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So...what the *#&! happened to orks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by UniverseBear1, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    devs are gone

    another promise ruin

    ubisoft pls buy ip (assassin creed origin is a super optimize game) my friend gtx 640 and core i3

    can handle high resolution, with no lag and fps drop

    game need to be optimize
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  2. Mauf DrMauf Subordinate

    That's only half the story. Orks are technically in a very strong position thanks to how stat numbers favour them. They just never took off with the tryhards exploiting these features to the full extend, so that never got looked at. The more fun stuff never got fixed as you mention and all in all, the faction fell by the wayside and dried off (*shriveled mushroom*) in their half enjoyable state.
    Eldar are strong so long as they can put in their teamplay. As has been named and called out many times, Eldar work well so long as most of the team know how to react to the developing situation (proper redeploying, not overstacking specific classes) in the match and everyone knows how to apply their classes efficiently (aka, don't be that DPS warlock plz:) ). This can be observed beautifully lately where we now have only a small number of vets left and there were many newcomers joining the faction for a time (they seem to be all gone now). These Eldar teams got creamed, even by pugs. And when the other team puts in proper teamplay, then even the good Eldar teams collapse (see GvG and reasons why Eldar don't do well there).
    You can bet your soulstones that you won't see those newcomers stick after being put through a BLOP grinder and insulted at the end (yes, I and most Vets know it's banter and shouldn't be taken serious but the smallfries prob don't). End result > dying faction.

    What are the devs doing? Nothing, because no more money. Except maybe applying an Excel Spreadsheet that the vocal part of the tryhard community has tinkered with (for better or worse, we shall see).
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  3. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Being nerfed every single patch is what killed the normal non DLB pop..When the whole meta of the game was adad and hipfire and Orks can't do it.Your melee is the worst in game and you're the fucking melee faction.When you realize the whole factions purpose was to give marines something easy to shoot.

    Devs even went as far to nerf us for sake of nerfing us..Skip launcher is a prime example of this.They even nerfed painboy even more after it was well known as the worst class in the game.Also someone fixed the Ork camera problem in like 10mins and was told he would be banned if he used the fix in game.If 1 guy fixed it with a small ini tweek why didn't the devs? The stream where someone asked for painboy fixes and the devs flat out laughed? The list goes on and on.
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  4. UniverseBear1 Recruit

    Everyone knows the best way to keep a game you like alive is by bullying and harassing entire factions until they leave. That's how you truly win. Seems almost unbelievably childish and short-sighted. This game doesn't even have a ranking system ffs. Well that's truly disappointing to hear. I guess another 40k game bites the dust.
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  5. If you just wanna play orks then go here lad for the WAAAAAGH!!!!

    And yeah this should help you avoid queues at least but don’t expect games at low peak player times. As for all the hate, ignore it, ain’t worth been bothered about
  6. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    I literally just posted this in a similar topic a few days ago, but....

    “Well the last time the ork population surged is when DLB (da lead belchas guild) came back after a 5 month hiatus. Only to be stalked through matches by active competitive guilds and beaten into the ground, with said guild members telling them they suck, stay out of the game, being condescending to them etc. They’d promptly left and never returned.

    So my guess? No, they will never come back. Nor should they. Same with the eldar population. If treating other factions other than LSM or CSM like absolute garbage is the mentality of the player base left, including people still shouting eldar op as a constant meme and a joke (I get some people really arnt saying it to be a dick)...what point is there to try to bring back xenos players.

    LSM players and CSM players got exactly what they wanted. No orks or eldar population to argue over them being too OP. So now they can enjoy the consequences of having constant muh Bolter matches over and over until the game shuts down at some point in time.

    That being said, if you REALLY wanna get your ork on, message @Talron. He runs ork nights a few nights a week and is your best/only chance to get some ork games anymore.”

    So that’s what happened to orks. They are gone my friend, along with eldar. Which is exactly what the majority of the remaining player base wanted anyway, as they all bitched and complained about how horrible xenos players/factions are.

    But take my suggestion and talk to @Talron

    He’s the last true git around representing/interested in this game. I tried but can’t bring myself to play anymore.
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  7. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester

  8. Personally what destroyed the game as Ork for me was realizing many weapons were simply useless. In the end I just ended using always the same weapons. I mean how many time does it happen to die by electroknuckles, pokkit rokkit, skip launcher (LOL), one-shot shoota, six-shot shoota, Torpedo Axe etc?
    And the after all this time getting a Tank and realizing you get stuck only because a side gun touched an obstacle?
  9. Well I logged in today and there were no lsm vs csm matches in fact there was only 1 match going on between eldar and ork. strange days.
  10. Wow eldar vs ork matches are quite rare

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