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So There Is No More 1 Server For All!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sleepylion, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. Kor'El Es'Tau Ar'Kais Korel Well-Known Member


    This I'm only guessing is how these "small unique location instances" are going to play out:

    At the end of the vid you will see a part of the strategic map that somehow simulates an "open world continent":


    And this is most likely how it will look on the larger scale, where you can see an example of the "small unique location instances" and lattice lines connecting them:


    Going by gameplay video above I find it hard to believe that we would see four way fights involving more than 1000 players, as this particular map seemed far too confined....

    But let's just hypothetically say that the player cap for these "small unique location instances" are 250vs250vs250vs250. The obvious immediate repercussion of this is that the Ork faction (my faction) is going to be severely gimped in the fully populated instances, as it's supposed to mainly rely on a horde of casual Free-to-Waaagh! grots. So there would most likely be around 200 grot Orks and 50 Full Access Orks, vs 250 Full Access SM, vs 250 Full Access CM, vs 250 Full Access Eldar. :eek:

    And this also means that players in the more numerous factions of the Orks and Space Marines, will be far more likely to have to wait in queue in the Overflow instanced matches.

    I'm not sure what happens to the "small unique location instances" that are behind the front lines.... they will probably just be locked out until a front line lattice line connects with them again I guess....

    As you can see the above game that I've outlined above is very different, compared to the open world continent with massive battles of thousands of players (bigger than Planetside 2) on one "Mega-Server", that the devs have been selling us for the past year. o_O

    To me it looks more like a cross between Space Marine & Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.
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  2. i don't understand why they didn't just left this point out of the FAQ

    they could just extant beta to the point when the open world is ready and then call it a launch...
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  3. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    I'm not interested in 30 vs 30 instanced nonsense, if I would like that stuff id buy star wars battlefront for example.
    From the start the game was sold on one big server withg thousands of players, simultaneously in one battle.
    You cant just run your mouth for an entire year about your amazing pikkotech and then start to backpeddle.
    I used to work in tourism, here's a little analogy:

    october 13th
    'dear customer, congratulations on your succesfull booking of our exotic holidaypack for France! Your pack includes your private bungalow with swimmingpool, taxiservice from the airport and complimentary drinks and daily excursions to exciting, exotic and interesting cultural hotspots!'

    january 10th
    update: dear customer, our French business partner informed us that the bungalow has been flooded, but no worries, we have transferred your booking to a nice 5 star hotel, a 100km from the original location!

    february 5th
    update:we just learned that the hotel has issues with the swimmingpool, so by the time you get there you might not be able to use it, don't panic just yet, we are working on this issue!

    march 4th
    update: we have some unforeseen logistical problems with our boozesupplier, so we changed the complimentary drinks to two drinks for the price of one, because we want to ensure you'll have a good time, isnt that nice of us?

    april 5th
    update: hey, you know what, forget France, we will relocate to the exotic shores of Hamburg, northern Germany, this works much better and is a more realistic goal for us to achieve, and its still a holiday, right?
    You still fly in, you'll be in a hotel instead of a bugalow, it sorta has a small pool and that taxiservice...well we know this guy with a donkeyfarm and...
  4. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    yes regional servers were plan B,

    but IIRC that was mostly incase of latency affecting gameplay through long distance/crap connections/old computers etc to preserve a level of playability for all users,

    my comments about physics and graphic qualities is in response to their announcement about "instanced" battles on the same continent,

    the main reason why the model graphics in EC were sooo THQ's SM like in quality despite that game being almost 5 years old was explained away as reducing processing power on the server/home PC in order to have massive open world battles and the same excuse applied to the worlds physics .... we all kind of agreed to do with less quality in order to have more quantity,

    however if we are falling back into instanced battles with pocket populations then EC should be able to increase the quality of these things since they are decreasing the quantity ..... we're not going to need to try and render 1000+ players in a small area if the chances of getting 1000+ players in a small area are effectively removed,

    thats why "instanced" world/server/arena MMO's can have such mind blowing graphics ingame ( look at any recent chinese/korean/japanese MMO and they have the flowing hair, flapping capes, waving grass and flowing water) becuase they only deal with "pocket populations",

    in the last few months (and in particular the last 2 weeks) we've been hit with ..

    1. a change to the early access modules/pillars
    2. terminators being deconfirmed for launch
    3. no tab targeting combat being amended to include "target lock" for melee
    4. cross platform server officially deconfirmed (not a huge surprise)
    5. multiple continents at launch deconfirmed in favour of a single continent
    6. global single server deconfirmed for launch in favour of regional servers
    7. open world gameplay deconfirmed in favour of "instanced" battlefields
    It makes you really start to wonder whats going to get cut/downgraded next ..... sorry no Bikes, plasma weapons, Eldar until post launch?

    we've all seen what "post launch" can mean from other games that have chosen this route ... (TM) Soon can become (TM) Never all too easily
  5. I dont care how beautiful their instanced crap can look. At the end of the day its still instanced crap. If you sprinkle sugar over a shit its still a shit.
  6. Well said
  7. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    I really dont wanna be negative, but in the corner of my mind there's this nagging memory from my own experiences in working on projects, be it in a entirely different field, still lots of the mechanics work the same.
    You do the good cop bad cop routine: first dude riles up the crowd, OMG we gonna do this and that and sky's the limit.
    Then you change composition on the team, old people out, new people in, and you change the plan, 'hey those promises were made by people who dont work here anymore, what do you want me to do?'
    It's perfectly possible this is a strategy applied by the higher up echelons of the company and goes completely over the heads of the dev team who have been and still are great with the community.

    If you look at simple facts, there is something to say for this theory.
    I mean Patrick left to 'persue other things' or something along those lines.
    Wait, so what happened to 'its a dream working on this ip for all of us, etc etc'
    If im a professional in my field I'm not going to leave a game in the early stages to simply join another product also still in early phase.
    I'd like to stick around and see the project come to fruition, all the more cos it will look great on my resume.
    Ofcourse I do not know all the details of this, but it makes me wonder.
  8. Yeah... for me instanced is fine to do before official launch, but they reallllly need to have the open world experience in and functional before they officially say the game has launched. I'm just coming from a PR standpoint as it is mostly semantics these days anyways, but I think they should hold onto the Alpha/Beta wording until they get open world integrated into the game. Doing otherwise would simply not be worth the inevitable backlash.
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  9. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    That's why I said "1 server" thingy is not the issue we have, it's this "new instanced matches simulating Open world" thingy.

    Pretty what I wanted to say. Thank you. Launch is just a term. For example, they launch in April, but it takes till June to implement REAL open world, then it's the same if they wait till June to do the real launch.
  10. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    What I dont get is the planning part.
    If you choose to go down the line of suggesting the pikkotech which enables one huge server/open world, then casually mention *cough* regional servers is our plan B * then im cynical and experienced enough to read: we are namedropping a bit and with the first bump that threatens our deadline we switch to plan B.
    Makes me believe pikkotech has actually all this time been plan B.
    A Dev could say: silly Zhull, wtf you know about programming, server tech etc?
    I would say: nothing, but I do know a bit about sales and marketing and id simply would have kept my mouth shut about it, unless I was sure I could deliver this.
    It's nice to be excited about your product and its nice to mention all the stuff you're not sure you're be able to deliver, but its also amateuristic.
    One server, one open world, non negotiable, this was the sellingpoint, now make it happen.

    I wonder how much info Nathan had before he took the position he now has.
    Cos take a wild guess who'se name is stuck to this if it turns into a fustercluck, hint: it wont be Miguel.
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