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So There Is No More 1 Server For All!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sleepylion, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    And this is the biggest con of being so open with fans, it happens in everything, fuck this is the story of my life, I had a carrer and some timelines planned, none of them worked, I don't even know how the hell did I ended up in my job or how I ended up meeting some awesome people I have met in the last few months... dissappointing? yes, of course, but if a giant world, even with load screens between bases or zones, is still possible and things like territory conquest and stuff like that are still in the plans I will give it a chance.

    Kind of happy about having different servers, sure 1 worldwide server and giant battles everywhere sounds cool at first, but I'm a competitive player, I don't want to play with high ping and I'm already used to murder my fellow europeans :D
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  2. The only thing I am meaning to say is before you guys freakin go and riot up wait for the development update tomorrow in the stream because on this moment it is useless to go and complain about things you do not know the whole picture off
  3. Redthirst Redthirst Eternal Battles Moderator

    Yeah, and we get this information. Not all of it, but we do get some valid reasons.
    Also, can someone record a video question regarding our concerns with instancing? Video questions usually get lengthy answer.
  4. Unahim Unahim Curator

    Implying they foresaw this?

    Neither do the devs. Doesn't change the situation, though. You can not settle for it to your heart's content, all the way to bankruptcy.

    Mind you, until the devs come out and talk about this this is all just hypothetical to me.
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  5. How many times now has the overall scope of this game changed? at least a few right? stuff has gradually decreased in scale with each passing month it seems. No more terminators at launch, no more base upgrades, etc, etc..... Its a big concern when it seems like there is not a stable vision for a product anymore. I expected small fluctuations in design process, but it now seems that something fundamental has been shifted, and by the way, wasnt announced openly in doing so (it just seems sneaky).

    Its worrying when there seems to be no concise product definition anymore. Granted, there are probably alot of decisions that are out of certain peoples hands at this point (which shouldnt be), but I have worked at a company with a digital product that was literally ruined by the poor vision and decisions of people who knew next to nothing about the design and industry specifics in the first place (supervisors, execs, etc). This may also be the case here. We don't know, but either way, I'm alot more concerned about EC than i ever was before.
  6. I would humbly request the graphics to be lowered so more of us can play. i as a warhammer fan dont have a huge budget. and the Labtops required to play with a GTX 660 as a minimum is around 1500 euro's. which is WAY too expensive..
  7. JudgeDeath JudgeDeath Well-Known Member

    Instanced "connected mmo simulating world" can go suck it ... That is not what we want or look for in this game.

    If that is the case for launch then "money back" is the only way to go due to horridly false marketing.
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  8. Gotrek40k Gotrek40k Prefectus

    Well, after 20 pages i can say that it was a disappointing day.
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  9. What, you mean if somone else left the organisation rather suddenly after making some (lets face it) very grand claims about what they would be able to offer and telling every publisher who would do what he wanted to go jump. I think we have to face the idea that if Miguel was as awesome as we all wanted him to be, he would still be there, and making public statements on the companies behalf when those promises aren't viable is a pretty common reason for quietly and respectfully moving that person on, for them and for their PR. We have had a lot of BEconfident BEvisionary BEpromising and unfortunately now we face the new tag line: BErealistic.
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  10. Then I would suggest you get your money back, but this game was initially represented as a 40k MMO with strong inspiration from Planetside 2, which uses the "connected mmo simulating world" methodology. Hyperbole doesn't help anything in this situation.
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