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So The Reason For Not Allowing Us To Vote For The Black Templars...

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Rasako, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    How bout no, since BT don't get a monopoly on the name of something just because they feel like it.

    It's hilarious that not a single one of my friends nor I thought of the BT AT ALL when the game was announced nor when the title was released. No one I talk to go "Oh hey, Black Templars" etc. etc. The name doesn't give them any kind of right to claim inclusion and the argument "OH but let's rename it Warhammer 40k: Wolf Time and not put Space Wolves in it!" it's a straw man argument because it assumes the BT are in the right with this... and they aren't.

    Every Chapter crusades. Hell Eternal Crusade if we're going to link it to a Chapter, makes me think more of the Dark Angels and their never ending crusade against the Fallen. The title can mean different things to different people.

    Not to fan the flames but the name thing is and has always been the most childish thing. BT's can keep going on and on about it but it's just hurting their credibility.
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  2. I agree especially on the last part. At first i didn't care much about the BT but the whole thing is making me starting to dislike the chapter because of arguments like this one from some fanboys. ...which is unfair to the chapter itself!

    I'm not sure if there's a point in having this thread open, to be completely honest. After 60 pages pretty much everyhting has been said on the subject, and now it looks like it's going back to it's "bad times".
  3. Yes yes, we get it. The Black Templars use the term. The term however is by no means an exclusive term only relating to Black Templars. It's pretty clear from their disclusion(which doesn't appear to be bE's decision) that when they decided to call the game EC it was because it's a game about an ideological war that will rage onward for the forseeable future. In fact, let's rename it to that.

    Warhammer: Ideological War Without End (No BT Allowed)

    There, no more confused fans.
  4. inb4 the thread turns into another flame war.
  5. Krakza Krakza Well-Known Member

    wtf u say 1v1 me farmville noscopez only, scared noob???
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  6. Seth Seth Arkhona Vanguard

    I was just explaining the existence of this thread people go seriously on the defensive here. Again i explained why many BT fans assumed BT would be in the game.
    People just like to bait and be trolls and completely fail to see the point of my arguments.
  7. While I do understand where you're coming from, neither I nor anyone I know bought FFG's "Black Crusade" because we thought it would be about Abaddon and the Black Legion...

    If BT fans have made a sweeping assumption about which chapters would be included based on the title of the game being very similar to the BT's main capital ship, when even a 3 minute look will answer the question that that BT's are not listed as a confirmed chapter (and noting that they never have been in any prior 40k video game), then that's their issue to deal with.

    It's a valid reason to feel annoyed that you felt your hopes were raised and then dashed to pieces for the forseeable future, but it's not, IMO, a valid argument for prioritising the inclusion of the BT's over any other SM chapter.

    ...I have a sinking suspicion I might have said this 5 months and fifty-something pages ago, as well.
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  8. I think most everyone understands the reasons for your disappointment. You believed that they were to be included based on the name of the game. When this turned out to be untrue you felt mislead, and to add to it it appears that you won't even be allowed to vote for them.

    However, what people don't agree on is that the Title of the game makes their inclusion necessary, even if say I agree it sucks that you won't even be allowed to vote for them. But like I've said, it sounds like that's not bE's fault, it sounds like GW told them they can't include them.

    But look at it this way, there's a ton of chapters that won't be included, so it's not like you're the only fans that have to deal with this. I will agree that there may be a little extra sting added on due to the name similarity.
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  9. The problem with the argument that eternal crusade is a black Templar name, so they should be in the game, is that this game isn't about just space marines. It's about 4 factions and their eternal war over this planet
  10. Nobody is really trolling here.

    We get that you are dissapointed BT isn't in them, but I mean what can you really do about it? The way GW has made them limits the game's own possibilities.

    Like Garviel said, this isn't just a game about space marines, this is a full scale war with four factions fighting an ongoing war over a planet.
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