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So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Tiberius-Publicus, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. It's pretty damn obvious, you looking at something like...
    and being too dense to see they've been pandering to social justice, particularly in "new" character choice, doesn't make you "brilliant", it makes you that dude at the end of 1984 writing 2 + 2 = 3.

    I ignored your question btw
  2. Guys, Magos is a filthy Red.
    No shit he doesn't mind Soc Jus propaganda in his comics.
  3. Well yours seems to be that Social Justice is anything that promotes Feminism of any form, while mine is a system that SJW's and Feminazis use to promote their own agendas, discriminate against others, and generally infringe on other peoples rights then claim to be the victims when you challenge them!

    I am not denying that. Marvel has had some pretty F'ed-up stuff in it.

    I'm just fed up with the Knee-Jerk reactions of "It's Social Justice affirmation" when Marvel's brought on the female Thor, or had Tony Stark's Successor be a Teenaged Black Girl.
    Especially when those saying that don't seem to have any proof to back them up.

    [sarcasm]Oh she's wearing a T-Shirt with a Feminism Slogan! That comic must be full of Social Justice BS![/sarcasm]

    I feel that your claims that the Female Thor, and now Mockingbird, are promoting a Feminazi/SJW agenda is a knee jerk reaction.
    And it doesn't help that when I asked you to point me toward the evidence on Thor, you seem to have refused and impugned me instead.

    I'd like to see the evidence for myself!
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  4. You've seen it but you can't put 2 and 2 together. Pretty dense. Like really really dense mate, for you to be able to look at quips that blatant and not see it you must have your head so far up your own ass your brain is shutting down from asphyxiation. Are you really so blind as to not see the replacement of established characters with "Muh dibersity" isn't pandering to the SJW mindset or are you just trolling? Because you claimed you were smart but you've repeatedly shown to lack critical thinking skills.

    I've posted plenty of evidence, you've posted evidence, yet you type "what evidence? that's not evidence."

    Well no matter, lots of other people see it and Marvel's sales are plummeting as a result because it's garbage.

    >Character has t-shirt alluding to social justice ideology
    I see nothing
    >Replacing characters with social justice quota characters
    I see nothing
    >Lazy allusions to real world politics that all but say right wingers are villians
    I see nothing
    >Use of real world politicians in a blatant good vs evil context
    I see nothing

    I think I could post a Twit of Marvel writers talking about putting Social Justice in their comics and you'd still be asking "what evidence."

    "Knee jerk reaction" Top fucking Kek
  5. You did not post any evidence of the Female Thor spouting anything. Nor have you even said where I can find it?

    Why the Fuck do you think I was still asking?
    Do I need to retype those sentences in capitals to get you to understand?

    As for Mockingbird, that was the last issue of the series where she confronted the Phantom Rider who in a story from the 70's drugged her and brainwashed her into being his lover. And she let him fall off the edge of a cliff.

    The cover was a comment by the writer and artist on how they like to see more comics with female leads.
    Something pertinent due to Mockingbird's cancellation.

    How are Ironheart and the others "Social Justice quota characters"?
    Their stories would still work if they were white guys. So far their race and gender have been incidental.

    Look, the stuff with Trudeau and Trump, Real-world politicians in the Good vs. Evil context, I'll let you have.
    Though they may have been either a joke or trying to tap the zeitgeist of the time, they do seem to have crossed a line.
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  6. This is why you can't have nice things and why the Tau are superior to humanity in all things.
    I get the feeling you've never read the comic based on its cover. Haven't heard the saying; Never judge a comic book by its cover art?
  7. Just judge the company by the shit it pumps out
    Marvel spews more than a sewer pipe srsly

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