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So you'ze wanna get Big an' Green? - Ded Kunnin' Loadouts

Discussion in 'Orks' started by Katzu_HSM, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. So ya looked at da ovver threads an you wuz like, "Nah, dat don't match wif what I'm usin', ur I use me Boyz DIS way an its ded klevverer." Well den show us, ya zoggin git! Let da ladz see wat wurks an' what don't!

    NO ZOGGIN MEZURIN CONTESTS! We'ze 'ere ta make all da boyz betta!
  2. Okay so I have two Orks. One is low tier and the other a bit higher. I don't have all the loot boxes and special swag, as - like many people looking these threads over - I'm fairly new to maining an Ork. I suspect very few new players will, too, and my builds reflect that.

    Real quick, this is what I call my "Ded Proppa Kommando," and he's really my "Make fings explode and also I HATE Quad Dakka" build.


    Build Logic
    On the BASE he's a Slugga Boy, but I give him Supa Stickbombs (melta) and a Pocket Rokkit (this one is the RTC one because when I started I had the money so whatever. The base one's easy to grind for and there's an alt in a supply box.) My Choppa has Pen and Clashing because... well cuz that's what I have! Lol.

    The purpose of this build is to go ninja AV, or ninja Anti-turret. Lootas are slow and obvious, as are Rokkit Shoota Boyz. This Boy is fast, has lots of ways to deal with lots of targets, plus - lets be "serious" a second - a Boy that goes fasta, makes big booms, and can get supa choppy iz as Orky as you can get! Its a fun playstyle, especially when you watch a guy shit bricks when suddenly there's a missile from out of nowhere exploding at his feet.

    But how do the Streamers say it? "But what are your thoughts? Be sure to post in the comments below and don't forget to like, share and subscribe. BYEBYEBYE OMG DESU!!!!!" (Lol.)

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