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So There Is No More 1 Server For All!?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sleepylion, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    I just read this in the Q&A:

    "Last year, we were aiming for a single server technology and one unique world. For launch we will offer a connected match experience simulating an open world. Everything is built in order to support the open world MMO experience as soon as the tech will be ready.
    Partnerships with publishers we had to consider a business regions split. We might end up with a universe per business region, meaning one server for NA, one for EU, one for AS and one for RU."

    Does this mean the "1 server for all" plan is scrapped? I don't think it will negatively affect the game much, but still a sad news to hear. Because it's no longer the revolutionary move that I expected from EC.

    Edited: Answer from the team
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  2. We can't be sure just yet.
    Wait until the next stream and we might get some answers.
  3. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    You also mention a matches system to simulate Open World for "launch", something similar to Heroes and Generals. What kind of "launch" are we talking about? Alpha? Closed Beta? Open Beta? Full launch? @Oveur
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  4. Shakamun Shakamun Active Member

    Please say no reservation,Not that I'm expecting from EC
    when I buy EC I buy one server for all!!!
  5. The same here, we need one server for all!
  6. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    agreed, they sold us on the game being a single server open world and thats why a hell of a lot of us got hyped about EC,

    instead it seems we're going to get a "THQ's SM : the sequal" with bigger maps and more factions?

    that is not the same ... not even freaking close,

    even in THQ's SM heyday as a West Australian it was difficult finding enough people online to have a decent 3hr gaming session without having several long boring periods of waiting for required player numbers to get a match going,

    and then I'd have to deal with the fact that half the players in my timeslot only spoke russian which made communication laughable and any form of organised tactics damn nigh impossible,

    this single change has dramatically changed the whole promised game experience of EC from the "new and innovative" to the "same old shit in a different bucket",

    world wide guilds have been formed and are now defunct and pointless,

    the low quality model graphics and lack of physics we've all been excusing for the sakes of a single sever are now a "circa 2011" slap in the face, if we're going to have instanced matches instead of an open world then the least we could have is stunning graphics and all the bells and whistles
  7. EC went from 500 vs 500 battles to space marine with cash shop, NO thanks!
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  8. Heresy !!!!!!!

    Really thinking about asking for my money back! Open world was key for me not match based shite

    Infact I would go as far to say forget the stream tomorrow answers today please this could be the biggest issue for the entire game and I mean this has the potential to kill the game before it has even started.

    I would like to ask how many Planetside 2 players have bought into this game because of the open world and the scale that was promised?

    Now I know Miquel was a fantasist and now we have Nathan who is a realist which I am all for but large scale war and open world was key to so many people nobody wants another c.o.d./battlefield in a warhammer w40k universe, because in 40k there is no 40 vs 40 fights or 30 vs 30 whatever it may be.

    Now I know as founders we took a chance when we put our money down and that stuff would change during the design process of the game, but not the key selling point of the game.

    If this was the design for the game all along I would like the dev team to come out and tell us this if not then I would ask them to tell us what will it take to get us what we the majority of the player base who want an open world, what we need to achieve it i.e. Crowd funding with stretch goals or something else.

    If not I will be telling my outfit leader and ps2 mates to stay clear or ask for there money back because this is fundamentally false advertising even if it is subject to change.
  9. I will not even fuss about this. Look EC team, the situation will be as follows: If you give us match based instanced 30v30 bullshit at launch after the betas you will end up with zero player base. Your player base is made up of passionate WH40K fans who adore large scale combat thats why there are so many Planetside players around here. Its as simple as that. A BIG part of the planetside comunity is waiting for EC to come out so they can leave that trainwreck of a game.

    You have two opportunities here:

    -Deliver the Open World Combat and you will have Planetside's community on board and then some.

    -Or you can go ahead with the instanced bullshit and the game will die out within Months.

    Maybe some of the devs that may be reading this are saying: What do you know about game design and strategizing and statistics. And you re right I dont know all the nitty gritty details that come into making of a game, but I am an ardent 40K fan and gamer that has been leading squads and platoons in planetside for the better part of 2 and a half years daily and I know what those people that bought founders packs want. They want the scale of Planetside and the soul of the 40k Universe. So what will it be Nathan? A good Warhammer game or a shitty THQ Space Marine?
  10. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    It's not "1 server" is the issue, because we all know that has always been subject to change, regional servers have always been the Plan B, even back when Miguel and Patrick were still here. Lack of physics was meant for 1000 players battle, 1 server is not remotely related to that.

    It's the lack of open world at LAUNCH that's the issue here, we need the answer for this ASAP.
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