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So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Tiberius-Publicus, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Wait a minute...
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    hey we did stuff .. just not in europe. and I don't think we did anything on D-day tbh.
    Maybe a leftover Dutch trade ship was used as a transport or something who knows.

    On 8 December 1941, the Netherlands declared war on the Japanese Empire.
    On 10 January 1942 the Japanese invaded the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia).
    Dutch forces on Java surrendered on 1 March 1942.
    Some 42,000 Dutch soldiers were taken prisoner and interned in labor camps, though some were executed on the spot.
    Later all Dutch civilians (some 100,000 in total), were arrested and interned in camps, and some were deported to Japan or sent to work on the Thai-Burma Railway.
    During the Japanese occupation between 4 and 10 million Javanese were forced to work for the Japanese war effort.
    Some 270,000 Javanese were taken to other parts of Southeast Asia; only 52,000 of those survived.

    A Dutch government study described how the Japanese military recruited women as prostitutes by force in the Dutch East Indies.
    It concluded that among the 200 to 300 European women working in Japanese military brothels, "some sixty five were most certainly forced into prostitution.
    Others, faced with starvation in the refugee camps, agreed to offers of food and payment for work, the nature of which was not completely revealed to them.

    Many Dutch Army and Navy airmen escaped and, with airplanes provided by the U.S., formed the Royal Australian Air Force's Nos. 18 and 120 (Netherlands East Indies) Squadrons, equipped with B-25 Mitchell bombers and P-40 Kittyhawk fighters, respectively.
    No. 18 Squadron conducted bombing raids from Australia to the Dutch East Indies, and both squadrons eventually also participated in their recapture.

    Gradually control of the Netherlands East Indies was wrested away from the Japanese. The largest Allied invasion of this theater took place in July 1945 with Australian landings on the island of Borneo, to seize the strategic oil-fields from the now cut-off Japanese forces. At that time the Japanese had already begun independence negotiations with Indonesian nationalists such as Sukarno, and Indonesian forces had taken control of sizable portions of Sumatra and Java. Following the Japanese surrender on 15 August 1945, Indonesian nationalists led by Sukarno declared their country's independence and a four year armed and diplomatic struggle between the Netherlands and Indonesian republicans began.

    Dutch civilians, who suffered greatly during their internment, finally returned home to a land that had suffered greatly as well.

    Meanwhile in the homeland:
    hunger .. loads of annoying Germans everywhere and some V2 missile installations and ofc the atlantic wall.
    and everyone bombing everything to shit.

    Mean meanwhile in England:
    That dudes relatives having pancakes for breakfast....
  3. Edit: So This Is Where The Heretics Once Resided?
  4. I'm still here, just don't have anything to talk to you faggots about right now.
  5. [​IMG]
    "Hello, my name is Rod Broward and I would like to say that you should buy Skyrim. I hear it is a very good game, and lots of work was put into it. Do I look like I'd lie to you?"
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    Infiltrated Ultramar this weekend.

    Found this...
  9. Baseless propaganda.

    Everyone knows Rawbootay is as straight as his sigil.

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