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So Nathan Left, how does that Make you Feel?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DarkGraven, Oct 30, 2018.

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  1. Don't get me wrong, i am not trying to bail you out or something, i just wanna know myself :D
    I wouldn't give much about what Nathan said though.
    Because if it were true, we would have a persistant world, warlords and 3 monthly, content heavy updates till now
  2. I highly doubt thats the case.

    Oh well we'll probably just continue to speculate since we haven't got any official announcement.
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  4. Leonatos Cyberjankie Active Member

    First of all, I'm not Nathan :CSMWord: But seriously, is this 'DiscoJacen'-dude Miguel? And also, hasn't Miguel himself burned most of the founders money for this amazing 'Pico server' trainwrack? Because I don't think Miguel has a right to complain about Nathan being a con artist and wasting our money o_O

    Edit: Oh, I now see Miguel liked one of those comments. But my point is still valid, that he should not blame others for what he himself fucked up in the first place...

    Hey I just post what I found on twitter ! This is not my account !
  6. Leonatos Cyberjankie Active Member

    Keep cool, I'm not attacking you or anything... I just want to make clear, that Miguel burned most of the founders money and should now not complain about Nathan for 'embezzlement' of that money...
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  7. Fuck up, or XCom-like 99% hit chance that's really the miss you didn't need to miss?

    I think Miguel made a risk, it blew up in his face, and the publisher got skittish with their money riding on this mobile shovelware company trying to punch above its weight. Businesses take risks (and financial baths) all the time, but this one came at the WORST time and against the biggest "I'm gonna get my money"-like company out there.
  8. How do I feel? Like I have been constipated for the past 4 years and I am about to pinch the biggest loaf of my life. It will be glorious!
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  9. Hivespirit HiveSpirit Drill Abbott

  10. Leonatos Cyberjankie Active Member

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