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So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Tiberius-Publicus, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. It's hard to get through without wondering why humans still exist.
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  2. This seems pretty bad.

    And the classic.

    This was great.
    So was this.

    Good thing we can make our own versions to combat the bias.
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  3. But remember kids, it's because everyone else is wrong that Marvel's sales are plummeting, it has nothing to do with them butchering the lore on favorite established characters and replacing them with shitty propaganda pieces for social justice.
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  4. No.
    She's not Thorina, either call her Thor (as if you can pick up Mjolnir and get the power of Thor, you become Thor in name as well) or Dr. Jane Foster.
    And she has Cancer. That's interesting as each time she grasps Mjolnir and becomes Thor it neutralises her Chemo- and Radio-therapies. She feels great being Thor, but it is killing her.

    Oh, and I am still waiting for you to tell me about this Feminist speech the goddess Thor is supposed to have given.
    An issue number would do.

    The closest thing I can find are these:


    I'd kick him so hard that for generations his relatives would feel it. Not his descendants as he'd not be able to have any after my kick!
  5. Thorina, the fake social justice Thor, is cancer, her comic is cancer, the company that made her is cancer, and you just posted cancer.
  6. The first one has the Absorbing Man making it sound like a female Thor is the result of affirmative action and she's incapable of doing the job, at which point she shows that she can control Mjolnir better than her predecessor then breaks his jaw with one punch.

    Along comes Titania, who says she won't fight and then gets punched by the goddess Thor.

    The second one is from Angela: Angel of Asgard during her Queen of Hel arc.
    And the one introducing her to her grandfather is her lover who used to be male.

    The third covers the Serpent Society as Corporate Villains, following the pattern set by Roxxon, Hammer Industries, A.I.M. and numerous other evil corporations in Marvel.
    And then there's Falcon-Cap versus vigilantes in costumes (I thought the Punisher had scared these types off years ago!).

    The next link deals with the out-of-his-time Iceman, who may be gay.
    Maybe you should look up Hulkling and Wiccan, Northstar, or even Ms. America aka America Chavez. Homosexual heroes have been portrayed in Marvel Comics for years.

    The last link I don't get, So I'll just stick with Zenith.

    Or maybe Acid Archie?

  7. Femme Thor is fucking tripe.
  8. Considering you haven't answered my question, I am calling


    So either prove what you're saying is more than just an opinion or stop stating it as fact.

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