitated Fek, he punched the smaller creature on the top of its head. "Unggoy lie, Fek do no such thing. Unggoy hide like coward entire fight while Fek shoot at enemy, Unggoy should be punished for being coward. Replace methane with brute's passed digestive gasses, if die Fek shall eat corpse out of spite." The squawked angrily at the methane breather, his feathered mane poofing a bit as a natural reflex to agitation.
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