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So, Which Craftworld?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Nikolay, Oct 17, 2013.


So, which craftworld?

  1. Ulthwe

  2. Iyanden

  3. Biel-tan

  4. Alaitoc

  1. Keep in mind that there aren't any major differences between the Aspect Warrior armour of different Craftworlds. Admittedly he's a Phoenix Lord, but still. So a Dark Reaper would look the same if he was from Ulthwé or Yme-Loc.
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  2. its all good I just didn't know if he had his own craftworld and if all the eldar from that craftworld wore the same time of gear or not.
  3. Nem Nem Subordinate

  4. Aye, no worries.
  5. Ilyrian Ilyrian Subordinate

    I think that Craftworld Ulthwe might be the leading Craftworld in this one since Ulthwe apparently always seems to be at the forefront of something momentous like when Eldrad "supposedly" initiated the Horus Heresy and yes this is my first post in a thread. :D
  6. Nihalë Member

    Greetings brethren! Since this was your first manifestation here on these forums, I would like to welcome you as a sister and kin/ :) /. I see you already choose your craftworld, but be aware that the content of the list above will be not equal with reality in the near future. //So, this is not the final list, somewhere the admins posted about the craftworlds and Saim-Hann will be available too :D for that I'm very happy//
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  7. Ilyrian Ilyrian Subordinate

    I thank you for this warm salutation but I must rectify a crucial error. I am a dude. :D
    And yes, I am well aware that my presumptions may not hold true in the final output bit is merely a guess made out of what I know about Eldar lore and I thank you again for welcoming me, Nihale. :D
  8. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member

    No, she welcomes you as if she was a sister to you...not as if you were a sister to her.
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  9. Nihalë Member

    Thank you for your correction Warmaster! It looks like there is still some hope between the humans and not all the mind of your race are dark and empty. /XD/. Come Ilyrian, let us show you to our healers, maybe they can help on thy ears /Just joking :D sorry if I'm hardly understandable - not native english/
  10. Ah, the honoured Warmaster here isn't Mon'Keigh - as much as he looks like one. Cegorach has blessed him with a great affinity for disguises, I think.

    (Apparently he's always had that name and profile picture on every forum he's used since the beginning of time, so he uses that here, too.)

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