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Soldiers of Fortune (Halo Mercenary RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Fek chirped at his success in hitting the pirate’s knee only for his feathers to drupe as the pirate then had his chest perforated with bullets curtesy of the sangheili. That was supposed to be his prisoner, but now they’re very dead and a corpse did not provide the fun of a living being at his mercy. Then the humans from the other ship began speaking, he didn’t remember the name of the group he joined so he remained quiet and in fact made an effort to try and hide himself again just in case.
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  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Cascabel kicked the used smoke grenade she had tossed and smiled wide, DMR coming to rest on her shoulder as she stood before the marines.
    "Soldiers of fortune, aye aye. We're just here for business is all. Relax, trooper." Cascabel shifted her weight on her other leg and played with her braid.
    "Don't look the brute in the eye, tho. He seems hungry. Also you're welcome by the way for saving your asses."
  3. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With combat at end, and the Marines evidently not going to fight the group, Nalya holstered her rifle, looking reasonably satisfied at the threats being neutralised. Given how Cascabel hadn't exactly given any names, she decided to follow the human's social lead for the moment (and let her do the talking), while the Sangheili gave the team an once over to see if there were any equipment issues she may have to deal with immediately.
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  4. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The other pirate was hoisted up in the Brute's shield hand, his other 'free' one yanking any weapons out of his or her grasp (even if it meant dislocating wrists, or worse, for the poor fella), and then turning to the others. Naturally, and surprisingly casually and calmly for someone who was screaming profanities in his tongue and seething, simply...

    Walked over. He didn't say anything, he didn't give any glares or looks, he simply walked over, and held up the second survivor, to see who would take him. As the Sangheili did, Doranus would let the human do the talking even if it was more out of apathy than anything else.

    Of course, he almost said nothing, looking over at Cascabel and giving a sigh.

    "I ate already; and you humans aren't my favourite meal. Too old, too frail; not enough meat." He grumbled - while he looked fairly genuine in this, his scowl being directed at the others, Fek at the very least - and the other mercs, perhaps - could see he was more playing along with the teasing and intimidation.

    Jiralhanae did eat meat after all, and humans were certainly a victim of being meals some incidents in the long war. Perhaps he even did eat one or two; but right now, he was simply doing this for the sake of getting some bonus points rather than any honest sense of hunger.

    I wish I saved that Pava bread... He thought wistfully to himself.
  5. One of the marines made a scoffing sound and went to go watch over the civilians in the shuttles as they began to offload the supplies. The other nodded his head, sparing a glance to Doranus before looking away, shuddering. "I suppose yes, we do owe you thanks. However, I must still ask for which company you work with." he looked straight as Cascabel. "Standard procedure, you understand. It helps to know who's on our side, especially considering how spread thin we are-"

    "Belinski, sush." Said the other marine, coming up as he looked about. "You can keep those pirates. Do with them what you want. I'm sure there's a bounty for the capture or destruction. That's what you answer to mostly, isn't it? Money?" he grumbled, looking up the road from the beach which had a transport vehicle moving down. "We can take it from here, so you can move along."

    Nalya's look over their gear would show that it all seemed to be in working order, though there were those wounds taken in the firefight. The warthog had a broken windshield and some bullet holes, nothing too bad though. It was more than likely just more war wounds for the old mount than anything that had to be fixed. Slowly the transport arrived on the beach, and the UNSC personnel began to load it up with the crates from the shuttle.
  6. Seeing everything was truly clear Fek jumped out from the bushes and over to the warthog, landing near the back of the vehicle. He chirped a bit before speaking "Fek is ready to leave, big brute grab prisoners and we go back." He then began climbing onto the transport vehicle and roosted on the back. Sitting down was not a normal behavior for his species so he simply stood and waited for the others to get on.
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  7. "Gah! watch where you're going you feathered idiot!" a voice cried out as the Kig Yar jumped in back of the transport vehicle, which they didn't seem to realize had a passenger already near there. A smaller creature by comparison to the majority of the party. A barely 5 foot tall Unggoy disengaged their active camo, revealing their masked themselves with their jet black enviromental pack and armor. The Unggoy was franctically checking his back to make sure that vital methane tank was still intact, for without it he would die rather quickly from asyphixation. "You almost hit my back doing that, bird brain." the Unggoy let out an annoyed huff from under his respirator.

    "No need to worry, I've already checked the transport, and there's no one hiding in it." the little alien shouted out to the others, purposely leaving out the detail that he only knew such information by hiding in the transport himself.
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Hell yes you're taking over from here, I'm not hauling your shit for you. Just here as protection." Cascabel turned around and plopped into the driver's seat, turning the engine on too. "And it's Warsmiths! Just so you know!"

    She waited for people to board and was about to reply to Fek when an uninvited alien was suddenly present. She blinked and scratched her blonde mohawk confused. Then she just shook her head and relaxed in her seat.
    "Fucking aliens, why does Marik always sack me with nothing but aliens..." She grumbled and wiper her nose with her thumb.
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    "Well, I'd perhaps put it a different way...." Nalya said to herself and earshot of everyone else, wincing slightly at how Cascabel had put the words. Then again, maybe Cascabel knew something she didn't about interactions, but that was besides the point.
    Either way, she took up a seat in the Warthog that wouldn't need some engineering work from her. Even if she casted a wary eye at the new Unggoy arrival to the team as she commented to herself "Always someone new..."
  10. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    Admittedly, Doranus was tempted to simply snap the necks of the pirates in question and be done with it - though with Fek's sudden comment ((he knew it wasn't a demand - he made it clear that any demands would be ignored partly out of spite)), he gave the slightest of twitch of his jaw, and then went over to drag the two prisoners (uncaringly grabbing at the other as well) over to the warthog.

    He 'pushed' them a bit to the side and gave them little more than a glare. Doranus knew as well as any that he didn't have to be any bit vocal to explain the threat. A nine foot beast, covered in hardened plate armour with a gargantuan tower shield, a threatening axe that could hurt Spartans if swung damn well hard enough, and a spiker, glaring at you?

    Any sane person isn't going to try running away from that if they are silently told to stay somewhere. Especially if they're on the side where the arm with the shooty part is equipped.

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