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So... what to do VS a shotgun stalker bolter?

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by NeonWeaver, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    Actually the stalker bolter has been recently nerfed. It's still as powerful as it was before when scoped in, but when you're not using the scope it has an accuracy penalty

    Still, probably the best way to handle it is to have a hawk sneak up behind them with a knife.
  2. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    Less recoil pretty sure.
  3. Sarise Sarise Active Member

    Anyone who is struggling I'll leave my gold standard DA loadout here with a bit of information on how to handle deadly situations.

    Primary weapon- Any standard Shuriken Catapault (200 lp variety, don't bother with MC)
    Mods: Impulse Accelerator, Textured grip, and Fast Reload Magazine

    Sidearm- Shuriken pistol...duh
    Mods: Why bother?

    Melee weapon- Basic knife, whatever you fancy

    Armour- Advanced Dire Avenger Armour (if available to you)


    Slot 1: Icon of Khaine (Flexile Aspect Symbol good second choice if you lack Advanced armour)

    Slot 2: Argent Avenger Emblem

    Trinkets: Infinity Rune (Major and Minor)

    Consumables: Choice (Ammo pack or Health both work fine or take neither if you want IDGAF)

    Grenades: Plasma Bundle

    General gameplay tips-

    Location: Always choose your engagements and don't force a toe to toe fight where you have no cover easily evaded to. Use grenades to cover your advance if you must press the attack. Don't be afraid to ADS if you're forced to engage at medium distance.

    General Combat: You're looking to exploit the low down time on your kit. With all the armour regen delay built into this kit you should have a little under 2.5s before your regen kicks in. Fast Reload is taken over penetration primarily to reinforce the idea that you want to remain at maximum strength as much as possible. If you combine tactical engagements with disengagements you should have only a moderate problem handling your opponents. Abuse the fact the only other base kit out there capable of regenerating shields as well as you is a Tzeentch mark Chaos worshipper, and they're dumb.

    How this relates specifically to Stalker Bolter: It's true the gun hurts like a the birth of Slaanesh. However, if you anticipate the fact you're gonna get hit hard and utilize proper timing you can get out of the way of the follow up shot. Use your low armour regen delay to your advantage because by the time your shields are topping off your opponent will no doubt just barely be starting into their armour regen phase. The trick is to keep your armour topped off.

    You can replace a few pieces here and there to better suit your personal play style. I would advise against dropping below 50% armour regen delay. If you're not running a minimum of 50% armour regen delay you're doing it horribly horribly wrong. Also, I'm aware the Impulse Accelerator can have an adverse effect on DPS so feel free to drop that in favor of something more comfortable to you. I maintain a high level of head shot accuracy which is why I use it personally.
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  4. To hell with just giving up though, do what we orks did when we were down. Climb up out of oblivion and drag the LSM down there with you.
    Just stick with the game, keep going through patches both rough and pretty.

    And never tire
    And never slacken
    And never- okay I sound like Hitler now.

    But you get the point.
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  5. Try not to get shot, same as with every other weapon.
  6. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    It's simple, really. Dya really need uz 'savages' to tell ya dat Eldar?
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  7. ehehehehehe yeah about dat....

    Orks get taken down pretty quickly too with this thing, just we have the survivablity to shrug off the first two shots that they WILL land most of the time if you charge them a certain way.

    Eldar though...yeaah..about that...

    They have shit survivablity so unless your doge game is A+ you'll get killed pretty fast.
  8. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    I still find quicksilver the better stalker Boltor honestly, I'm glad most of the LSM's player base I've fought is dense enough to not test it, stalker Is very op against Reaper though but then again everything is good against Reaper...
  9. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    If you get the drop, don't shoot. Go in with a strong attack from behind with the knife, follow with a fast attack, then finish them with ranged fire. Two melee attacks is much higher burst than ranged fire, and gives them basically no time to react. At most they will only get one shot off on you.

    Failing that? Twinlinked catapult. Run up in their face and circle around them nonstop while peppering them. Twinlinked catapult is my go-to on DA, although it's probably only my 3rd played class on Eldar at most. Point-blank stormbolter / TL-catapult / combi-bolter is pretty standard strategy if you are running these weapons.

    As for mid-ranged engagements, I guess the best I can offer is to just wiggle in and out of terrain to try and bait them to miss their shot. Every time you see a shot fly past, pepper them briefly and go back into cover. Frankly, mid-range engagements with a stalker-bolter is nonsense anyway. That weapon is weak in severely close-quarters engagements.

    I don't recall ever having trouble getting into melee with a Stalker as a Scorpion unless you are literally running across more than 10 meters of open ground to get at them. Wiggle left and right and roll as you approach then throw the swing between shots. If you take one shot on the way in, it's no big deal. Just play the melee game right and they will die all the same. A lot of them don't even bother to block.

    Seriously, it's not that easy to keep the reticle on a wiggling strafing Eldar. We have a very thin profile, high acceleration and movement speed. It's probably next to impossible for them to get those shots on-target if you're in their face moving around them. Just be sure to make the occasional roll as you pass in front of them. A lot of the time they just waste the shot in i-frames.

    Also, in melee, if they Dbash you and kill you before you break out of the stun... don't worry. A ranged player that has knowledge of the meta will do that with any anti-infantry ranged weapon. It's just a poor feature of melee, right now.
  10. Dragonkindred Dragonkindred Arkhona Vanguard

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