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So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Tiberius-Publicus, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Huh? Hmmm? ye.
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    Im playing SoW right now come to think of it (thanks for the spoilers btw you ass) Im at the part where you beat the crap out of the balrog with the hippy tree spirit (AKA "Carnan") Mechanic wise I think it's beautiful, I wouldn't even know thier microtransactions in the game had it not been the tutorial/on the pause menu. I like the new abilities I like the new orcs. I for one LIKE the sieges. Havn't been online yet, Havn't bought any new dlc's yet as Im still playing the base game.

    Story wise......well....
    Im fairly certain there are no black people in middle earth as tolkien's universe was based on norse and celtic mythology. Not saying he's a bad character per say, but it does stand out.

    Cutscenes are unskippable and boring most of the time. I HAVE to listen to these normie gondorians bable on about how they are so anally fucked.

    Fuck the general's daughter. She's stupid af. "Im going to stay and fight, get my ass royally handed to me to the point where even I have to admit I fucked up, only to keep going with the shitty tactics that got me captured in the first place. This time though Im going to get the last of my surviving army involved so we ALL die and not just me."

    Talion is the generic idiot "white knight" hero of the story. He has little to no forsight to the grander scheme of things. "Welp Celebrimbor's temporarily trapped? Forget fighting Shelob with the all powerful ring I got, lets just give it to her instead. DEEEEERP!" and then talion gets pissed when celebrimbor wants to get the ring (that has his soul inside btw) back. but what's probably most annoying is that talion so damn gullible and will fall for ANYTHING (He lost to a FUCKING vine). I could be a better ranger than him.

    Celebrimbor was a cool, confident, and mysterious guy in the first game, but now they made him into a blunt and heartless asshole. Everything he says now has the savage dial turned up to max. Also if he says "palantir" one more fucking time....

    Carnan is actually a pretty cool character. I like the whole nature spirit thing that she has going on. that balrog fight was EPIC. Not sure if she is canon though. I'd have to check.

    "blade of galadrial" she-elf is probably the worst character by far. She's not canon, she SHOULDN'T be canon, Galadrial DOESN'T employ assassins (The game itself acknowledges this) as that's just not how she works and even if she did she did, she wouldn't give her a ring of power. She CONSTANTLY tries to show up talion and celebrimbor. Talion taking her shit because he's a cuck and celebrimbor taking her shit because he's a fucking ghost.

    All in all so far. I like it. I would buy just the base game and try to not get too attached to the microtransactions and story. Yes it seems like the SJW's got to this one, but you can still enjoy it without getting to pissed about the LOTR lore rape.

    Now I havn't finished the rest of the story, but judging from asshole youtubers with spoilers like "BRUZ'S BETRAYAL" and "CELEBRIMBOR'S BETRAYAL" In the fucking titles of thier vids, I can make some educated guesses

    lol TW IRL

    which one do you think has the better trade agreement?
  5. This "spoiler" I posted is from the DLC that is currently out that focuses on the assassin bitch. Nothing from the base game is spoiled until you get near the end of the vid, and if you're not a fan of being spoiled I'd advise against watching the whole thing.
    Unless you watched it already, then the yolk's on you cos.

    I won't be buying it expressly because I don't want to back people who make shitty DLCs with stupid fucking stories. Andromeda was a one off, never a-fucking-gain.
  6. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Then don't buy the dlc's m8. I know for certain I won't be getting the new one. I might get the extra tribes, but that's only because I want more dibersity with my orcs and thier attacks AND if I have the money lying around.

    the desolation of mordor?......mmmm IDK maybe if it doesn't suck.

    not all dlc's are bad, just don't buy the ones you don't want. WB has marketing teams. Vote with your wallet.
  7. I forgot it's made by Warner. Double not buy, lmao.
  8. They do eventually explain the tokken black guy is actually from the Corsair Kingdoms in Umbra or something like that. Clearly it was an early warning sign, but when I played it did annoy my inner lore nazi, but the explination was acceptable.

    Shelob was a stretch. I don't remember her as anything but a great beast in the books, but Gollum did even hint to an arrangement in the movies at least, arguably that being he lures other creatures into the caves and sneaks through as the spider eats. The real reason for that being PLOT(see: dem titties)

    But Nazghul as Chinese Mary Sue Sisters definately takes it into the No Zone
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