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Soldiers of Fortune (Halo Mercenary RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Dec 12, 2017.

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    The planet of Oemia is a newly colonized planet with a mix of human and non-human colonists as part of the UNSC's new attempt at colonizing planets. However, as with all ventures there are risks. Pirates of both human and other races roam the stars, as well as still-religious Covenant remnants, and many other threats hamper colonization efforts. In the case of Oemia it's a band of pirates that have executed a number of raids, stealing supplies and people and generally being a nuisance to the people of the colony. To the point where they offered up a meager amount of currency to any mercenary companies that would be willing to help them out.

    And the amount was so low that no one, but one, answered the call. It was actually a larger company under the command of a man known as Marik. He had reasons for accepting, and knew how to get a greater pay day. Still, some of those under him had grumbled at the contract and the lack of pay, but for one reason or another it caused the formation of what could grow to be one of the most trusted teams on the frigate.

    And so it was that a T'vaoan Kig-Yar named Fek, a Human by the name of Alison, a Sangheili known as Nalya and a Jiralhanae - Doranus - were waiting alone on a beach that was near the coastal colony. It was the only landing zone in the area, and as such was the only place that supplies - or the pirates - could land. They had their gear and a link up to their frigate in case things started to get too hot for them alone. But as Mercenaries they were expected to be able to do the job they signed up for without issue.

    The only item they had been given more than their own personal gear was a single troop-carrier warthog for trips from the beach to the colony. As of yet there was no sign of anything in the supply, neither pirates nor the shipment the people were expecting on that day. And as such there wasn't much to do except speak and interact with one another. Get to know who they were working with,​
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  2. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The large Jiralhanae - a brute, as humans had called them during the UNSC-Covenant war - did little more than give a grumble as he stared off at the beach, hefting his tower shield in one arm and a durable, metal axe in the other.​

    "...Where the hell are we?" He grumbled, his voice sounding akin to gravel. The tallest of the group, he undoubtedly had no difficulty looking over everyone at their surroundings, both mildly displeased and confused. Why was he being brought to... Do whatever this was? He prayed he wasn't going to have to build anything, or talk to people. He wasn't a bad talker, he knew, but Doranus was a Jiralhanae, and he wasn't wanting to make friends.

    Get in, do the job, get out; that's all he hoped for. A brief glance over to the Skirmisher had him look the smaller alien over, as though to make sure his companion - he didn't try considering him a friend, even after all this time - was well equipped and ready, seeing if he had anything to say. A glance also went to the Sangheili, a brief moment of uneasiness coursing through him.

    The civil war was long done, Doranus knew, and he himself had never really participated. A few Elites here and there - a name the humans fittingly gave the Sangheili - during the end, but he hadn't any animosity towards them. He did know of course that most of his kin were savages, and fought joyously at the chance, and the Sangheili hadn't cared one bit of that; they were covenant, and during that time they saw the Jiralhanae and others as vermin to be exterminated.

    Doranus didn't however, know what this one was; was it one of those who vowed to destroy such people like him, even if he was not part of any conflict? Or was she like him, one who didn't care and only participated briefly and mildly?

    Doesn't matter, he thought to himself, turning to the human now and straightening briefly.

    ...A human. An ODST - Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, he recalled her saying - or, ex. Whatever 'ex' meant. Was this a new ranking amongst humans? A title to add in front of their own classification? He was not sure, this human language was still something he was learning to speak. Still, she was surprisingly chatty and, he knew, a pain in the neck to deal with. She supposedly was able to pilot things, but Doranus himself was unsure if he would trust a tiny, frail thing like her to drive.

    All the same, he raised the axe and 'tapped' it onto his pauldron, the large weapon too heavy for anything other than he or things of similar stature - such as the Elite, even if she would have needed more than just one hand to wield it effectively - and waited. Whoever it was here amongst the group that would take charge, he'll follow, for now.

    He's too tired for this shit to be all on him.

  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Alison was lounging on the warthog's hood, idly playing with her butterfly knife. She had her elbow on her knee and rested her chin on her fist. She didn't really make friends easy so she wasn't even trying to memorize any faces of the aliens she got sacked with. Cascabel sighed loudly, her eyes hooded.
    "You don't need me to tell you this, but what we have right here is fucking BORING!"
    She glanced about to again make true on the fact that she had only aliens for company.
    "Who are you covies anyway? Got call signs so I know how to yell at you folks later?"
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Also standing, but by the human Warthog was a Sangheili (Or Elite, as the humans had so cavalierly named her kind during the war, from what she'd been told before the war had come to an end.) While she had to crane upwards to look at Jiralhanae, she was quite comfortable looking at everyone else that made up this motley group, given it was a case of looking down.

    And well, Nalya ’Korzun had no idea how relations would be with the rest of the group, given that between Schisms, wars and general animosity there was hardly anything military she could bring up without risking being punched for her. Not that she'd want to know what the Jiralhanae did... Or the Human, for that matter. Or even the Kig-Yar, given the reputation for being loyal only as far as the money went.

    Still, the human spoke so Nalya replied "I suppose patience will be a virtue here... As for names, I suppose the superfluous 'Tinkerer' is the name you want." She fiddled with her pistol in the meanwhile, even if she was aware that it was very much a unique design that might get attention... For any reason, good or ill.
  5. Away from the others Fek was dozing in a tree he had climbed, his light body able to balance on the limbs with little issue. His axe hanging from his hip and his needle rifle cradled in his arms with the safety on of course, he was well aware of the dangers of a live weapon in the hands of a sleeping kig-yar. Actually it was fairly funny to see lesser members of his species accidentally fire their weapon as they sleep. But it would be less funny if he accidentally fired his weapon while sleeping so he kept it on safety.

    He was on this rock for the same reason that he's on any rock, he's being paid to do something. That logic took him all around the galaxy, Reach being one of the highlights of his tours with the covenant and its where he met the Jiralhanae. The large brute making for an excellent shield during combat and someone to talk to who wasn't an Unggoy or a Sangheili. Not to mention he could sometimes persuade the 'brute' as the humans call them to lend him some money when he wanted to gamble.

    He had no opinions on the other mercenaries hired for this contract, both female oddly enough but that didn't concern him. His eye piece was turned off so the light wouldn't bother him during his rest but when the females started talking he made an avian grumble and stirred for a moment. He begrudgingly woke up and turned his head over to look down on the others. He noticed that Doranus was staring at him a his mane of feathers poofed up a bit out of instinct. Just a feral instinct to make himself seem larger but it also had the benefit of showing off the patterns he had on his feathers. Some human thing he took a liking to, similar patterns were on his axe.

    As the two female spoke he paid attention to their voices and decided to perhaps have a bit of fun. "Covies" He said mimicking the human female's voice. His beak opening slightly as he manipulated his throat to produce a perfect recreation of her voice. "Tinkerer, Tinkerer, BORING!" He said first copying the Sangheili and then the human.
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  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Cascabel blinked and slid off the hogs hood.
    "Polly want a cracker?" She retorted at the imitator while climbing onto the driver seat.

    "I don't know about patience but I signed up for some action and cash. Neither of which seem to be present or incoming currently." She spat on the sand and leaned at the wheel, making another sigh of clear discontent. Cascabel grabbed her flask and took a sip, lounging heavily in her seat.
  7. Fek jumped down from his perch, his powerful legs easily able to take the impact as he quickly moved over to the human. "Polly want a cracker." He repeated in her voice. "Gimme." He said in his own voice as he held out his hand expectantly. She offered him food and he wasn't one to turn down such an offer. "Fek want cracker."
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  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Cascabel fiddled with her braid, even more confused now. She reached for her pocket and took out a chocolate bar. Before handing any of it over, she cut it so she got the most of it. Rest she gave to the skirmisher.
    "You're welcome, Polly."
    She propped her feet up on the dashboard and enjoyed the chocolate.
  9. Akerath Vlayden Well-Known Member

    The large Jiralhanae did little more than give off a sigh now at the sudden chatter, his shoulders slumping briefly. What the hell did I get myself into? Doranus thought to himself, staring down at the human that seemed about as chatty as Unggoy were.

    "Do you ever keep quiet?" He soon asked, taking little more than a second before shaking his head, rhetorically. "My name is Doranus; if you are to address me, you will use it, and not some... Pet, name??" The Jiralhanae said it a bit awkwardly, emphasizing the 'P' and letting off a small bout of spittle in Cascabel's general direction; not any insulting attempt on his part, but simply how his mouth was. The small, subtle noises like that weren't what a Brute was known for.

    "Otherwise, I may simply refer to you, as 'Mouse', or some other term that is befitting of you." The slightest of smiles was seen on his face-- Wait, no, that was just him using his tongue to clean out a piece of meat from his teeth. Probly.
  10. As the group of mercenaries spoke and traded wordly jabs to one another, there would come a gentle hum that would eventually become a small roar. As they had been focused on one another, there came a shuttle from the direction of the star around which the planet orbited. The shuttle looked rather plain, with no markings from either UNSC nor anything that made them obviously pirates. There was no visible weaponry on it, though there was one door that took up the whole side.

    It slowly circled around the trees and the beach, before it would begin to glide and land on the edge of the beach, where whomever was inside would be able to disembark. Yet no one would come outside right away, which gave the mercenaries time to prepare.

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