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So This Is Where The Heretics Reside?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Tiberius-Publicus, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. You sure have that head far up your ass if you didn't notice. We're seeing depths here unheard of.

    Lady Thorina literally preached feminism in her magazine, Cuckos.
  2. She built herself a new suit and got an AI courtesy of Tony Stark to help her with it.
    The AI? Tony Stark; He'd backed up his mind and now that he's in a coma courtesy of Captain Marvel he'd arranged for it to be sent to Ironheart.

    And it was a modified version of Extremis Iron Man had used to improve his connection with his armour, though this may have been undone during Norman Osborn's tenure as director of H.A.M.M.E.R. and his hunt for Stark.

    But there' still an Iron Man around, an Infamous Iron Man.
    Guess who?

    Col. James Rhodes was killed in the run-up to the second Civil War by Thanos. He backed Captain Marvel's position over using the Inhuman Ulysses Cain's power of prediction, even though Tony opposed it.

    Well at least Rescue is still around.

    They also killed off Bruce Banner as part of the Civil War II event's prelude.
    The new Hulk is a character first introduced in 2006, Amadeus Cho.

    The council that shot the Hulk off into space was the Illuminati, consisting of Black Bolt, Namor, Reed Richards, Charles Xavier, Tony Stark, and Dr. Stephen Strange. They no longer exist as an organisation.

    Must have missed that bit, what with her being busy fighting Roxxon, Malekith, the Shi'ar gods, and having to evade Odin who calls her a thief for "Stealing" Mjolnir (despite him not being able to pick it up anymore).

    Then there's the whole Cancer and Godstorm things.
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  3. Yes, Lady Thorina is cancer.
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    *jew noises*
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. shocking

    I'd say they should be praising the malet for treating her like an equal, but video evidence shows it was a light punch and he appears to have tried to prevent her from falling too hard.
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  7. Spess Thor is best.
    I've been displeased with Marvel as of late and have taken to DC comics for research.

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